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Readers tend to ask questions when they review my stories and, until now, I have always answered back as an Author's Note in the next chapter. Now, with forum capacities, readers will be encouraged to come here for Q&A's about my stories.
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I noticed all your other posts are about The Year I Ran Away, so I thought I'd start a post about Almost Home. I think Almost Home has to be my favorite of your stories, RainShadow. My favorite character so far has to be Jakey. He's so cute. I like Zak as well. I feel bad that he has trouble with his sister. And I feel bad for Shelbly, it must be really tough having trouble reading and writing. When do you think you'll update again? I hope it's soon. Anyone else have any comments on Almost Home? -AchillesMonkey
11/9/2006 #1
Hey, Thanks for starting this strand. Yes, I guess I was neglecting Almost Home, so let's get this strand going strong. I guess this is a no-no, but my favorite characters are Cheyenne and Jakey. Cheyenne is most like what I was like, academically and socially. I got good grades and have always enjoyed my alone time over being around a lot of people. The loner social aspect is probably because of my being a writer. Let's face it, writing involves a lot of me-and-computer time and so I couldn't do it if I got lonely easy. Jakey is my other favorite because he's so ... well, so innocent and so damn cute. My least favorite characters right now are Cullen because I haven't figured out what to do with him yet, Zak and Kaiytee because there are very little strong emotional issues I can bring to them, and Tampley because I feel like he's just window dressing right now and I question whether I should remove him. Surprisingly, no, I don't hate Clayton as one of my characters. I think he's very important in keeping the kids helter skelter when he's around. But, as a person, he is every stupid pig I ever encountered in my 18 years of school, from Pre-K to Senior year of college. And, yes, readers have not even begun to hate him. Wait until his chapter! Anyway, enough rambling ... RainShadow2005
11/12/2006 #2
Oh, I love this story completely. For a while, Shelby was my favorite, but now I'm leaning toward Nicky. How many chapters do you think this will have? You're giving everyone such a great plot, namely Kelly's stands out to me, but it's taken you over a year to write one week in their lives. I just hope you finish this, because I'm just a bit invested in everyone right now, so much so,that I've dragged out reading this because I didn't want to have to wait for updates. Anyway, I jut want to thank you for crafting such interesting characters and I can't wait to hear more from eath of them.
11/20/2006 #3
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