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Master Guardian

"Spartans never die, Jorge. They're just Missing in Action."

— Carter-A259

*Two year time skip not included*

Name/Race/Age/Gender (Alive=active/ Missing=inactive-unknown)

59 characters 20 active 39 missing

1.Vena Torali/Elf/ 16/F (Alive

2.Hikari "Kari" Yamada/Angel/13/F (Missing

3.Chi/Dragon/18/F (Missing

4.Hanapu/Albino Demon/N'A/M (Alive

5.Lyrie Boggart/Boggart/13/M (Missing

6.Amber Dorinion/Elf/16/F (Alive

7.Golden Hour/Willwolf/10/M (Missing

8.Nero/Vampire/N'A/M (Missing

9.Sanguine Blood/Ancient/3000/M (Alive

10.Tyria sharpshooter/Huntress/14/F (Missing

11.Daiyu/Unicorn/N'A/M (Missing

12.Marque Smither/Human/11/M (Missing

13.HK-47/Droid/N'A/M (Alive

14.Drago/Wizard/20/M (Missing

15.John/Human,elf/30/M (Alive

16.Mirali Evergreen/Ranger-mage/15/F (Alive

17.Diamond/Wolf/15/F (Missing

18.Tristan/Human/8/M (Missing

19.Ranzent "Ranz" Dooniq/Human/15/M (Alive

20.Canderous Blood/Ancient/2563/M (Alive

21.Larkland/Human-Elf/2532/M (Alive

22.Marcus Koin/Were-Wolf/25/M (Missing

23.Jade Blood/Ancient/2543/F (Alive

24.Josiah James Moravian (JJ)/Elf/18/M (Alive

25.Aeryn/Human-?/15/F (Missing

26.Blaze/Human/15/M (Missing

27.Hector Palomino/Human-Spirit/15/M (Missing

28.Rachel Bayley/Human-spirit/15/F (Missing

29.Kihre/Human/19/F (Missing

30.Deavan Blackthorne/Human/19/M (Missing

31.Aryanna Valdis/Centuri-Moon Vampyre/1702/F (Alive

32.Il Diablo/Demon/N'A/M (Missing

33.Asha Lark/WereWolf/19/F (Missing

34.Isaac Malus/Human/14/M (Missing

35.Alexander Wine/Vampire/150/M (Missing

36.Kuvageegai/Iphio/7/M (Missing

37.Seth/Half-God/N'A/M (Missing

38.Latias Volvela/Celestial Magician/12/F (Missing

39.Jaelie/Human/18/F (Missing

40.Quincey Treell/Human/13/F (Missing

41.Levis Atrum/Fallen-Angel/15/M (Missing

42.Rai ("Ray") Kai/Human-beast/19/M (Missing

43.Lyna Rili/Halloween Princess/12/F (Missing

44.Amirah/Ice princess/1000/F (Missing

45.Samantha ('sam') Harvelle/Demon-?/18/F (Missing

46.Spencer/Demon/19/M (Missing

47.Ronin/Demon/N'A/M (Missing

48.Gray/Elf/14/M (Missing

49.Sydney Nova/Huntress/14/F (Missing

50.Kassala Dakar/Magik Caster/16/F (Missing

51.Snowflake/Ice Dragon/N'A/F (Missing

52.Hebi/Naga/20/F (Missing

53. Rog'lesh/Humanoid-frost warrior/25/M (Alive

54.Bane Crish/Shyrick/2772/M (Alive

55.Safara Mensing/Human/21/F (Alive

56.Shavana Grace/Human/22/F (Alive

57.Mahtinar Stroinar/Elf/20/M (Alive

58.Luciano Ulfr/Fenrac/25/M (Alive

59.Lucian/Higher Demon/700/M (Alive

7/2/2012 . Edited 8/27/2012 #1
Jaded Aegis

Updated my character's post so he has a broadsword. and some basic facts about it.

7/5/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #2
Anarane Calafalas



-Leilani Dorinion

-Abigail Dorinion


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