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Readers tend to ask questions when they review my stories and, until now, I have always answered back as an Author's Note in the next chapter. Now, with forum capacities, readers will be encouraged to come here for Q&A's about my stories.
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Instead of responding to reviews on the review board or in Author's Notes, I will now respond to any questions in this forum, so everybody can see the answer but it doesn't slow down the story. QUESTION FROM POST EIGHT - "Will this teenager help Amanda out or will she drive off without another thought about her?" AUTHOR RESPONSE - Hmm, you will find out the answer to that in the coming chapters. *** COMMENT FROM POST EIGHT - Sorry. I get pretty impatient with stories here because sometimes the updates aren't as fast as I want them to be. Selfish, I know. However, your clarification was much appreciated, and I'll now sit quietly and wait for the story to go on. AUTHOR RESPONSE - LOL, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh in my last response and I apologize if I did. The thing is that I am looking for suggestions like the one you gave, but the story hasn’t finished laying down its groundwork yet. It’s still in its exposition stage. Thanks for you interest in the story and hopefully I didn’t scare you off:-) *** QUESTION FROM POST NINE - "I have a question that's been bugging me. Why do you split the chapters up? It would torture all us fans a lot less. Although torture might just be your point." AUHTOR RESPONSE - LOL, trust me, you would be even more tortured if I posted whole chapters at a time. My chapters tend to run anywhere between 11 and 17 computer pages long and that’s with me using Times New Roman 10.5 font. When compared to the default size of 12, you can understand how much writing in 10.5 fits onto a page and then times that by 11 to 17 pages. It would be a lot to wade through when reading and then there would be long periods of time when I didn’t update because I haven’t finished a whole chapter yet. It seems easier on the readers when the posts are both shorter and more frequent. And three to four pages before reposting is also a more writer-friendly target to shoot for. When I get suggestions and reviews more often, it helps me to fix my mistakes as well as keep going. Hope this clears it up a little. Thanks for Reading, RainShadow2005
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