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If you create your own race (like my Haladukashian) or a group of a well-known race (like my Casurak elf clan) then here is where you can tell us about them!

Please include things such as their history, traditions, typical appearances, traits, location, et cetera, and anything else you think might be useful to tell us about!

Also, please list the characters that are that species. When listing characters, please italicize the names of characters that aren't official (Vena is in the Character List, but her family aren't main characters so they aren't in the List but they still exist)

For example:

Casurak elf clan... (blah blah blah)

Known members: Vena Torali, Selni Torali, Karu Torali, Tyral Torali

Please ask questions if you're confused =)

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Casurak Elves

These elves are part of the Casurak [kas-ur-ack] Clan. They live in a village in a thick forest. The village is surrounded by a high log wall and has a log gate. Watchtowers are positioned along this wall. The people live in wooden huts. In the center of the village is a tall wooden building, which is Casurak's castle. The royal family lives here. There is also a stable and corral for Casurak's herd of horses in the village; it is near the castle.

From a young age, all elves are trained in archery, swordsmanship, and magic (healing and fighting). As they grow older, they specialize, but it is good to have experience in all three fields.

Casurak (ancient elfin for "of the moon") is one of the oldest elf clans. Atrani [a-trah-nee] the first Queen of Casurak, led the elves that followed her to the forest and built the village. Legend has it that she burned a crescent moon into the palm of her right hand and cast a spell so that every elf with Casurakian [kas-ur-ack-ee-an] blood would be born with the same mark. For that reason, the crescent moon is Casurak's symbol. Casurak's flag is emerald green, which is also the clan's color.

Casurakian elves all have a crescent moon on the palm of their right hand. This makes them easy to distinguish. They are tall and have a lean build. They tend to wear clothing made of natural colors such as green and brown. Their typical armor is made of leather, although they do have metal armor. These elves are hardworking and stubborn, and will do anything to protect their people.

The current ruling family is the Torali [tohr-ah-lee] family. They've ruled for nearly five hundred years. The royal family (specifically the King and Queen) may be challenged if the family is deemed unfit to rule. Then the challenging family will state their case against the ruling family and the people of Casurak will choose. This has only happened twice.

The Heir to the Throne is the eldest child of the King and Queen and is called the High Prince(ss). The High Prince(ss) may pass on the title of Heir to the Throne only in extreme circumstances. Heirs may only marry another High Prince(ss) or someone from their own clan. If there is no Heir, then the people choose the new royal family.

High Princess Vena [veh-nah] was almost forced into a marriage with a rival elf clan, Salindur. That clan went into hiding for two years, but is apparently back for revenge.

Known Casurakians:

  • High Princess Vena Torali
  • King Karu Torali [kah-roo]
  • Queen Selni Torali [sell-nee]
  • Princess Tyral Torali [tie-rahl]
  • Donalar Broyn (deceased) [dah-nah-lahr bro-een]

Salindur Elves

These elves are part of the Salindur [sa-lin-doo-r] Clan. They live in a village in the middle of a thick forest. The village used to be surrounded by a wooden wall, but is now instead surrounded by a metal wall.

Salindur (ancient elfin for 'strength') is a fairly new clan, and has only been around for three hundred years or so. Salinduran [sa-lin-doo-r-an] elves are tall and tend to be stockier than most elves. The clan's symbol is a six pointed star, and their flag is red with yellow embroidery. These elves used to be peaceful, but when the Stroinars [str-oi-nahrs] took over they became vicious and bloodthirsty.

The current ruling family is the Stroinar family. They've ruled for nearly fifty years. The royal family (specifically the King and Queen) may be challenged if the family is deemed unfit to rule, so the Stroinar family spread lies about the previous ruling family and challenged them. The people chose the Stroinars. The Stroinars then changed things up in Salindur. They took down the wood wall and replaced it with metal. They then dreamed of conquest and spreading their territory by taking over other clans, which is unheard of in elf culture.

The Heir to the Throne is the eldest child of the King and Queen and is called the High Prince(ss). The High Prince(ss) may pass on the title of Heir to the Throne only in extreme circumstances. Heirs may only marry another High Prince(ss) or someone from their own clan. If there is no Heir, then the people choose the new royal family.

High Prince Mahtinar [mah-tih-nahr] (who practically rules Salindur since his parents do nothing) tried forcing a marriage between himself and High Princess Vena of Casurak, but that backfired. After that, Salindur left their village and headed north. They hadn't been heard from since, but now they've teamed up with the Shyricks and are ready for revenge.

Known Salindurans:

  • High Prince Mahtinar Stroinar
  • King Roferd Stroinar [roh-furd]
  • Queen Perlina Stroinar [pur-lee-nah]

The Evergreens

The Evergreens are a large family made up of rangers and mages, which is unheard of since rangers and mages usually hate each other. They live in the Evergreen Hideout in the middle of Dothrien [doth-ree-en] Forest. The Hideout is made of houses built into the trees and huts on the ground. There are rope ladders to get up to the tree houses and rope bridges lead between them. The area surrounding the Hideout is chock full of booby traps.

The Evergreens are very secretive, mostly because other rangers and mages wouldn't agree with the fact that they coexist. So they keep to themselves. Their ranger symbol is the snake and their mage symbol is an eight pointed star.

Known Evergreens:

  • Mirali Evergreen [meer-ah-lee]
  • Talinar Evergreen [tah-li-nahr]
  • Lerine Evergreen [leh-reen]
  • Neri Greenblood [neh-ree]

Centuri-Moon Vampyres

Centuri-Moon [sen-tur-ee moon] Vampyres are vampires that actually age. Their appearance ages one year every century (for instance, a 1200 year old vampyre would look twelve years old). They tend to die around 10,000 years old (they look 100)

The CM Vampyres have a serious weakness. They turn into mindless monsters during the Dark Moon (new moon); the opposite of werewolves. Their eyes turn black, their fangs become longer, they become faster and stronger, and they can't remember who they are. They just feel an incredible bloodlust.

All CM Vamps have super strength, super speed, and super senses. Their physical appearance is always flawless and their beauty is astounding.

There are titles based on the age of a CM vampyre:

  • 1-499 years: Newborn
  • 500-999: Fledgling
  • 1000-1900: Young
  • 2000-4999: Mature
  • 5000-7999: Elder
  • 8000-10,000: Ancient

Known Centuri-Moon Vampyres:

  • Aryanna Valdis (deceased) [val-dihs]
  • Tamar (character activity terminated) [tah-mahr]

Haladukashin Tribe

The Haladukashin [ha-lah-doo-kah-shin] are a warrior people. They live on the Haladu cliffs [ha-lah-doo]. The cliffs are treacherous and have taken the lives of many careless Haladukashians [ha-lah-doo-ka-shee-ins]. At the bottom of the immense cliffs is a small shoreline surrounded by dark ocean water. Leading straight into the island from the shore is a strip of shoreline that leads to a small island called Sikta Pialoru [sick-tah pee-yah-loh-ru], the Island of the Spirits. The island is home to an ancient altar.

These people are also shapeshifters. On their thirteenth birthday, they descend the cliffs and go to the Island of the Spirits. For three days they must sit in front of the ancient altar and meditate, without food or water. During this time their minds enter the spirit world and they meet with their ancestors, the Sikta. At the sunset of the third day, they are granted with their animal form. Once they have received their animal form, they must eat and drink and return to the tribe. If they do no return within a week of their departure, then they are banished from the tribe.

They live in primitive huts surrounding a huge fire pit. The weather tends to be very severe. Their tribe's camp is surrounded on one side by the Haladu cliffs, and on the other by a thick forest.

They are ruled by a chief, who is chosen by the shaman of the tribe. When a chief dies, the shaman goes to Sikta Pialoru and receives a vision of who is to be the next chief. It is often the deceased chief's second-in-command. The chief chooses his own second-in-command. Most all Haladukashian chiefs have been male; there's only been one or two who have been female.

Haladukashians speak their native tongue of Kashin, although some do learn English. They have dark skin and black or brown hair. Typically their wardrobe consists of hard leather, cloth, furs, and iron accessories. Their eyes are beautiful and always look like gems. They stick together and would die for any member of their tribe.

Metals (especially iron) strengthen the Haladukashian and their ability to shift into their animal form. However, precious gems and jewels weaken them. If they get trapped for too long in their animal form for too long, they forget their human identity and become that animal completely. The Haladukashian are hunted by poachers for their animal skins. They trap them with gems and kill them. There used to be a lot of Kashian tribes, but the Haladukashin is the last one left.

There are three parts to a Haladukashian's name. The first part is their given name. The second part is "do" or "da" depending on if they are a boy or a girl. The third part is the first part of their father's name. They're usually referred to by the first part of their name.

Known Haladukashians:

  • Shizadalahkn [shee-zah-dah-lah-kn]
  • Daxuldolahkn [dax-ool-doh-lah-kn]
  • Lahkndorobio [lah-kn-doh-roh-bee-oh]
  • Tiegmadoradesh [tee-ehg-mah-doh-rah-desh]
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A clan whose people are born with the ability of select polymorphism, the ability to change their form. Though now much smaller in terms of people and widely dispersed around the world they are still a strong people. Their select polymorphism has led to very opportune jobs including guard dogs for rich families.

There are many arena's dedicated to Fenrac fights, these arena's are used to find strong guards. Though these fights are banned in most places this does not stop them and they are forced underground. Young pups are taught to fight and defend themselves from their elders though not always their parents who will abandon them if they are weak.

While body type differs from person to person there is a similarity among all Fenrac which is their slightly longer limbs. Hair and eye colour may also differ but the most common eye colour is brown. They wear whatever they can afford on the pay they get which isn't a lot.

Known Fenrac:

  • Luciano Ulfr


Albino Demon

Albino Demons are half-breed demons with one parent being a demon the other being a different race. Noted for their lack of hair and skin pigmentation and bright red to crimson eyes. As half breeds the are able to use the powers given by both parents, if both parents have powers that is. Albino demons are incredibly rare and are generally saught after by wealthy people as expensive commodities, so slavers are always looking out for them.

Most Albino Demons would swear by being bought as it helps keep them safe from others and gives them a roof over their heads, as those who buy them keep them safe as anyone with a expensive item would.

They are almost always tall, slender and pale. Their defining feature is their white hair and skin and their red eyes though some have been known to have pink eyes. They are normally dressed in the finery gifted to them by their owners.

Known Albino Demons:

  • Hanapu (formally Matthew)
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