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5/1/2008 #2,881
Anarane Calafalas

They soon came to Lasgalen.

"Here we are." Conner replied dismounting.

"Conner!" Ryan exclaimed, running to greet him.

"Young Ryan, how is young Amber faring?" Conner asked.

"She still hasn't woken yet." Ryan answered, then noticing Vena he asked, "And who are our guests?"

"Princess Vena Torali of Casurak, a friend of Sanguine's and Amber's. And Mirali Evergreen, a ranger mage." Conner introduced.

Ryan bowed. "Welcome to Lasgalen. The stable hands will take your horse, and I will escort you to Amber." Ryan explained, then walked back into the palace.

5/1/2008 #2,882

Vena dismounted with Mirali and then kissed Sheltan's nose. She looked behind her, but then followed Ryan.

5/1/2008 #2,883
Master Gaurdian

((Ambers off for tonight, she asked me to tell you guys lol))

5/1/2008 #2,884


5/1/2008 #2,885
Master Gaurdian

"Good Vena you arrived." Said Sanguine as sat down on the ledge of the fountain and watched amber frmo his spot as she slept peacefully.

5/1/2008 #2,886

"I brought a girl with me, she acts like a servant. It's so annoying." Vena told him, following the bond now instead of Ryan.

5/1/2008 #2,887
Master Gaurdian

"Bring her to Ambers room and ill take a look at her." Said Sanguine clearly as she got nearer.

5/1/2008 #2,888

"Okay." She said and looked at Mirali as they walked.

"You're going to meet a good friend of mine now. Two, actually." Vena told her. Mirali nodded and they walked in silence the rest of the way.

5/1/2008 #2,889
Master Gaurdian

As they entered the room Sanguine felt the presence and began to navigate through the strange girls mind as he looked for anytihnthat was decieving first.

5/1/2008 #2,890

Mirali winced when she felt her mind being probed.

5/1/2008 #2,891
Master Gaurdian

"Do not be afraid child and let me find what i want and it will go quicker." Said sanguine as he dug deeper.

5/1/2008 #2,892

Mirali nodded.

Vena walked over to Amber's body and frowned.

'I wasn't there, I couldn't protect her.' She thought.

5/1/2008 #2,893
Master Gaurdian

Finding nothing evil for now Sanguine withdrew from her mind and spoke to unfamiliar girl, "What is your name?"

As he waited for an awnser he spoke to Vena "Do not blame yourself for what happened, just talk to Amber when she awakens from the sleep i put her in."

((You can wake when you cmoe back amber k))

5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,894

"M-Mirali Evergreen, sir." She said quietly.

Vena nodded.

5/1/2008 #2,895
Master Gaurdian

"Mirali Evergreen were do you reside on the dark or light and were are you from?" Asked Sanguine impatiently.

5/1/2008 #2,896

"My family lived in the middle of dothrien Forest, we lived there in secret." Mirali replied. "I don't know what you mean by 'reside on the dark or light', sir."


5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,897
Master Gaurdian

"Are you evil or good" Said Sanguien blatantly.


5/1/2008 #2,898
Green Drago

Drago followed the others back to the palaces, over the next few days he keep to himself only leaving his room to visit San and Amy twice a day. He thought it best to let them rest, after all they would find out the Bad news soon enough.

5/1/2008 #2,899

"I-I've never really thought about it. But I'm pretty sure I'm good." Mirali said.

5/2/2008 #2,900
Master Gaurdian

"We shall see in due time then" Spoke Sanguine calmly as he began to use the same technique of dreamless sleep he used on amber on Mirali, as he continnued to make her drowsy he spoke to Vena "I think I should teach you some more about the bond once your follower drifts off to sleep."

5/2/2008 #2,901

Mirali yawned and then fell asleep.

"Okay, then." Quickly, she shot a glance over her shoulder before smiling at him.

5/2/2008 #2,902
Master Gaurdian

((im in ambers mind by the way in case you got lost so im talking through the mind, btw im leaving for gym now so bye bye))

"Through the bond you can channel your energy to others connected through you and depending on you strength you could even influence someones mind or even their body. But lets just work on channeling energy to others. Concentrate on just giving Amber your strength and watch her hand" Said Sanguine calmly.

5/2/2008 #2,903

((okay, got it. Cya))

Vena nodded and started to concentrate.

5/2/2008 #2,904
Green Drago

Drago walk in has Vena was looking strangly at Ambers hand, "Hi V, How are they?" His cloak was right side in and Cheilem Gellir hang at his waist still Glowing brightly for all to see.

5/2/2008 #2,905
Master Gaurdian

((woot badminton is so fun to play me and my friend jordan, Amber you met him kinda on wensday owned in gym lol we did 2v4 and won.))

"Now focus on giving your strength to Ambers hand and watch as that strength makes her hand twitch." Said Sanguine as he began to concentrate on his own body.

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,906

Hanapu woke suddenly. He was lying on a hard concrete floor. His hands and feet were bound using magic rope. He was bleeding, wait, he never bled. Not for so long anyway. He couldn't hear any of Them, not a word. "What's the matter boy?" He heard a deep rouf voice ask him. He raised his head, and looked into the coal black eyes of his father.

5/2/2008 #2,907
Green Drago

((That was the same idea i had, after all if both san and amber lived so did victor, lol))

5/2/2008 #2,908

((LOL. Well it ain't easy to killa demon.))

[Amber? San? Drago? Help me....... please!]

5/2/2008 #2,909
Green Drago

(amber wont be on for at least another hour, and dont know were San went but I shore that we will help)

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,910
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