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Faded Stardust
Hello, I've been Betaing (mostly Harry Potter fics) for a good few years now but in the last year or so I've gotten more into Original fics, my specialties/main preferences are Fantasy and Romance categories; willing to beta Slash (both M/M and F/F) and Het, sex scenes but nothing TOO gross e.g. no fletching, b*** (were-people in were-form and other non-human "people" may not count as b*** in my opinion, it depends on the story/non-human(s) in question) etc. and I have lots of free time. As for what I'd like Betaed, most of my emphasis at this moment is on a trilogy of Fantasy M/M Slash fics all of which will be under 10 chapters long ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 words per chapter. They're a bit on the angsty side and take place in a world/realm of my own creation, no explicit sex scenes but mentions of r***, also contains course language and a twisted sense of humor and chapters may or may not be completed in order and within a specific period of time, depending on my motivation. My other main story is also a M/M Fantasy but falls generally under the Romance category as well, set in modern day and will be long; 15-20 chapters at 900 to 1,500 words per chapter, also slightly angsty but for the most part less so then the other fic, may contain *light* sex scenes (but may not), VERY strong language (one of the two main character's favorite word is f**k), cutting, religious references with emphasis on Wicca but bending it to fit a Fantasy mold, and some brief mentions of unwilling i***... I'd honestly be surprised if I get any takers for this one, lol If anyone is interested in Betaing for me or needs a Beta (I'm only willing to take two stories/authors to start out as I haven't Betaed in a while), feel free to email me at Please and Thank you ~Misty
2/3/2007 #1
Well, I'd be willing to beta. I'm a grammer freak with all 'A's in English classes over the years. I'll stylistically beta if you ask me. No graphic sex scenes, please, (go ahead and have your characters have sex or write the beginning, but I'm not going to read a play-by-play of someone having sex) no overly graphic violence (I don't care if you talk about blood or give a blow-by-blow of a battle, I just don't want a detailed description of the inside of someone's wound) and Sues will be de-Sued or ignored. Any ratings, sexual orientations, or genres, so long as it fits into those specifications. PM me if you want to be Betaed, I'll give you my email.
3/17/2007 #2
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