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This topic is for people willing to beta. I'm going to clean up the forums a little. Older posts will not be deleted but please from now on people willing to beta. Here is the place. Form to use: Name: Method of Contact: Genre: Content you will not beta: (i.e. Graphic sexual scenes, graphic violence, slash, etc.) Rating you prefer: Thank you all. T.S.Orr
7/5/2007 #1
Imaginary Rose
Name: C. Shells Method of Contact: Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance Content you will not beta: 1.Graphic sex scenes (I think they're called lemons) 2.Extreme gore 3.FxF 4.Tragedies 5.I*** 6.War-like or War themed (centers around a war) 7.Extreme sappiness and 8.Poetry *shudders* Rating you prefer: T and borderline M Notes: I've only ever beta'd someone on, but I'm trying to expand my abilities. Fantasy is what I'm best at with Romance as a subplot. Sorry, I don't have any experience with werewolves. I'm fine with kissing, cuddling, and hints of sex, but I don't want a play-by-play. In a fight scene I understand someone is (usually) going to bleed, but I don't need to how squishy the insides are. If there is MxM I've got certain expectations I expect to be met, which ties in with #7. I've already got enough war on my mind I don't need my escape to contain war as well. I hope you understand. Extreme sappiness makes me gag. And Poetry *shudders* is never to be spoken of. I would prefer that anything I beta, be in the beginning stages (and hopefully going to turn out to be an epic) so if I suggest a change there is not a problem based on the story as a whole. I'd also like for whomever I beta to beta me. That way it is a mutual exchange and we expect as good as we give. My current baby is a Fantasy with a subplot of Romance; the first chapter has already been posted. Lastly I would expect any person I beta to feel free to ask my opinions or to bounce ideas off of me (I'm rubber and you're glue). Sorry if I came off as an unfun person (I'm plenty of fun), but I want to make sure that the person I beta and I are going to be able to work together nicely. I would like our journey to be a long one and for us not to be eaten by a dragon on the first quest. Eh, I think that's it. Bye! C. Shells
7/9/2007 #2
Name: Call me Kat Method of Contact: PM me if you need a beta, I'll only give out an email address if I'll be working with someone. Genre: Any except horror. Content I will not beta: Graphic sex scenes or violence, stories that go against my beliefs (i.e: sexist, racist, or homophobic messages, glorification of war, ect. I'm okay with a war in a story or a character like I just described, though.) Rating I prefer: I'll take any. Notes: I'm pretty anti-cliche and against "Mary-Sue" characters. For those of you who don't know what that is, a "Mary-Sue" is a female character who is basically perfect, and always very attractive. I probably won't harp too much on style unless you ask me to, but if your character is like that, I WILL tell you. However, I'll also give you advice on how to fix any problem I point out, if I can think of a way to fix it. If I can't, I'll think about it until I find a way. I don't call any story hopeless unless the writer is unwilling to change it, and if you were, you wouldn't be looking for a beta.
8/21/2007 #3
Name: Jessiquie Method of COntact: I'd prefer email, whether through this site, or personal emails doesn't both me. MSN could even work. Genre: I'm open to all. Content you will not beta: I'm not comfortable generally reading slash. No Iam not anti-gay, some of my best friends are gay and they truly are the best people you can ever meet, its just in the few I've seen, they have been very graphic about their sex life. And that i really don't need to know. Rating you prefer: doesn't phase me which ever. I don't mind either if I just beta someone for a story, or if it's all their work. I will try and get their work back to them asap, though the following day may not always be possible as Iam a a poor uni student, trying to manage a job, uni and dancing as well as my own writing. Will have it back within a few days though.
10/3/2007 #4
Name: A Happy Sadness Method of Contact: PM me. I won't give you my email unless I'm betaing for you. Genre: Anything but biography, essay, horror, manga, play, or thriller. NO poetry. At all. Don't even ask. Content you will not beta: (i.e. Graphic sexual scenes, graphic violence, slash, etc.) Nothing above a T rating. Rating you prefer: T and below. Though I will beta most categorys, not including poetry, which I fail miserably at, by the way, I would perfect romance or fantasy, or both. I will not beta graphic scenes. I don't even give a damn about language, as long as it is anything but M. Anything but M. I can't stress that enough. I will stop betaing and you won't get your chapter back if I see anything that should be in the M section. Comprende? Good. A Happy Sadness
1/1/2008 #5
Demented Hellion
Name: call me JB Method of Contact: PM me I'll give you my email if I beta for you Genre: pretty much anything Content you will not beta: i will NOT do war centered stories. Rating you prefer: Rating does not matter. Note: I cannot do one day deadlines, I have a baby, so it's just not physically possible. Also, I can and really would prefer at some point to help through a messenger service (ex: yahoo, aim) at some point.
1/3/2008 . Edited 1/3/2008 #6
I Quoth Nevermore
Name: Rae Method of Contact: Genre: Any type of romance, whether it is general, fantasy, supernatural, or humor. I'm not picky. Content you will not beta: Nothing rated M, so no sex scenes or anything. I prefer not to do slash, but I will if someone wants. Rating you prefer: K-T Notes: I'm starting to beta for another story right now, actually. And I want to be an editor when I get out of college, so this would really help. I'm really good at picking out grammar errors and some plotholes. And I'm on the computer almost everyday, so I can get the edited story back ASAP.
2/11/2008 #7
Name: Emily Method of Contact: Through my email, or a PM (private message). Genre: Mainly Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy and/or General. Content you will not Beta: I will not beta any graphic sexual scenes, violence, or slash. I also do not care for war stories or horror. Rating you Prefer: I have absolutely no problems with K, K+, or T. Thank you, -Noreia
2/15/2008 #8
The Guiltless Person
Name: Kelsea (sounds just like Kelsey but with an "a") Method of Contact: (email) or PM me. Genre: Anything but sappy love stories or poetry. Content: Anything, nothing you can write will faze me, I've seen it all. Rating: Any I'm usually on everyday, so if you send an email, I'll reply as soon as I can. -Guiltless-
2/22/2008 #9

My name is RA Michaelis (or just Michaelis is fine)

Yes, I am the one who is the pro editor :3.

You can contact me here on fictionpress, just click PM or email

I will beta for any genre with any rating, however, I will not beta for you if the work in question is in text format :D

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #10
Lilith Marx

Name: Sheila

Method of Contact: Email through this site or regular email

Genre: Anything, really. I'm not too picky. However, I do not like sci-fi or fantasy.

Content I will not beta: I don't mind if there are some graphic sex scenes, but if there is smut in every chapter, I will not read it. I will not read i*** or sappy love stories with a Mary-Sue.

Rating I prefer: K through M

Notes: I love historical fiction and will be more than willing to help with research. I am quite nit-picky with grammar and sentence structure. Although I am not a fan of romance stories, I will read stories that have romance as a subplot, rather than the actual plot.

I am usually online most days, so I can reply to any emails as soon as possible.

Thank you.

-Lilith Marx

1/15/2011 #11
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