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Malik let go and bared his fangs in a menacing hiss.

"Now we're talking!" Lucian grinned.

9/14/2012 #3,361

He took to the air and looked down at Lucian and Malik.

9/14/2012 #3,362

They jumped onto the nearest roof and Lucian climbed onto his pet's head, whip out and ready.

9/14/2012 #3,363

"You're power is pitiful prince." He said to Lucian.

9/14/2012 #3,364

"How would you know?" Lucian asked in the same tongue. "I haven't displayed anything yet."

9/14/2012 #3,365

"I know much about you Prince." He replied. "More then most of my kind do."

9/14/2012 #3,366

"Then why ask my name at the start?" His heavy chained weapon shrouded him warily.

9/14/2012 #3,367

"My host does not know as much." He replied.

9/14/2012 #3,368

"Ah... I see." Lucian narrowed his eyes. "You haven't met any of my brothers have you?"

9/14/2012 #3,369

"I have been contained for many a year, I have been away from our home for so long."

9/14/2012 #3,370

"Your name, and why you would be so bold as to disdain the power of Satan's heir?"

9/14/2012 #3,371

"I am a Lord of Shadow, keepers of knowlage." He replied. "My name has been lost to the sands of time."

9/14/2012 #3,372

"And you call a year long, old geezer. Don't you remember me? I skived class often enough, your voice bored me." Lucian smirked suddenly.

9/14/2012 #3,373

"I am suprised you made it as far as you have." He replied.

9/14/2012 #3,374

"You've got to give me credit for something, I didn't sleep while I skived off, that's whats classes are for." Lucian folded his arms defiantly. "I spent my time more valuably."

9/14/2012 #3,375

"You may be a valuble warrior, but you lack the traits of a true ruler." He replied.

9/14/2012 #3,376

"How many tutors told me that?" Lucian yawned. "I fail to see how Father exhibits any of these so called traits. I inspire fear... in everyone apart from you and him apparently."

9/14/2012 #3,377
Anarane Calafalas

She whipped her head up sharply. "Good... good doggie please... please don't hurt me..." She begged as she shied away.

9/14/2012 #3,378

"Such childish ideas." He replied.


Luciano whined and lowered his ears, he then lay down his head on his paws.

9/14/2012 #3,379

"I'm only 700, what can you expect? My name is not yet... forgotten." Lucian's lips curved into a mocking smile. "To lead Hell, you need Fear, Power, Cunning. I have those."

9/14/2012 #3,380

He laughed, "Foolish Prince, I see now that you skipped every class that did not involve fighting. You lack the basics of ruling, even in leading Hell you need intellegence."

9/14/2012 #3,381

"There are many people that would beg the differ." Lucian's smile didn't waver. "And what is cunning if not intelligence?"

Malik, who had crept onto the dragon while they spoke, sank his fangs into the fleshy shoulder joint of the dragon, pumping several gallons of poison into him. The 'Malik' that Lucian was standing on rippled and revealed itself to be in extension of his own chain whip.

9/14/2012 #3,382

"A fool." He replied and used his own tail to grab Malik and rip him off.

(I g2g2 work. Talk later)

9/14/2012 #3,383

(Kay )

"That's an interesting idiom."

The city now crawled with snakes all sizes, apparently the same demonic species as Malik. A hissing, writhing masses, they headed towards the dragon, steadily gaining height and speed.

"My power has grown since your teachings."

9/14/2012 #3,384
Anarane Calafalas

Kaelyn hesitantly stretched out her hand. "Good doggie..." She started to gently pet him. "Good doggie..."

9/14/2012 #3,385

"So has your ego." He replied gaining height flying above Lucian.


Luciano let her pet him, his tail wagging.

9/15/2012 #3,386

The snakes morphing upwards towards the dragon.

"It's a family trait." Lucian's eyes narrowed.

9/15/2012 #3,387

"One your father outgrew." He replied.

9/15/2012 #3,388
"He's almost as old as you, how am I supposed to compare?" The snakes had almost reached him. (Sorry, I'm on my phone, can't do bold writing...)
9/15/2012 #3,389

"By learning." He replied


9/15/2012 #3,390
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