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Gilded Coins
Heylo, I'm in need of a beta reader. Since I wasn't sure if the other two betas here were still "free" I started another thread. You can see the types of stories I write under my profile (thankyouverymuch, Captain Obvious). More info: - The stories I write are usually short—under 3,000 words or so. - Various subjects. Typically realistic, though perhaps exaggerated, stories set in contemporary times (no fantasy/scifi/supernatural/historical/mythological for now). - General. Humor. Mildly horror-ish. - Ratings are T and under (warnings: a little blood, murder, insanity, and the like). - Rather than just proofread the story, I'd rather if the beta help me with other aspects, such as telling me when I write in purple prose or when the plot is nonexistent or when the characters are bland or etc. So, if anyone is kind enough to preview my stories, please post here or PM me. I will love you for a long time and thank you publicly and give you virtual cat food and....
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Midnight In Eden
if there's no fantasty, i'm up for being your beta reader. i'm a fan of short fiction and a big hater of cliches. plus i'm a punctuation nazi. also i'll be straight with you about everything, flat characters, plot holes, thin dialogue etc. i like to think everything i give is concrit. i've never been a beta reader but i provide in depth reviews for a lot of stuff. pm me if you think i could help.
11/2/2006 #2
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