Give me your most controversial issue.
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Obama even though he isn't black is indeed black. What do you think people would have more issues with, a gay President, black president, or a women president?

12/22/2008 #1

i don't think that any of those should be an issue!

12/23/2008 #2

No they shouldn't, but one must face the facts that they are.

12/23/2008 #3
French fancy

I agree with what you say about how having a gay, female or black president should not be an issue (seeing as I'm 2 of those free myself ^^) but unfortunately I have to say that having a gay president would be worse because being gay is an 'abomination' to quite a few people which major sucks :(

1/4/2009 #4

it is quite the reflection on the state of our country that issues like these actually stir up controversy. but as for the question, most people would believe the worst case scenario is a president that embodies all three.

5/31/2009 #5

A female, black lesbian president! But of course... now you guys have gotten a black... so... no... seriously; a person's politics doesn't have anything to do with their gender... their skin colour or the sexual views...

10/26/2009 #6
Bambi Queen of the Off-Black

I think all would be fun options for President. I'd vote for them. I like seeing people work themselves into a panic about the state of things, kinda like what you people are doing here. Keep up the good work, America! You're making people like me have a ball in life! :D

11/8/2009 #7
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