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I notice that in the "What spoils a stoy for you?" thread we talked about fanbases a lot even though it was off topic. So I thought I'd try to keep things organised and creat this topic.

As for my advice, don't write anything you don't like writing. If you don't enjoy it, your reader won't. I also, as a basic rule of thumb, say that you should never post anything of FP that you don't think is worthy of reviews, it will make people crave your work. Lastly, know that you can finish stories in a timely manner before you start posting them (if you aren't positive or want the story to be perfect, finish it before you even start posting it). Nothing can kill a fan base like a really long break in between chapters.

Write on!


PS: I would really like more advice here, this thread, like the other new one, is all about advice! And I would love to hear other people advice or their problems.

7/12/2008 #1
Double AA

I was going to give some advice, but I don't have a fan base, so I couldn't tell you how to manage one. Also, seeing as I don't have one, I obviously am not doing it right. So I guess my advice is: don't do what I'm doing.

Sorry I'm not much help, but nobody else was saying anything, so why not?

7/27/2008 #2

Well, uhh ... I think it's kinda hard to tell if you have any fans when you only have one story. You have to post another one and see if any of the same people review. Of course if you are on any favorites or alerts lists, that would prove it. But I don't think that you've done anything that posting another good story wouldn't fix. I mean, I respect you as an author not only because the one story you have posted is hilarious, but because Of Wizard and Giant Butterflies which you co-authored was amazing too! So don't beat yourself up about it, I just hope we can get some good advice going here and we can all learn how to get better at this stuff.

Write on!


PS: THANK YOU SO MUCH for talking on this! I was almost ready to ask Beluga1 to do something on it cause that's what I did with the Landmark thread, but she already figured out how to get lost on that assignment ...

7/28/2008 #3
R.E.D. the animator

One trick I was told a long time ago is to read and review tons of other stories. On PF it's nearly impossible to get a huge fan base so the next best thing is to get a huge friend base. People are more likely to read your story after recieving a review from you rather than just stumbleing onto your story randomly while searching the gigantic litst of stories that exists.

It's pretty obvious advice, but still usefull.

8/17/2008 #4

Yeah, that's definatly a good one. That's why I always reply to reviews, because it makes people feel like they helped you, and maybe they'll review again if you thank them over and over again. I mean, other people return reviews, but quite frankly I don't really want to send my little free time reading stories that I don't necessarily like just so that I can say "thank you" to someone idk.

But I guess my other advice would just be to proofread EVERYTHING! From the title, summary, and the actual body, of a work, you'd be surprised what people miss. Some people 9including me) are really put off by bad grammar and spelling in the title and summary and may not even give your story a chance based on that.

Thanks for talking on this, especially since it took me a while to respond, SORRY!

Write on!


8/30/2008 #5
Sam Hammer

If I make myself laugh and can enjoy myself while I'm writing a story, it means it's good. That, or just that I have a really high self humor esteem, and it's really not as good as I'm thinking.

1/27/2009 #6

Yeah, I definitely think that it is important to enjoy what you are writing and have some confidence in it otherwise the first flame you get might cause you to delete it. I also think that it helps to have someone you know read your story/poem before you post it if possible just to get a second opinion, that way you know if it's really funny or if it's just you.

4/7/2009 #7

I agree with the comments that have been made, reviewing others tales is a good way, I myself will attempt to read anyones work who takes the time to read mine...though there aren't many for me to worry about at the moment.

I also think it's far better to havea small group of really good fans though...too many and you start getting the random comments that are more annoying then helpful. So I say stick to the few die hards! Here's hoping I get some someday!


4/12/2009 #8

Yes, stories should be completed before they are posted. One, because reviewers who shower you with praise, begging you on their *hands and knees* to update will definately pressure you to update and the chapter will lack quality because you rushed. Two, If you are one of the types who doesn't give in so easily to people's insane raves, writing chapters in a time that you see fit (expecially if you get writers block) may not be the time the readers think is an approprite amount and they will loose interest then move on to a story with quicker updates.

5/1/2009 #9

The best advice I have is to grab readers at the begining of your story. Most readers will make up their mind if they like it or not after the first chapter. If it doesn't grab their intrest they won't bother to read the second even if the second chapter is the best thing ever.

7/1/2009 #10

Yes, that has given me more friends and fans than begging my friends to read my stories. If you show interest in someone else's stuff, they'll look at yours, and you might just meet a few good friends. Great advice!


9/10/2009 #11

Thanks so much for the advice. I'm gonna use it one day. :)

12/14/2010 #12
A Fire Rose
Personally, I periodically cruise these Forums and comment on everything I can with my thoughts. I figure someone may like my thoughts, my avatar, or something I say and check out my stuff. I do seem to get a few more views, at least. And I ask for reviews, hoping someone will then keep reading my stories. I'm not sure how much this increases my fanbase overall, but hey, it's what I got xD
11/9/2011 #13
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