Break Writer's Block With New Stories!
Have you ever landed yourself in a rut with one story? Find that you always come up with new ideas but never have the gumption to stick with them? This forum is for those who want to band together and kick writer's block in the proverbial butt!
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So, come here to introduce yourself. Who are you? How are you? What's your favorite food? You know, just chat. We're a family here.
3/25/2008 #1
So, anyway, I'm Flipper! I started doing this because I kept hitting walls on my main piece, but stepping back and writing a new story for a while really helped me out. I thought that this would not only be a great way to help other writers through their problems, but also show off how good we can all be when we really try.
3/25/2008 #2
*raises paw* Hi, i'm the resident lime-cat known as Lime. =) I joined in on this fun because I think this will force me to write stories and get better at them instead of sitting there and telling myself that I'm not a story writer. Well, this is me trying to convince myself that I can write stories. haha.
3/25/2008 #3
I'm Foxtail12, more commonly known as Nicky. Actually, I found this forum by accident *grins* I was browsing through forums, this one came up and I clicked it on it because it looked cool. C: But now that I looked around, this forum will help me keep focused on one story and actually -finish- it before moving on to some totally random other idea.
3/31/2008 #4
Well, welcome aboard! It's nice to have you. We're at the end of our current writing session, but since we've only got four people at this point and I think Lime's the only one who's got a piece (I wrote a piece too short to be five thousand, a piece too massive to deal with, and another that seems okay but isn't finished), I personally think we should write again next month as well. While reviewing our current stories, of course! Have a good time! I'm dead on my awesome nickname giving skills this afternoon and am currently fighting a massive urge to call you Brer or Peter rabbit O_o... eh, Jump3r? XD I'm a cheater. We can call you Nicky if you really want, but it just seems so normal ;D
3/31/2008 #5
Cottontail! Who's with me?
3/31/2008 #6
lol...thumper. cottontail is a little long and plain (on second thought)...i say thumper! lol. bambi. foxtail, are you a guy?
3/31/2008 #7
Hey, I like Thumper. What difference does it make if he's a guy or not (yeah, I'm guessing he is for some reason)? They're pretty androgynous.
3/31/2008 #8

Out of curiousity, what makes you think I'm a guy?

4/2/2008 #9

Um... well, I sorta took a coin....

Yeah. It was heads. ^^;

4/3/2008 #10

This sounds like a great idea! I'd love to participate in May, I guess. I'll gt started on mine after the Review Marathan!

So... I'm a girl, just to clear things up. Lol. I have a ton of story idea, but I never get past the prologue. I never do anything unless I have a deadline to meet (and even then, I don't always do it). Hopefully this'll kick my sorry butt into shape!

4/19/2008 #11

YES! The more the merrier! I think I'm the first person to have the guts/ time to show their face back in this forum after crap with the RL knocked all of us out of commission and no one posted the March/ April stories.... I guess we all have to fall off sometime.

Yeah, starting for May now is probably a good idea... ^-^;;

4/21/2008 #12
Amethyst Asheryn


I hope I didn't have to do any fancy registration crap before posting here... If I did, I'll go back and do it. I'll just say I'm eccentric and I do things in reverse. :D

Well... I'm a girl, again just to clear things up :D (although I guess the sound of my pen name kind of hints at it, I guess?)

I generally go by Ashe on the sites where Amethyst Asheryn is my username. If that doesn't work though, hey, I'm cool with pretty much anything as long as it's not a cuss word or an insult or whatever. :D

Apart from loving to write, I read a lot - Sci-fi and fantasy stuff, mostly - and some other stuff as well. I play the flute, and I'm a huge band geek and internet nerd.

You know the drill. So much an internet nerd that I'm procrastinating on my homework.

So, having said that, I'd better go get aforementioned homework finished or I'll get fried and won't be able to write a story in May *at all*.

Sweet idea, by the way! I hope this'll inspire me to write even more than I've done recently!


4/24/2008 #13

LOL Is my amazing confusion about genders really scaring you all into just telling? :D

Normally, I'd go out of my way to completely mutilate your name and come up with something that doesn't seem to make sense with your pen name at ALL, but I love the names Ashe and Asheryn a ton, so I'm just gonna let everyone else have the fun if they want it.

You're totally awesome for coming by! ;) Hooray for more members! Pretty soon, we gonna be popular.

So, Copper found us by surfing the forums... I harassed Lime and Yin to make them join... how about you two? Did any of you come because me, Lime and Frac are all pimpin this place on our profiles? (although my pimpin sorta sucks right now... I should go edit that...)

4/25/2008 #14
Amethyst Asheryn

Teehee. You can butcher my name all you want, but if you like it, there ya go. :)

Yes. We're all terrified. :D *giggle*

Yes, it was because of Frac and the review game. I visited her profile and - there it was, so I thought, 'hey, what the heck?' and here I am. :)


4/25/2008 #15

Lol, the review game has been really good advertizing for this forum. I actually got the link from Silv3rDr34ms' profile from the review marathon. I'm really glad I found this ^^

4/25/2008 #16

^^ I knew I loved the folks over there 3 They're so sweet! And with such great new members, we should be amazing! :D

4/26/2008 #17
queenB mackenzie

uh, introductions kinda make me nervous, even if it is online.

im pretty little stupid girl, and my nickname is minnie. DB i laugh too hard, and sometimes by myself in class. i make corny jokes in the back of the class and im usually the one to get paper balls and other things thrown at me, i'm obsessed over pretzels, old black-and-white movies, willy wonka and books. oh, and i don't really fancy capitalization.

i cry at things that people would normally go, "oh please," at, like the scene where the pokemon where fighting each other, in i think, the first pokemon movie, i really don't have any fashion sense and one of my favorite movies is cry-baby.

i also prefer pants over skirts, dramedy over romance, mariah carey over leona lewis and pretzels over tv ... and this is turning into a essay, isn't it. (lowers head sheepishly)

anyways, to wrap this up, i clicked on this forum because it had the ! mark, and when someone uses a !, it makes me feel like, hey, this sounds promising, or welcoming. XD

so, i uh, guess thats it.

5/26/2008 #18

Hi minnie! You sound nice. Welcome to the forum :D

5/26/2008 #19

Tell me about it. The rest of us with our little "hi!", and minnie comes up here and shows us all up with such... ah.

Anyway, you do sound nice, and I'm actually really intrigued about reading your writing now. If you really want to try, you can join us in the May contest (since the basis for this idea was that you write a well edited five thousand words in the first week of every month, daunting though that may be). You'll be at a disadvantage, though ;)

5/26/2008 #20
queenB mackenzie

hehe, thanks FoxTail13 and theflyingcrabsareeatingmyhair, didn't mean to show up anyone. i guess i do talk too much. thanks for the compliment, you two sure do know how to make a newcomer feel welcome. :D

my writing's not doing too good, i'm kinda at the point where anything i write sounds wrong and gets deleted, and plus, the romance, according to my cousin, takes too long. while all the other characters are kissing and falling in love, mine are looking around, still at that, we're getting to know each other stage.

i won't think i will be able to join the may contest, not because i don't want to, it does sound fun, but because tests are arising in school, for evaluations and whose-getting-left-back /moving-on, so i have to pull it together and get my grades up. i'm sorry though, i wish i could. :3

5/26/2008 #21

Hi there Minnie! It's nice to have you aboard! ^_^

I know how you feel about getting loaded down with school work. I have a ten-page book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a four-page autobiography, and a power point on a local river, all due this week. Whoopie!

5/26/2008 #22

Hi Minnie!

Welcome! I'm a tad late, but I have a good reason for this! *looks around* uhm....uh...I do. Really. I was editing my story for May while trying to drive home from another city? XD

There's July! Join us for July!! =D

I'm Lime, by the way...the resident lime-cat. ^_^ Nice ta meet ya.

5/26/2008 #23
Amethyst Asheryn

Oye! I've been so busy lately that I've not gotten a chance to post here for a while ...

Anyway, *very* belated welcome! Tehe.


5/28/2008 #24
queenB mackenzie

(blushes) aw, thanks, you guys are too much. :3

hey cool cat lime (im sooo lame, i got that from the aristocats XD), you were trying to edit your story for may while driving home from another city!? i can barely even multitask. the only thing i can do is chew gum and walk at the same time. but then i usually stop to retie my shoe laces.

hmm, i don't know, i have to think about it ... what am i saying, of course i'll join you all for july! :D bytheway, i like your icon. he looks like he's bent on world domination though, like the brain from pinky and the brain. "world domination shall be ours pinky!"

dragonflydreamyr, you have all of that to do? O_O; i thought i had it bad. all i have is three english essays on ... i forget, a earth science presentation / written-essay and a spanish test next week, as well as binder-check. but those all have given dates, so i have indiviual(?) time to work on each.

amethyst asheryn, forgetaboutit, everyone's busy nowadays. it took me a day or two to respond. we all have things to do, so im not going to be like, "hey, you, yeah you, you didn't say hi to me! come say hi to me before i punch you!"

5/28/2008 . Edited 5/28/2008 #25
Amethyst Asheryn

Ouch. That's more homework than even I have! *grimace*

LOL. Thanks. BTW, you can just call me Ashe if you find that typing out Amethyst Asheryn all the time is a little ... dull. Monotonous. Hard on the fingers. Whatever. :)


5/28/2008 #26
queenB mackenzie

alright ashe. i do use the pennames before anything, because i don't know what the writer prefers, or i should call them by this or by a nickname. so i make sure it's okay first.

6/7/2008 #27

I love the nickname Frac has dubbed me with: Sparkles. Please feel free to call me that ^-^

6/7/2008 #28


*ahem* well, I am on a campaign to get proper emotes (preferably animated ones) from the FP admins...and I do have half-funding from my virtual BFF Frac (not to mention I also have a an army...) XD

anyone else wanna join?

6/7/2008 #29

Animate emotes? Sounds awesome, I'll join.

6/7/2008 #30
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