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What is in funny? What is the optitome of funny? Why is something funny? Hmmm... I do not know. It just comes to me when something is. Perhaps it is the two sides of my personality fighty, the artist and the mathmatician. ... Can anyone satify the mathmatician?
2/25/2008 #1
asylum writer
Hello! Satisfy the mathmatician? I'm afraid I can't... I try to avoid math as much as possible. Humor is tough to define. I mean, I've read wikipedia articles on it and stuff, but you can't have a "formula" for humor like you can in math.
2/26/2008 #2
I guess I just meant, like what is funny? Why are things funny? I resently posted my "Comedy of Grammatical Errors" and I still can't figure out why anybody likes it! As far as I'm conserned, they all suck. So I was just wondering if anyone had any stronger idea as to why that is, it is a punch line (aparantly not), or puns (see the reviews for my "Meet the Rodentia Family", and you'll see that that's not true either), or is it something else? I'm just looking for ideas, can you help me with that?
2/27/2008 #3
asylum writer
First, they don't suck. I suppose the "Comedy of Grammatical Errors" works because of... I don't know how to say it, the absurd truthfulness? Because we've all read things where people have no clue what to with commas and use twenty billion exclamation points. So you're just kind of putting it out there and saying that in a funny way. And because, for example, you're talking about the overuse of commas while using so many of them.
2/28/2008 #4
So so far we have three techniques of comedy: pun, punch lines, and "absurd truthfullness" or like ... observations of reality? But not everyone gets these. Is it possible for humor to be too deep for some people? ('Cause I know that some people really like my one story "Meet the Rodentia Family" while other people didn't get what I thought was a simply pun. Sorry I mentioned that a second time.) Or is it how well the writer conveys the humorous thoughts they are trying to get across (like your story "Squishy Fish" is more than just a good consept, it is the writing style that makes it funny. Having fun disecting Humor, Pen.Dragon
2/28/2008 #5
asylum writer
Too deep? Yeah, I think so. Some people just don't have a great sense of humor in the first place. (And I pity them. I don't know how I'd live without laughs.) I know other people that don't understand sarcasm, so that just ends up making no sense to them. Some humor, you have to think about a bit before you get it, and not everyone does that. Or obviously, you can have little kids that won't understand some things. So it's not just being too deep, there's a lot of things that will make certain styles of humor difficult for some people. Some authors have humor that most people will get, others have quirky styles that it takes a certain kind of person to get. So I don't know if that helps with your question, but... I don't know about how well the writer conveys humorous thoughts. Sometimes subtle is better - maybe something doesn't work if you shove it in the reader's face. Like irony. I don't like pointing that out. As a reader, I like realizing that on my own. So some people may jump right past the subtle things. Writing style? I suppose some styles are just inherently funny. I mean, the same semi-funny story can be told by multiple people, but some people can turn it into something hilarious with ease. Hope this helps. It was fun, at least.
2/28/2008 #6
Are you saying that you don't like irony? I LOVE irony! But aside from that, I get what you mean and I agree with it, especially what you said about sarcasm! Sarcasm is like another language that you have to master, but I feel sorry for the people that miss it! So what do you think is worse, overusing an idea or using an idea that no one gets in the first place? I CONSTANTLY fear that I will overuse the same thing and people will get bored, but when I post something and I get tons on hit but no reviews I also get nervous. Maybe I'm just a nervous person. Well, I have to go get ready to see my psychiatrist, so Write on! Pen.Dragon
2/29/2008 #7
asylum writer
No no no! I love irony too! Sorry if that was unclear. I just don't like the author saying something is ironic and pointing it out. There's just something cool about realizing it yourself, at least for me. Overuse vs. no one getting it? You can use the same theme or something - like irony ;) - but the same basic plot or set-up will get old. If no one gets it, then it might have only made sense to the author and may just need reworked to make sense to others. But if it's just a little weird and takes a certain kind of person to enjoy it, that's okay - at least for me, because I tend to get weird stuff. So I guess overuse is worse. Things can have similarities, but you can't recycle plots and barely change them. Is your psychiatrist good? I've been lokking for a new one. ;)
2/29/2008 #8
Yeah, I guess I can understand not wanting the author to tell you that kind of stuff. It's sort of like being TOLD something is foreshadowing. And I see your point with the overuse thing, thanks for that! I think I just need to see some of my stories from new angles and not worry about long breaks between posting new chapters! And I HATE it when people recycle plots! I mean, I had to study Latin and my one Latin teacher made us study all the gods and their ... adventures or whatever. And you'd be surprised how much of it is like pararrel to Shakespear and tons of other authors, I REALLY wanted to steal a plot from that just because they were all so complex and un-copyrighted, but most of them were also dirty. :( Anyway, thanks for the help! Write on! Pen.Dragon
3/4/2008 . Edited 3/4/2008 #9
asylum writer
Oh, telling someone it's foreshadowing - I hate that. Fortunately, I've found that most people who understand foreshadowing enough to use it aren't going to point it out. And those who point it out made it overly obvious in the first place. I worry about breaks between chapters, but I'm not going to post something if I don't think it's that good. So I don't post very many things. Gods and mythology and stuff... Yeah, those plots get reused quite often. But it's not so bad when different authors do it through history. Shakespeare can get away with that, because... he's Shakespeare. The same author doing it again and again is bad. What I hate is when I think I've come up with a good plot and I realize it's suspiciously similar to the TV show I fell asleep watching the night before. So depressing...
3/6/2008 #10
R.E.D. the animator
Another way to have some really funny humor is to put silly characters into serious situations. Or even better, put silly characters in the same situation as a really serious character and watch as they drive eachother crazy. By the way I have discovered that a really easy way to make humor is to go to fan-fiction. It's fun to take premade characters who most people alredy know, and throw them into horrably funny situations and watch as they stumble through it. No really! You should see my fan-fiction account! Also, beware of supid humor. (which is ironic because that's pretty much what most of all my origional stories are.)
3/10/2008 #11
When I was younger I used to play around with characters I already knew, but I enjoy messing with their lives and having the right to kill them off slowly and painfully (MWHAHAHAHAHA). But I can definitly relate. As for the serious person in a funny situation ... that's a great point! I mean, look at the movie The Pacifier for instance, the entire thing is built on a serious plot and humourous situations. Write on! Pen.Dragon
3/11/2008 #12
R.E.D. the animator
Yes. But like I said, it vital not to dip into stupid humor, for example, people like to see the serious character get beat up because they're full of themselves, but when the serious character starts to get beat up just because he's smart, while the stupid character get rewarded just because he's stupid, then the story starts to lose it humor and the readers get frustraited.
3/11/2008 #13
asylum writer
Stupid humor can work sometimes... [q]while the stupid character get rewarded just because he's stupid, then the story starts to lose it humor and the readers get frustraited.[/q] I agree with R.E.D. here. Stupid humor will just get really, well... [i]stupid[/i] if it's not well done. Like how many stories have you seen where the summary is something like, "One day muffins take over the world. This is super random and crazy and hilarious."? And it's not funny at all. Aren't there a lot of stories about muffins? Maybe I'm just losing it...
3/12/2008 #14
R.E.D. the animator
Now [i]that's[/i] interesting because I know someone who wrote a story about muffins taking over the world, but I don't know if they posted it on FP or not.
3/12/2008 #15
I know! There are TONS of stories about muffins on FP! But I wouldn't go so far as to say that they are all stupid. I actually have a few in my C2. But stupid humor is basically a cliche and like any cliche it has to be used very carefully or the reader will get bored and/or annoyed.
3/12/2008 #16
R.E.D. the animator
Actually you hit on a very good point about the reader being bored. A story, no matter what subject, should first and foremost be entertaining. If it's that, then everything else will be so much easier to do and jokes that might not have been so funny on their own, will be much more funny to the reader.
3/13/2008 #17
Yes, the main point of writing is to entertain, I agree. And if the story is- or isn't -entertaining no amount of jokes is going to change that. The premece of a story is very important as well as the content (that is why I'm devoted to clean humor). But I'd like to talk more about humor tips and whatnot. Does anyone have a good tip or trick to write good humor? It's something we all struggle with, but does anyone have any ideas? Write on! Pen.Dragon
3/15/2008 #18
asylum writer
I third that, writing should be entertaining. Because no one's going to read something that's boring. I guess that's why I do humor, I love making people laugh. The way I write humor is that I start out with a general idea of something funny, and then rework the actual writing to tell it in the most humorous way possible. A funny story told in a non-funny way isn't going to be funny, unless being deadpan and serious was part of what made it funny, if that came out making sense. But I think the way something is written has a lot to do with how humorous it ends up being. I don't know if this helps, it's just how I think I do it.
3/17/2008 #19
I get what you're saying! So you need to a) Get an end scene in your head that would have a [i]majorly[/i] funny joke to end your story, b) write the story, c) edit it to have tons of little jokes in it to keep the reader motivated and to help reach the ending scene. ... Or at least that's how my evil- I mean ... different mind works. ... [b]MWHAHAHAHAH[/b] ... Sorry. Write on! Pen.Dragon
3/17/2008 . Edited 3/17/2008 #20
asylum writer
Yeah, that's pretty much [i]exactly[/i] what I'm saying. Definitely the ending should be the funniest part, it'll feel like a letdown if it's not. Depending on what you're doing, jokes throughout aren't necessary, I just always do it that way. It keeps [i]me[/i] motivated as the author too...
3/18/2008 #21
Ms. Critic
Ummm...guilty as charged. My muffins didn't really take over the world though. No, they were eaten first. I think that humor really comes from the author making some sort of connection with the reader, through irony, sarcasm (my fav), stupid jokes, puns, not-so-stupid-jokes, cheesy jokes, and even horribly reused and recycled cliches can be wildly funny. Like fairy tales. Happily ever after is over used so much, that when some one takes that and twists around, it creates an extremely funny story. I also really enjoy what someone was talking about, taking the characters of a known show, movie, or book, and putting them in awkward situations. Funny is just...funny
3/18/2008 #22
I can understand that ... but sarcasm isn't easily typed. *sigh* If only there was some way, like italics, to say that you were using a sarcastic voice without actually saying "he used a sarcastic voice". THAT would be cool! And I get what you are saying about fairy tales being reused in funny ways, I mean, I'm a HUGE fan of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and they always had a Fractured Fairytale on it! They were hilariously funny and yet often true to fairytales or even just that sense of what you thought was gonna happen not happening but something completly different happening instead! I think that predictabilty is the worst thing a writer can do, you have to keep the reader guessing and laughing at the same time. Write on! Pen.Dragon
3/22/2008 #23
R.E.D. the animator
You made a good point about trying to make things unpredictable. Have you ever watched a movie where you can guess how it ends or what the character is about to do? Like in those horror movies where they go looking for their (insert small animal) and they go into the dark room and you're screaming, "Don't go in there?!" Or the killer is right behind them and insted of turning around normaly, they have to do it as slowly as possible. Although if used right, predicability could be used in a humorous way to make fun of itself.
3/22/2008 #24
So I guess you mean that a way to make predictability funny would be like to have the girl turn around way too slowly only to, like, ... have a conversation w/ the murderer or something? I'm kinda confused. If someone else understands better (or if RED the Animator, you wanta field this one), please reply with an example for my feeble mind. Thanks! Write on! Pen.Dragon
3/24/2008 #25
R.E.D. the animator
It's very simple; just have a character behave in the predictable manner, then have another character, or the narrator, make fun of them for acting this way.
3/24/2008 #26
Okay, I get what you are saying. Dickens does that ALL the time! (I'm read Tale of Two Cities right now, that's why I thought of it, I pretty random, but not THAT random!) But breaking the laws of predictabily is the basis for a large amount of Hollywood movies as well as the more successful stories on FP. Parodies are hot right now, it is that constant striving for that new plot, that new character, or that new intrige, that will keep people paying to see more (because most people in this world concern themselves mostly with money, but that's a different question). So perhaps being random in a controlled manner is exactly what people want to read?
3/24/2008 #27
R.E.D. the animator
You make a good point when you pointed out that people are trying to find the newest, most random thing. Although there's always a rist when we put new stuff out people won't like it. A HUGE mistake that Hollywood is making is to take stuff that people alredy like and make sequals to try to make more profit of it. Disney has done this this with almost all of their orijonal clasics.
3/24/2008 #28
Oh, I HATE those sequels (excluding Shrek)! I mean how many Land Before Time movies can you have? I think they're up to like 11 now, or maybe more I'm not sure, but at least 11! That is so stupid! The first one was boring enough to me as a kid! But ANYWAY, we have puns, punch lines, stupid humor, witty humor, observation on reality, irony, sarcasm, predictablity, breaking predictions, and cliches/parodies. If I missed anything feel free to comment!
3/28/2008 #29
asylum writer
11? I don't think I made it through the first one... This is becoming a long list. I don't think I've got anything else right now.
3/28/2008 #30
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