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I've done it! Muahahahaha! *coughs* Okay, I'm done.

Anyway, Eragon. I hate that book. I don't care if the kid was a genius, I think he read too much JRR Tolkien, which is bad for anyone. It drives me insane. I didn't think I could stand the movie, so I didn't see it. BUT it's nice to know that even the bad movies have semi-decent CG graphics. (coughSpiderwickcough)

And Beauty and the Beast is totally the shiz. I love it (even the 'Enchanted Christmas' lame midquel was okay =D). I wanted to see it on Broadway, but I never got to. D: Lion King is awesome too! It IS Hamlet, and Lion King II is Romeo and Juliet. Nuka was totally Mercutio. I

1/31/2008 #1
That book was just boring. I got bored 2 chapters in. Didn't even bother to go see the movie. It just looks stupid. And I think I've seen enough stupid movies. (Saw "Meet the Spartans")


I love virtually all of the old Disney movies, my favourites would be Lion King, Aladdin, Oliver and Company, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, ect.

I did notice the Hamlet and Romeo/Juliet implications in the Lion King movies. I love it. XD

1/31/2008 #2
That book was just boring. I got bored 2 chapters in. Didn't even bother to go see the movie. It just looks stupid. And I think I've seen enough stupid movies. (Saw "Meet the Spartans")


I love virtually all of the old Disney movies, my favourites would be Lion King, Aladdin, Oliver and Company, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, ect.

I did notice the Hamlet and Romeo/Juliet implications in the Lion King movies. I love it. XD

1/31/2008 #3
Oliver and Company is so cute! I'd never seen it before, and then my friend made me watch it. I loooove it! We totally listened to Japanese Disney music in Japanese class. It was weird, but cool. All the people had really super high pitched voices.

Eragon is the subject of my passionate hate. I actually found a book reviewer that hates it too, so that made me happy as a clam. Clams are cute XD I think they're gross, to eat though...

Have you seen the Aladdin sequels? I ordered them on Netflix, but I haven't seen them yet. They get married in the third one, right?

1/31/2008 #4
Snowy Days
Never fear, for I here! :)

You have a Japanese class?! That is pretty damn wicked. All we have here is French, with all its sucky grammar rules...I listened to Why Should I Worry in Japanese and I was like 'That howl is soo wrong.'

I remember I liked Eragon at first (Did I already say that?) then it just gor boring. The second book was made of fail. The authour probably only got published because his family has a publishing company.

I saw ALL the Aladdin sequels, my baby sitter brought them over and we all(as in my brother, my babysitter and I)ate Mr. Noodles and watch the Genie be silly. XD

And they did get married, they had a big song and everything. Good times...

1/31/2008 #5
That is awsome. I'd love to be in a Japanese class. Though I must say, I'm pretty happy with my Chinese class. :)

I thought the Aladdin sequels were pretty good compared to other Disney sequels. I love the 'King of Thieves' one though. =P

1/31/2008 #6
Snowy Days
New Challenge! We should decide what is THE Best Disney Sequel...EVER!
1/31/2008 #7
Ooh... that's a toughie. I REALLY like the Lion King, but I actually saw Cinderella III and it was better than the original Cinderella, in my opinion. But I think I would have to see the Aladdin sequels to make fair judgment... Lion King II was good also, though...

I will be debating this with myself for a while. The Disney characters in my mind will be fighting over my adoration.

(Kovu: Don't you love me?

Bambi: No, she loves me the best, right?

General Shang: No wai, I'm teh smex.

Prince Philip (who didn't even have a sequel): 1337?

1/31/2008 #8
Snowy Days
My friend has Cinderella III, and we tried to watch it on the interweb -cough-youtube!-cough- but it didn't work.

I don't know, if Kovu were a person he'd probably be hot. Assuming that he weren't really really hairy... And then there's Bambi...being all cute and small...

1/31/2008 #9
Okay, I'll tell you the best Disney Sequels ever....

(Well, in my opinion)

Toy Story 2- I loved this movie. The Star Wars spoof in this was hilarious.

Lion King 2- It's way up there in my fav disney movies. I love Kovu, and I still get chills listening to 'Not one of us'.

Cinderella III was okay...I guess. =P Cinderella was never one of my top favorite Disney movies, but it's good in it's own right.

if Kovu were a person he'd probably be hot

He'd be SMOKIN' HOT.

1/31/2008 #10
I have a friend whose a super amazing artist and she drew a picture of Kovu as a human... It's hot XD

I've never thought of Bambi though. He'd be like Tiny Tim without the lame leg. There's another Disney character I'm thinking of that would look like Bambi, but I can't actually remember who it is....

1/31/2008 #11
I'd love to see that picture. XD

-Has idea's swimming in her head...-



Er...You know, I can't really think of anyone that would look like Bambi.


I kinda think of Thomas from Pocahontas when Bambi comes to mind...

1/31/2008 #12
Thomas is totally my favorite! In Pocahontas at least... He's so cute! I totally thought he was going to die at the end, but then he didn't, so I was happy. I had rather morbid thoughts as a child, now that I think about it. XD I can see the Bambi-ness now, though.

The picture is on deviantart, so I can attach a link or something, but not right now, because I'm at school and DA is blocked, as well as most other things. School manages to suck the fun out of the internet, somehow. FP the exception, of course. XP

2/1/2008 #13
Snowy Days
You must send the link. If you don't, starving aliens on Mars will die! DIE I tell you!

School does suck the fun out of everything. At my school, we aren't allowed mp3 players or earphones. Earphones! And then there's math...

Anyways, I vote for the Lion King II as best Disney sequel ever. Then Toy Story. The Little Mermaid II was okay too...

2/3/2008 #14
Yeah, school sucks. Speaking of school, I should probably be doing research for the paper that's worth 50% of my grade...

Definitely the Lion King II. I THOUGHT the Little Mermaid II was good, but then I rewatched it and didn't think so. I dunno...

Linky linky linky!

There are lots of people on there. If you click on it, it should zoom in. I love it XD

2/3/2008 #15
Snowy Days
First off: Do you guys have dA accounts?

I had a random question to ask...but what was it! As Pooh Bear would say 'Think, think, think..'

When I first watched the Little Mermaid II I was...six. I remember thinking that the blonde merman guy was going to hook up with Melody when they were older. But that might just be me...

Good luck with that paper. The thought of them makes me shudder...

2/3/2008 #16
I have a dA account, but it is rather... dead. Since I have no artistic talent whatsoever, it's remained pretty static since I got it.

I know! I think that's why I don't like that movie as much; there's no romance! She doesn't get together with anyone! Now I have "Titanic Tip and Daring Dash - Adventurers slash Explorers" stuck in my head, though. Ah, good times.

Thanks... fifteen pages on Emily Bronte... it's pretty exciting.

2/3/2008 #17
Snowy Days
Well, what's your name on dA? I'll be your friend if you'll be mine :)

Emily Bronte? I have Wuthering Heights in my desk which I am neglecting to read...everything. I buy books, then I get side's like writing a paper! You just don't want to do it, and your parents are telling you to finish it...The pressure!

2/4/2008 #18
Snowy Days
Some of that made no sense...sorry about the double post. I made it seem like I didn't like books...stupid...
2/4/2008 #19
I don't actually know my dA name, and I never go on unless it's to see my friends' stuff...

I understand! I do that too... I've had Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy on my bedside table for months. That I really DO wnt to read, I just don't have the time. I wish I had time. Time is nice...

2/4/2008 #20
I am so so so so sorry I haven't been on! D=(

My internet connection was down for about a week so I couldn't get on.


But, yeah, I do have a dA account, my penname is Vamp-chan. =P

Never really read Hitchikers guide to the galaxy o_o...

2/6/2008 #21
We understand, and still love you! That happened to me last month except it wasn't the internet... it was the power (and with that, the internet)...

I only read like half of it... I got to the part where God disproves his own existence, which was hilarious, but then I had to return it to the library because they were like, "This book's like fifty dollars overdue, foo."

I'm bored now... I could practice my flute or piano, or do my homework, or something else productive, but I'm not going to. Sticking it to the man... but not really.

2/6/2008 #22
Snowy Days
Yes, we still love you! I am such a n00b, I don't know how to search people in dA! It pains me to no sane end! When I do find you, I'll friend you, 'kay? I am SnowyDaysInTheWinter. Because I'm that original.

Do you guys live in the middle of no where, or a city. Because I live in the middle of no where (The mall in the closest big town got a West 49, and it was a big thing. I'm at EB Games, CD Plus, or Coles (book store) so I don't really care.) And the internet just FAILS sometimes. And the water...

Wait...God disproved himself? Haha! That's great! I'm making a note to read that book. Because it's sounds awesome. Besides, at least you can play an instrument, I was forced into music class against my will, all the French Immersion kids were...Poor us...

Anyways, I've got to split for now, I have a Ringette game. See you on the flip side!

2/6/2008 #23
Rr... I think to get to it, the url's probably just, but I may be wrong, since I don't actually use dA.

I have to drive thirty minutes to get to McDonald's, so in the middle of nowhere...

Also, am I missing something? What's Ringette? I feel out of the loop?

2/6/2008 #24

That's the url. :l

I live about 20-30 minutes away from Chicago, so I'm pretty close to the city.

2/6/2008 #25
I used to live near Chicago, but not that close... Naperville. Twas awesome.
2/6/2008 #26
...I actually live in the city right next to Naperville, I live in Bolingbrook. Or rather, the borderline between Naperville and Bolingbrook, so I go to the Naperville schools. =P
2/6/2008 #27
I totally know where that is... I would have gone to Neuqua Valley, so that's pretty shweet...
2/6/2008 #28
Snowy Days
Okay, Ringette is a ice sport. I assume you know what hockey is, Ringette is a lot like it. It was made for girls, and instead of a puck, we have a ring, and instead of blades on the end of our sticks, we have blunt edges. I'm the goalie for our team, which surprises some people, because I'm small. If you want to know more, go check out wikipedia.

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. In a small town. The town near us with the biggest population has 45 000 people. My town has 4 000 people, and there are 300 people in our school. (And that includes the french school, whom we share the building with) We have 1 highschool, and 4 elementary schools. Yeah, it's weird. It's also a minimum of -25 Celsius in winter time. And you either play the following: Hockey, Ringette, or Curling. Or, sometimes all three.

That is my hometown. Which makes me want to break out into 'Just a small town girl. Livin' in a lonely world.' Becuase it's kind of true!

2/6/2008 #29
Ringette actaully sounds pretty fun =l, and holy crap, -25 degrees celsius!?

And I thought it was f**king cold down here in Illinios....

I would have gone to Neuqua Valley,

Haha, XD.

I go to one of Neuqua's rival schools, Naperville Central. XP

2/6/2008 . Edited 2/6/2008 #30
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