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Here is a list of all the places visited in the RP.

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An elf clan village in the middle of a thick forest. The village is surrounded by a high log wall and has a log gate. Watchtowers are positioned along this wall. The people live in wooden huts. In the center of the village is a tall wooden building, which is Casurak's castle. The royal family lives there. There is also a stable and corral for Casurak's herd of horses in the village; it is near the castle. Vena Torali hails from here.


An elf clan village in the middle of a forest. The village is kept safe by a huge, metal wall where a wooden one used to be. The elves here are evil and bloodthirsty. Salindur territory was abandoned for two years, but now they're back. Mahtinar Stroinar hails from here.

Dothrien Forest

A large, evergreen forest. It is home to the Evergreen Hideout.

The Evergeen Hideout

Located in the middle of Dothrien Forest, the Hideout is made of houses built into the trees and huts on the ground. There are rope ladders to get up to the tree houses and rope bridges lead between them. The area surrounding the Hideout is chock full of booby traps. The location is only given to a select few. Mirali Evergreen hails from here.

Haladu Cliffs

Treacherous cliffs that hug a small shorline and a forest. The Haladukashin Tribe resides here in primitive huts surrounding a huge fire pit. The weather tends to be very severe. Shizadalahkn and Daxuldolahkn hail from here.

Sikta Pialoru

Kashin for Island of the Spirits. This is the Haladukashin's spiritual island. Thirteen year olds go here to complete their quests, and the shaman and chief come here to speak with the ancestors. It is reached by a strip of shoreline heading straight from the Haladu shore, through the ocean, and to the island. It is small and inhabitable. An ancient altar is in the middle of the island.

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