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Where we all write haikus and chat about it.Sounds lame but we can also share ideas about stories.
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I'll Nom Your Soul

This should be gone. For,

It only lasted a small

Moment in its time

5/30/2008 #1
I'll Nom Your Soul

So, do you like it?

5/30/2008 #2
Ventus Shadows

Haikus are about nature, try this.

Let the flames flicker

This spirit is eternal

Dancing, joyful flames

but your poem is pretty good.

6/2/2008 #3
a far better fate

They don't have to be about nature. Not always. Usually, though.

here's one that doesn't (mine):

beating out her wings

listening to the night's song

she hears the silence


shake up the sparkles

wind the know in-two circles

musical dreaming

6/4/2008 #4
a far better fate

oh, sorry! there was a typo I didn't catch. It should be knob not know

6/4/2008 #5
Ventus Shadows

It's okay, and cool.

6/4/2008 #6
Jun Kaesu

Yes. I do partly agree. human nature and Natural Nature,

Example: Awe

for each awe of disgust,

to each awe of reverance,

Allof which, too much bother.

Example: Haze

The glissining of winters essence,

The swaying of the cherry blossom tree,

We are temporary, This world is permenant.

Both ways are very beautiful :D

6/7/2008 #7
Grace Kelly

Shrieking for his life,

red blood spurting from his thigh,

i stabbed him with knives.

Now thats what i call haiku!!!:)

10/29/2008 #8
Peridot Tears


This is my haiku

When I sneeze I say "Achoo!"

That was my haiku.

12/17/2008 #9
ezyl's girl

Hey, can I jump in?

She's totally not stalking~

Oh dear, I've been shot.

-shot- X_______X

4/14/2009 #10
Peridot Tears


This forum's pretty much dead, besides the occasional visitor and poster.

-Huggles ezyl-


Tennis is so fun.

Best under the hottest sun.

No, it's not a pun.

4/14/2009 #11

in response to the tennis haiku.....

tennis, a bright sphere

iluminating the night

fireflies cant see

that doesnt make any sense...sorry

6/6/2009 #12
Peridot Tears

I like it -- think it has some sort of irony...fireflies and illumination, you know.

6/6/2009 #13

lol... That's pretty epic.

I wrote a two stanza haiku... is that allowed?


As the blue fades fast

Last glimpses of evidence

That there ever was


A summer are caught

In fleeting moments, wisps of

Our timeless freedom

10/9/2013 #14
Peridot Tears

It's not about whether or not it's allowed...it's about what you want ;) I personally like this new development.

10/10/2013 #15
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