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I have been looking through the hundreds of Mythology stories and haven't found a SINGLE Norse Mythology story. I was wondering... Why is this? There is a rich and colorful depth to all of their myths.
2/28/2008 #1
It's probably becuase usually most people know zip about norse mythology. It would really help if more people were informed. (I mean, most people have heard of Thor, but that's it.)
3/22/2008 #2

Wow, this forum is pathetically dead. I know how you feel. I did a project on Norse mythology last year and since then I've been completely obsessed with it. It's not just on fictionpress that there's a lack of stories about Norse mythology, but I've found very few published books, as well. It might be worth your while to check out The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer, but her facts seem to be a bit inaccurate sometimes.

Okay, I am now determined to add some Norse mythology fics to this site. Who's with me?! *long silence* Yeah, I think I'm done now...

5/10/2008 #3

I blame the greek mythos for this cause people would rather read about people gettin' r*** and what not then read about tragic heroes and that kind've thing.

Not to mention there's also the fact that people consider the norsemen barbaric savages and the greeks great and honourable guys (funny how it's the opposite the norsemen weren't savages and the greeks were). Add to that the basic problem with the vatican having discredited the Aesir for a millennia along with the fact that barely any stories from the north have survived and we have a problem.

Although I did find a really good fic about Baldr's death from the POV of the mistletoe (though what I'd like to see is one from the POV of Hodr) this mistletoe story was awesome though (probably the best mythology story at fictionpress)

6/19/2008 #4

Baldr was the god who died by the arrow of his brother who was in turn tricked by loki, right? Kind of stinks how Baldr's brother died to.

8/21/2008 #5

Ok, sorry to butt into this, but I was just curious... Is Beowulf Norse mythology? I know that it comes from somewhere up North...

And Akechi, just so you know, the Greeks were not entirely savages either... You're probably thinking about Sparta, which is also not a savage city-state. They are a military state... And the main reason why people love Greek mythology is because their gods are based on real life. They aren't made to look perfect and angelike in every way. Think about how many people out there have affairs with other people?

The Greeks also explain alot about man-kind. Kronos killed his father for power. I think this compares to man killing for power.

Anyway, I'm not sure about the Norse, but didn't people up north believe in the god, Oden? And did you know that Oden and Zeus are the same gods?

8/24/2008 #6

It's a forum, it's made to butt in, heheeh! I think Beowulf is norse mythology dude. I don't think that Odin and Zeus are the same because they act so differently, even though they both had allot of children that didn't come from their wife/sister. I think Zeus was a big time r*** and coward who turned allot of his illegitimate children into animals in order to hide them from his wife.

8/24/2008 #7
Endless Autumn

There is quite a bit of mythology on some of these sites, type in Ragnorok, it's a japanese name for an anime show based on Loki being trapped in a childs body. Good stuff, usually accurate, too.

9/7/2008 #8

Took me a while, but I'm starting a story based on norse mythology with others thrown in. If you want a certain god or something related to myths to happen, be sure to Pm me or something. I already got two chapters up.

9/7/2008 #9
Endless Autumn

Who was Loki's rival?

9/7/2008 #10

Heimdall, they killed eachother at ragnarok.

9/7/2008 #11

I've actually seen one or two of those 'Loki' episodes and their rather inaccurate if you ask me but meh you like it I abhor it difference in opinion and perception.

As for a story of the Norse Gods, I will say like I have said before in real life and in the internet that I would like to see a version of the myth of Baldr's death from Hodr's POV. (Without Baldr or Hodr looking evil or anything)

Also as for Zeus and Odin they are exceptionally different as Zeus is a r*** and Odin a god who seduces women, from my point of view it's different as Odin gives the women a choice and Zeus doesn't.

9/7/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #12
Kerrigan Sheehan

Unfortunately, you're more likely to run into videogame fan fiction accidentally containing Norse gods than you are to find Norse mythological fanfiction. Also, you might find quite a bit from the comic book Thor. There's a book called American Gods by Neil Gaiman that contains some Norse (and many other) gods. Imagine a modern day Odin. It's really quite a good book.

3/24/2009 #13

Wow... I haven't been here in ages. -blows dust off the forum- I'm in the process of writing a Norse Mythology story. There's a rift forming in the Gods. which leads to some strouble. About to post the Prologue... Oh, I took some creative license. Loki is a woman in my story. XD

6/11/2009 #14
Kerrigan Sheehan

That certainly IS artistic liscense. Best of luck.

6/11/2009 #15
Classy Broad

I think Norse myth is a lot more rich and complex than greek myth. There, gods battled with jotuns while in Olympus, the Olympians just stare on at mortals and use them for their biding (ever read the Illiad?), Norse gods or the Aesirs, Fight jotuns all day and they all die in Ragnarok.... well basically I find them quite a bit more interesting than Olympians... Anyways thats just my idea, and I really love LokiXxXSigyn!!!

Has anyone ever seen the similarity between Fenrir and Cerberus???

10/3/2009 #16
Classy Broad

I think Norse myth is a lot more rich and complex than greek myth. There, gods battled with jotuns while in Olympus, the Olympians just stare on at mortals and use them for their biding (ever read the Illiad?), Norse gods or the Aesirs, Fight jotuns all day and they all die in Ragnarok.... well basically I find them quite a bit more interesting than Olympians... Anyways thats just my idea, and I really love LokiXxXSigyn!!!

Has anyone ever seen the similarity between Fenrir and Cerberus???

10/3/2009 #17
Kerrigan Sheehan

Not really, aside from them both being canines.

-Fenrir was a wolf with one head. Cerberus was a dog with three.

-Fenrir was the son of a god. Cerberus was the son of, for lack of a better description, two demons.

-Cerberus could be tricked. Fenrir couldn't (seriously, son of a trickester god).

-Cerberus never bit off his kennel master's hand. Fenrir did.

10/3/2009 . Edited 10/3/2009 #18
Classy Broad

Yeah sure, but wouldn't it be awesome to see those two battle each other?

FenrirVsCerberus Anyone???

10/3/2009 #19

IDk, I think Norse doesn't have as many tales as it should, but I would want to see that! I mean, Fenrir Could only be held down by some pretty weird items, and did Cerberus breath fire and such from his mouth? But Fenrir wasn't bound to anybody except his father...who for some reason could never have a normal kid!

10/3/2009 #20
Kerrigan Sheehan

There's nothing awesome about dogfighting (the fighting of two canines...there is plenty awesome about dogfighting as in airplane fights). It's a horrible crime that leaves all the animals, even the winners, victims.

Even if it weren't...I still don't think I'd enjoy watching that battle.

Stardrag - Expect wierd items with mythology. It's part of the territory, regardless of what pantheon you're talking about. Even the Christian Bible has plenty of wierd stuff. (Turning water into wine, the entire Book of Revelations, the giving of the Ten Commandments)

10/3/2009 #21

I didn't mean anything geared towards actual dogfights, and I hope I didn't make myself come off as such a person. Yeah on the mythological items, I know, it's just that I'm always taken back by what's made within them. i read Norse, Greek, and some Japanese...I'm trying to see Indian as well.

just wondering, but was Odin the strongest of the Gods? Personally, I think he was one of the wisest and was a good leader.

10/3/2009 #22
Classy Broad

Actually I dont like dog fights anymore than you guys do....

But wouldnt it be awesome for OdinVs.Zeus, AthenaVsFreyja LokiVsHermes??? hehe

10/4/2009 #23
Kerrigan Sheehan

Personally, I don't think so. Maybe this is because I kind of hate Greek mythology. To me, it's all animal forms of gods sleeping with mortals and producing very annoying offspring.

10/4/2009 #24
Classy Broad

Hey, Does anyone here know what happened to a son of Loki named Vali? All I ever heard of the poor guy was that while Loki was being bounded by the gods after he mocked them all in the Lokassena, they got his two normal sons by Sigyn, Vali and Narfi and changed Vali into a wolf that killed Narfi, Narfi's guts bounded Loki till Ragnarok.... But what happened to Vali???? The poor guy!?! I'm trying to figure out if I should write a story about him.....

10/24/2009 #25
Kerrigan Sheehan

Godchecker ends with what you have. He's under Vali(2). The other Vali is the son of Odin and Grid. He was born to avenge the death of Baldur. The book I have on Norse Magic barely mentions Vali. only has Odin's son Vali, not Loki's son Vali. Gods-Heroes-Myth likewise only has Odin's son Vali.

Sorry I couldn't be more useful. That's all the links I have. Considering that nothing came up, you could probably start with his transformation and killing his brother and go from there with your own speculations.

10/25/2009 #26

I like Nordic Mythology... but yeah... you're right; there's not much about it... also something I noticed over at FF.Net; there are sections for Greek and Roman Mythology... but none for Nordic...

My fave god-characters would be Thrud, Modi and Magni (Thor's children) I like the story of Sif's hair (and generally the story of those two dwarf groups making different things to see who are the best smiths... Freya's necklace and Odin's spear were also made in that story...) I also like the story of when Thor had to dress up as a woman in order to get MjĂžlner back! If we move away from the gods I like the story of Roar and Helge.

10/26/2009 #27
Classy Broad

Hey! Thanks Anyway for giving me the link! I guess I'll just have to use my imagination!

Oh and by the way, Why did Loki cut Sif's hair??

10/28/2009 #28
Kerrigan Sheehan

Sif was Thor's wife, and she had hair "like a golden harvest." Loki cut it off to embarrass her, but, in doing so, he made Thor very angry. He then convinced some dwarves to spin her a wig out of gold to get his butt out of trouble. Typical Loki. He doesn't really need a motivation other than to be his usuall annoying, asinine self. He's a typical trickster god, a bully who isn't big enough or tough enough to really fight the other gods off, so he relies upon humiliation as his weapon.

10/28/2009 #29
Classy Broad

Hehe, are you really irritated with Loki?

I think he's the cleverest god in myth...

Anyways, don't know If the question fits here, but are Valkyries human?...

11/30/2009 #30
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