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5/2/2008 #2,911
Master Gaurdian

((sorry im at school so i cant do much))

5/2/2008 #2,912
Master Gaurdian

((And drago why would you do that we still have like several people to kill, and Amber will probably kill you. besides why would i allow me and amber to die we post to much so if we died the story would get boring.))

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,913
Green Drago

((I only ment that because u both lived, so did victor, that all, I did not say u and amy sould die. an other thing amber will want to save mathew when his finds out Victor has him. also I will tell both San and Amber about mathew when u wake))

5/2/2008 #2,914
Anarane Calafalas

Ryan and Abigail walked into the room. Avoiding Sanguine and Vena, they sat on the bed. Abigail laid a hand on Ryan's shoulder. "She'll come around soon."

"She'd better." Ryan whispered, stroking Amber's cheek.


Amber felt herself begin to wake up.

"A week's over Amber. Time to wake." The voice said.


"I mean, there's so much I have to do yet. I have to accidently shoot her in the foot, put worms in her food, and pay her back for the bucket of ice cold water." Ryan explained.

"Wow, I feel so loved." Amber replied in a weak voice.

"Amy!" Ryan exclaimed happily, giving her a big hug.

"Not so hard Ry. You're squeezing me to death." Amber commented, tensing. "The wounds on my back are still pretty painful, and my chest feels tight, what with being stabbed in the heart and all."

"And V, no blaming yourself, 'kay? Otherwise, I'll start using the title "Your Highness" again." Amber said with a smirk.

5/2/2008 #2,915

[Am.... ber. Hel...........p me.] Hanapu weakly asked her through the mentallink.

5/2/2008 #2,916
Green Drago

Drago Said "Its good to have you back amber. I am afraid I have some bad news though," Turning to Ryan and Abie he said, " Can I please talk to these three alone?"

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,917


5/2/2008 #2,918
Green Drago

((hang on let me tell them and give us time to prepar))

5/2/2008 #2,919
Anarane Calafalas

"Matthew?" Amber asked. "Where are you? What's happened?" Amber asked worriedly.

"Drago... can't this wait? I'm still trying to wake up." Amber commented with a yawn.

"Ah! Finally, my precious jewel is awake!" John exclaimed coming into the room, followed by a smiling Ophion and Leilani.

"And what does the princess want for breakfast?" Stefan asked, coming into the room, smiling broadly.

"Just tea, thank you." Amber replied.

"Amy!" Abigail exclaimed. When Amber gave her a questioning look she explained, "You've been asleep for a week, and all you want is tea?"

Amber gave a sheepish expression and muttered, "And chocolate chip pancakes please." That made everyone laugh.

"That's better." John commented.

"Your wish, is my command." Stefan replied, and with a bow he disappeared from the room.

5/2/2008 #2,920


5/2/2008 #2,921
Anarane Calafalas

((I'm sorry. I had to ask Matthew Drago. Ummm... DemonBunny can you not answer, so Drago doesn't kill me, please!!!))

5/2/2008 #2,922
Green Drago

"No this can NOT wait." Drago was begining to get fustuated. "Everybody, Please can I get Five minutes only with San, V, and Amber?"

5/2/2008 #2,923
Anarane Calafalas

"Drago... you are treading on some VERY thin ice." Amber growled.

John laid a hand on her shoulder, "It's okay Amy." Then turning to Drago he growled, "Five minutes, not a minute more, not a minute less." Then everybody filed out of the room.

Amber rubbed her temples, "Drago... this had better be good, or I'm throwing you out of the palace."

5/2/2008 #2,924
Green Drago

"I woundn't say good, no this is very bad, I don't know how to really tell you this so I'll just say it, Victors alive!"

5/2/2008 #2,925
Anarane Calafalas

Amber jumped off the bed, then collapsed on it again. Her face was as pale as death.

"A... Alive?" She asked, her eyes wide with terror and her breathing ragged, then she had another coughing attack.

5/2/2008 #2,926
Green Drago

Drago Forced Amber back on to the bed. "Dont panic, it will be alright"

5/2/2008 #2,927
Green Drago

"I have prepared stuff, food, trancepor, ect, for joreny of seven people. It is in my room right now, and when the two of you are well enough to stand we can leave."

5/2/2008 #2,928
Anarane Calafalas

"Don't panic?! It'll be alright?!" Amber asked incredously. "I sacrificed my life, to save my father. And according to him... he... he killed him. He killed him!" Amber shouted.

There was a knock on the door, "Everything alright in there?" John asked.

"Yeah. Everything's alright." Amber replied. Walking to the window she said, "I... I can't do this right now. I... I need some time to think." Then she jumped from her balcony, and landing a little unsteadily on the ground, ran into the forest.

John burst into the room. "Okay Drago, five minutes is over. Now Amber needs to eat, and rest, and..." Looking around the room and not seeing Amber, he drew his dagger and growled, "Where is she?"

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,929
Green Drago

"Amber Wait" Drago start to followed her but before he could ....

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,930
Master Gaurdian

((drago why did you assume im awake im still out of it and will wake up when im ready))

5/2/2008 #2,931
Green Drago

(( I thought u wake togeter))

5/2/2008 #2,932
Master Gaurdian

((no she wakes up in a week i wake up when im ready.))

"Wonderful work Vena but thats enough for now I'm tired and need rest so im just going to comunicatre with everyone I feel worthy of sparing time for but if you have any questions, then Ask and I will awnser." Said Sanguine as his voice faded out, looking around he could see the garden flowers blooming and there was Amber awake in her mind sitting on the bench. Walking over to her he sat down and noticed the troubled expression. "Whats wrong my friend, is something bothering you?" Asked Sanguine calmly as he stared at the flowing water.

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #2,933
Anarane Calafalas

"Victor's alive." She whispered.


Amber was in the all familiar tree, crying. It can't be! It just couldn't be!

"Amy?" A soft voice asked behind her.

Turning around swiftly Amber gave a relieved sigh, "Your majesty." She acknowledged, bowing her head.

"Dad." Ophion replied, sitting down next to her on her perch.

"He's alive." She whispered, her tears overflowing as she faced him.

"I know." He replied, with a sad smile. Amber gave him a questioning look. "Elvish hearing, remember?" He asked with an amused grin.

"Or... with your ear placed to the door with a glass to magnify it." Amber countered, her eyes shining with laughter. This time Ophion gave her a questioning look. "You were outside with Ryan and Abigail. We used that trick many times." They laughed, and Amber nestled against her father, and slept.

5/2/2008 #2,934
Master Gaurdian

"Seems like my sleep will be cut shorter then I hoped then but for once I wish we didnt have to run, Just have a bit of time for ourselves instead of always fighting or fleeing, you know." Said Sanguine asking the last part more to himself then to amber as he watched the fountain shoot higher into the sky before turning to look at Amber "What are the plans then" He asked solemy as he gazed sadly at her.

5/2/2008 #2,935

Vena nodded and then collapsed on the floor.

5/2/2008 #2,936
Master Gaurdian

((there was something i had forgotten to do but at the right moment someon should ask HK-47 what love is))

After several days of waiting his medical sensors picked up activity in the body of his master and he was delighted to know that they could begin to kill things once more. As Hk-47 walked down the hallway he noticed his other master in a tree and it amazed him at how much different she was to his master. Always at peace the female master called Amber never tried to fight but instead tried negotiation over violence unlike his true master who prefered to kill his threats. After a few more moments HK-47 waljked back to his masters room and stood at guard waiting for his masters awakening.

Finally leaving Ambers mind Sanguine returned to his body and decided that with jsut a few mroe days of rest he would be fully healed but he should wake up now. Rising slowly he rose off the bed and floated towards the ceiling before bumbing it and lowering himself down to the floor. As soon as his feet touched his swords materialized in front of his hands at his midheight he grasped them and then placed them in there sheat next to his armour that he wore. lokoing down he realized he was wearing a silver robe and walked through the door to find Amber.

5/2/2008 #2,937
Anarane Calafalas

"SANGUINE!!!" John yelled, when he saw Sanguine. Coming to walk beside him he asked, "Do you know where Amber is?"

5/2/2008 #2,938
Master Gaurdian

"Cant seem to have a moments peace anywere, I have only jsut woken up and already im being interrogated." Said Sanguine a bit harshly as he was still very tired.

5/2/2008 #2,939

Mirali woke up and blearily blinked her eyes. She was instantly awake when she noticed Vena on the floor.

"Princess!" She exclaimed and went over to her side.

5/2/2008 #2,940
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