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Since my other new topic is an apparent flop I thought I'd do this idea.

So here I want to hear how you recover from Writer's Block or other problems that we writers encounter.

So here's how I get over Writer's Block: I usually try writing by hand (versus typing). I also pace and talk to myself about the characters and the plot (this only works if you are okay with feeling crazy). But these haven't really helped on short stories, so I guess I'm kinda looking for advice there.

Write on!


7/8/2008 #1

Well I don't really know about short stories but when I'm getting stuck on a poem I start to "sketch" just sorta write without actaully feeling like you have to make sense. It helps me...

7/10/2008 #2
Eiffel Rose

I don't have much experince with writing short stories, though when I get writers block, I take a little brake for a like one or two days. And star writing when an idea sparks either by music, a movie or just an idea comes to mind that is how I get over writers block.

Effiel Rose

7/10/2008 #3
R.E.D. the animator

I have an easy solution. Just don't write anything longer than your attention span. This usually means that you'll publish a story that's only some 500 words. As for how I write some of my longer 20,000+ word stories, I usually co-author them with my sister, who's middle name is motivation. Also, another trick would be to make each chapter entertaining. That way you have fun when you write each chapter and it's encouraging. After all, it's only when the writing becomes difficult that writer's block conveniently sets in.

I'm rambling here so I'll stop.

7/11/2008 #4

WOW! Those are ALL good ideas! ... I'll start with the first one and how I think I would apply it to what I do (cause idk what you people do). When I first start a story, or when I'm introducing a new character, I sort of "sketch" them as well. I basically just profile them, talk about their past experiences (I pretty much always go CRAZY on back story!), and decided what I'm going to do with them because of what I've found in them. So ... yeah ... I am terrible at poetry so I'm not going to say anything about that, but that's what I do with prose.

As far as the second one, ... well ... I can tell you that I've based pretty much the entire plot line of the second and third book in a trilogy that I'm working on, on a song. i can totally understand just sitting back and observing the world around you, just waiting for inspiration to come. ... But I suggest that any author who do this be VERY careful, especially with movies or books, that they DO NOT take too much of the plot line. I've heard The Inheritance Cycle get slammed too many times for being too similar to Star Wars.

Now as to RED's comment, I can agree whole hearted-ly. Its a simply act of not biting off more than you can chew. I should know this, I'm the one who had never finished a novel when I decided to do a trilogy ... so, yeah ... do as I say, not as I do (what I do ain't easy). But I also wish to add something, I heard this from a pretty good author, that if you take a very detailed chapter-by-chapter outline of your story, there is no reason why you HAVE to write them in order, you can write what you want when you want. Although I would suggest that after you complete said story you look over it several times for any plot or character issues, or even if your writing style changes, but that ability to write fast is still ... well, faster then writing slow ... so ... I might be picking up this strategy soon too.

So that's the end of my ramble, please feel free to add any thought you wish or even to bring up another problem if you wish.

Write on!


7/11/2008 #5
R.E.D. the animator

You brought up a very VERY VERY good point that I never realized before: The story doesn't have to be written from start to finish! It can be written however the author chooses. This is how movie makers do it. They take all the similar scenes and film them together. Translating back to writing, one example of this might be where you feel in a very sad mood so you write all the sad parts to the story, then when you feel excited and heroic, you could write the action-y parts to the story.

Thank you very much for giving me this idea Wiz.Pen!

7/11/2008 #6

Wow, I'm just glad that somebody read that huge post! But yeah, no problem, that's what this forum is for: sharing strategies. This way we can help each other become better writers. I mean, the world of writing is bigger than FP and maybe if we help each other some of us can break into the world where you actually get paid ... I know, its a dream, but still ...

7/11/2008 #7
R.E.D. the animator

Getting paid to write? That's just crazy talk! What's next? Getting paid to play video games?

7/11/2008 #8

Have you ever heard of book royalties? I heard from those people that wanted to publish The Musher that 16 percent was the highest royalty in the business, but they might just have been pushing their product. ... But I mean, I've come to profiles on here before and found stuff that says that they took a story off cause it got published as an e-book (similar medium to FP so I'm not surprised). Now I know that on Amazon you can publish your story with them for free or nearly free and name the price of the resulting e-book so that you can get the money. It's a good deal if you think you can market it, that's where things get expensive. ... I'm rambling, but I've spent a lot of time getting to know the market, at least the Christian market, idk about secular stuff but I can assume it's similar (and you can't stop me). But I'll stop myself from rambling since I'm getting Writer's Block just staring at my computer's screen (maybe I'm allergic to it, can I blame that instead of me cause this happens a lot?).

Write on!


7/11/2008 . Edited 7/11/2008 #9
Celestial Kitsune

One way to get over writers block is to pick a word or a short sentence from a favorite book and then start something new from it. Or pick something from nature. I always pick a rainy night to start a story or a new chapter where it starts out okay but goes wrong. The rain means two things at once; something clean, refreshing and a bad omen.

Character sketches! Do character sketches about your characters and you might find some new in motivation. I mean both drawings and status like age, height and things like that. If you are stuck, invent a new character or do an enviroment sketch.

Do an event time line sketch. That itself might give you some help.

Take a break for a day or a couple of hours.

Have a group circle. Having a people throwing ideas to you might give you a list or ideas about your story so you have something to continue off of when you get stuck. Some one should make a forum like a group circle. It might help a lot.

3/23/2009 #10

Wow! That's a lot of really good suggestions! Thanks so much for contributing! And maybe you should give some thought to starting that forum, it sounds like a great idea!

Write on!


3/23/2009 #11
Celestial Kitsune

Your welcome! I just recently made that forum today. It's called 'Circle of Crativity.' Any one can feel free to check it out and post. I would love to help those that need the help.

I have another suggestion.

If you are stuck on a chapter, go write something a few chapters a head like a battle, a fight between main characters, a romantic scene, and well, just anything. Having a chapter or a scene set in the future might help you give some of those creative ideas flowing and to have something to work towards to.

3/24/2009 #12
R.E.D. the animator

Wow! These are some really good suggestions. I mean when you think about it, why does a story have to be written from start to finish in the first place? Of course no matter how imaginative you get about defeating writers block, in the end it takes raw determination to avoid asking yourself, "Do I want to spend two hours of my free time writing a lame story, or do I want to play on my X-box?"

3/25/2009 #13
Celestial Kitsune

Then that's called dividing your time equaly. It's nice to take a break after writing for a certain amount of time so you can go back and look over your work with fresh eyes. Having a clean head helps catch those pesky clichs and grammer mistakes, plus having another person to look it over helps to. Things can make sense to you but not every body so having feed back from another person helps make it clear.

3/25/2009 #14
Dark Meister

When I have Writer's Block, the first thing I'll do is just leave it. Until I feel like writing, I won't bother opening OpenOffice and type words. Usually, I get off from this problem by enjoying myself. I watch anime, movies and play games. I'd read some books, light novels, or maybe enjoy a manga. Most of the time, I sleep or have a short nap.

I guess a Writer's Block isn't that hard to cure. Maybe it's because a lot of people use the "I Search for Inspiration" method and not the "I Let Inspirations come to Me" method. Most writers always find themselves screwing their heads off to look for ideas, or some needs to brainstorm a bit to get a couple of ideas.

I never look for inspiration. It's inspiration that always come to me... Because I don't bother much about it, I guess.

4/28/2009 #15
Celestial Kitsune

You know Dark Meister, that makes alot of sense. I never looked at it that way.

I should try doing just that.

Thanks for the great tip!

4/28/2009 #16

I read reviews to pull me out of a writing slump. I don't have any stories at the moment because I'm quite new to fiction press, but as an old fan fiction author, I've found that reading reviews always inspire get moving again. (:

7/16/2009 #17

I read reviews to pull me out of a writing slump. I don't have any stories at the moment because I'm quite new to fiction press, but as an old fan fiction author, I've found that reading reviews always inspire get moving again. (:

7/16/2009 #18

I find if I force myself to write something, it doesn't turn out as well. When I get a new story idea, I want to write it, to learn more about it. Nearly every story I write is based of a vision of a short scene, so I have to figure out why these things are happening and move on from there. I'm also new to fiction press but have been writing on fanfiction for almost a year.

7/19/2009 #19
Celestial Kitsune

Yes, researching your idea is good because it make it more fleshed out if you know what I mean. Writng and learning bout your idea is a good suggestion tiger002. Your post makes alot of sense.

I can understand the reviews to. They are a booster to modivation, especially if they are full of feedback and praise.

Music is a good for writing. I like listing to my favorite band/singer or instumental (spelling) music. It helps set the mood and helps convey that in your writing.

7/20/2009 #20

yea music is awesome for writing. The only problem with it is when the song tone doesn't match the tone of the story, but it still helps.

I recently went back to one of my fanfics that I hadn't updated for a long time, and found that I couldn't write anything of quality for it. Since I had started others, I didn't care as much so the work suffered. You have to put yourself into the emotions and actions of the story for it to be good.

7/25/2009 #21

Hmmm, I usually listen to music, it gives me ideas. I also only write when I feel like it, I don't force myself to write.

2/9/2010 #22

I tend to listen to music - not when I'm writing, but when I'm getting ideas. Sometimes the mood of a song can really trigger an idea that I've wanted to get onto paper for a long time, and it's incredibly worthwhile when this happens.

I take my notebook wherever I go: I often get my ideas when I'm travelling, so if I'm out somewhere I always try my best to keep in tune with my writerly instincts.

Freewriting is brilliant for writers' block: even if what you've written is a rambling little paragraph, you've got something down and you feel proud of yourself afterwards. I hardly ever use these paragraphs in stories that develop into something larger, but they're often a real treasure-trove for good ideas.

4/13/2010 #23

When i get writers block, i add a music scene or something along the line of a Karaoke Chapter. You get the lyrics of your favourite songs or a song that basically describes the story so far (If it's a romance story about two people who are supposed to hate each other, "Accidentally In Love" would be a good choice) and add thhem to the story and have either a battle scene or a karaoke party where everybody joins in. Not only is it enjoyable to write but it calms you (or at least it calms me) enough to let inspiration sink in. I don't have any stories so far but i hope to put up an Angst story very soon. It will have drugs, booze and depression in it. :)

Hope my suggestions was helpful :)

11/5/2010 #24
Celestial Kitsune
Another good suggestion!
11/5/2010 #25
A Fire Rose

I suspect with me, I need to stop the idea that my idea needs to be perfect before I even start writing and I need to just let my developed characters act out as they would. I just need to learn to actually do this...

And I agree completely about talking to myself about my characters as I do whatever. That truly is the best solution so far, and I have developed completely new and intricate plots that way in a matter of moments. However, if you do this in the shower, keep running the new ideas through your head -- or else you'll forget them by the time you get out and dry off.

11/9/2011 #26

I don't know any ways to get over writer's block. It usually comes with being bored.

11/13/2011 #27

Writer's block, hmm? I'd give advice but if you see my updating schedule you'll see they don't work for me at all.

6/3/2013 #28
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