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Readers tend to ask questions when they review my stories and, until now, I have always answered back as an Author's Note in the next chapter. Now, with forum capacities, readers will be encouraged to come here for Q&A's about my stories.
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Instead of responding to reviews on the review board or in Author's Notes, I will now respond to any questions in this forum, so everybody can see the answer but it doesn't slow down the story. COMMENT FROM POST TWENTY-TWO - I've been keeping up with this story, but... I don't know. It seems to have stalled. It feels kind of stuck to me, and I don't really like it anymore. The first chapters were great, but then it started getting kind of bad. It's just not interesting and I don't feel eager to find out what happens next. I'm sorry to say it, but that's the truth as I feel it. AUTHOR RSPONSE - *smiles pensively* You know, I’ve never had a flat-out negative review before. It’s interesting getting one because it makes you think. ;-) I do have to thank you for giving my story a shot and sticking with it this far to be sure about your final verdict. Like I mentioned before, you can't write to please everybody since everybody’s tastes are different. This story’s leisurely pace and strong emphasis on character arcs instead of action is something a reader either embraces or hates completely, with no gray area in between. I appreciated all reviews from you, including this one,and understand why that was your last one … it wasn’t your kind of story. There are a lot of great stories out there, of all kinds of different styles, and I know some of them will be your kind of story and you will get enjoyment out of them :-) Thanks for reading what you did. *** QUESTION FROM POST TWENTY-FIVE - So, any reason why all your stories are set in the future? This one is and Almost Home is, any particular reason why? AUTHOR RESPONSE - Yes, there is a reason. I set most of my stories in the future so my stories will be close to current if they ever get published. I have been known to throw a story even further into the future if I reach the time the story is set in. Would you believe that I started writing the primitive version of the first couple chapters of this story in 1997, when I was about 14? That’s why the Fourth of July falls on a Friday in the story. Once I hit 1998, I realized it would be years before I published my story and I didn’t want it to be set so far in the past. I made it 2003, but then that passed too, so now it’s 2008. To be honest, if I don’t finish it by 2008, it will probably be set in 2014. I will just have to go back and change the different technology devices they use. If I had kept it in 1997, I would probably just keep thinking about the fact that it would mean Candy and Amanda were born in 1981 and 1982 respectively, making them almost 26 and 25. I would rather think of them as almost 15 and 14 right now and the story is about stuff that will happen in their near futures. With Almost Home, it’s a similar reason. I had gotten all the way to Patrick’s chapter, where Kim is talking about that day, a Wednesday, is the last day of the month of August and that was why they had to do an emergency fire drill. When I revised the story to add more detail, including everybody’s birthdays, I realized I had to find a year that had the last day of August on a Wednesday. That meant 1994, 2005, or 2011. After a very brief moment of consideration, where I debated putting the story in the past, I decided 1994 was too long ago. I couldn’t get comfortable with the idea that it would put all the teens’ birth-years in 1977-1980. Tommy’s birth-year would have been 1956. That would make him about 50, whoa! Since the year was 2005 when I thought of all this, I decided to just do what I felt most comfortable with and went with the only year of the three that was in the future. If I still don’t have it finished by 2011 (hopefully I will) then I just may push it to 2016. Hope this clears things up. And yes, have stories set in the past; some a few decades ago and some in previous centuries even. But then, I also have stories set centuries in the future too. I write near future the most, but distant future as well as near and distant past do show up too, just not in the stuff I’ve posted recently. Thanks for Reading, RainShadow2005
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