Give me your most controversial issue.
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Dahlia Wolffe

Hey, you asked for a controversial topic! What's more controversial than that?

People think it doesn't exist, that the people who talk about it are conspiracy nuts. Truth is, it's happening, and in order for it to go according to plan, people have to think it's a hoax and I'm some crazy pothead who was born in the wrong decade. But it's real. I've read a lot about it, and I'm not the only one who knows...

6/6/2008 #1
The Intelligent Designer
I don't really know what you're talking about?
6/7/2008 #2
Dahlia Wolffe

Well there's a lot of hype going on about govt operations going on "behind the curtain"...

Like the North American Union. George Bush created it WITHOUT the consent of any of his cabinet. This order means that now, as of this moment, America, Canada and Mexico are all united. If you think that has no proof, there is. The one reporter who brought it up was FIRED from both his position as a reporter and a lobbyist...

There's also a European Union, an African Union, and pretty soon an Asian Union. And in one fail swoop they can all be united.

Plus, there's the whole "RfD chip" thing. This is a microchip that can be implanted into the human body, and several celebrities have them. It works as both a tracking device and a credit card- that is its appeal. But that means with that chip, the government satilites can track you wherever you go...

I don't know if you've heard the people who say that 911 was an inside job. There's evidence that it is, but no one says anything.

The engineers who create planes have been fixing them for years so that they would not explode on impact. There have been plenty of "crash landings" that did not end in explosions. If you look close enough (with a blue light) you can see on the footage that there are bombs on the sides and bottom of the planes that went into the twin towers. Now, even if the planes were hijacked by dangerous terrorists, that does not explain why a plane would come out from an American airport armed with bombs.

There was a man who befriended one of the Rockefellers, a director I think. He cut the friendship off after he found out some of his secrets. He explained (and this was 11 months before 911) that there was going to be a bombing in the twin towers. Then he said that there was going to be a war on terror, that America was going to head into Iraq and Iran, and Venezuela and they were going to seize oil from other non-conformist oil-bearing countries. This was ALL taped conversation. (That's how I found out). When he asked Rockefeller how they could support a war on terror, was told that the media would make people believe, and that they could gradually strip people of their rights under the assumption that they could be terrorists. He asked them what the whole point of this was, and he was told it was to get people chipped with an RFID chip. You may not know this, but the new American passports are equipped with them.

This is not only biblical, it's happening right now. The assumption of terror was what made one family want the chip, because it would aid them in finding people who were lost or "in danger", and could keep there personal information with them. I watched a person scan his hand once... first person.

I could go on all day about this, so keep talking to me about it!

6/7/2008 #3

I do believe in the new world order, and I believe that it is coming soon. What I don't believe is that you some how found a taped conversation between some guy and one of the Rockefellers prophesying that America would go to war with Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. I mean how could you find it if no body knows about it. I know that your going to say that the news media, and the government hushed it up, but I mean seriously. Not everything is a conspiracy. Who knows why George Bush lied about WMDs, maybe he just wanted to give Saddam a little payback for what nearly happened to his dad, I don't believe that there were bombs on the side of the planes that crashed into the twin towers, people would have found you alleged bombs. I do believe what you are saying about the RDF Chip, that will beigin to strip away our freedom and even more of our anonymity.

10/9/2008 #4

Its fake it doesn't exist in fact it would be impossible.

2/8/2009 #5
Bambi Queen of the Off-Black

You have to at least respect other people's opinions, dude, or no one will take you seriously. But it is a fact that conspiracy theories and this New World Order idea included are rooted primarily in paranoia. Unless these jerks get more facts out to me, I'm not buying any bull that I can't get a good strong whiff of.

11/8/2009 #6

There's no way the Bush administration could've pulled off 9/11 without ANY leaks or descent.

11/8/2009 #7
Bambi Queen of the Off-Black

I agree. I think it's funny that people really believe he was behind it. C'mon, not even Nixon could pull of a simple fixed election; something of this scale is incapable for a moron like him to have accomplished. It's just b***.

11/9/2009 #8
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