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3/25/2008 #1
I have a basic outline (well, more like a two page document talking to myself about how I want the story to go), but I don't know how to start the story off. More accurately speaking, I am at a loss as to which point I want to start it off. Should I lead the reader into the story by introducing people and the story's setting and then into the plot or just jump into the story and piece everything together as I go? I think the latter idea would make the story look hectic and give the impression that it was just carelessly thrown together. Thoughts? TY
3/25/2008 #2
Usually, I'd say just try both, and then just use the one that feels better, but we're getting down to the wire here ;) If your instinct is saying that one of the ways would be better than the other, then I would go with that. It's usually tough to start in the middle of the action unless you start at a point that's especially compelling and gives the reader something strong to latch onto so they don't feel like they're getting swept away in the tide of the story.
3/25/2008 #3

I have character names, but I don't really like them. Could anyone help me out with names? As my two main characters (both guys) I have Kris and Tristan. I don't like they both have 'ris' in their names... @_@ helpppp...

As side characters, I have Trinity (referred to as Rin) and Aya. Again, all guys.

oh, and my summary skills suck too... -_-

4/3/2008 #4

Have you tried name meaning sites? Also, critiquecircle has a name generator in their tools section. It takes the data from the US census bureau and randomly generates some full names. You can pick how obscure you want your name to be, too.

My summaries... arg.... I went to for help with Phoenix and started working on the snowflake outline thing. Each step takes an hour O.O but by the middle of the second step you should have a pretty good fp length summary.

Lime... boys make me so happy... I can't wait to read that story... I'm such a perv =D

4/5/2008 #5

Ok, I finally have the names (kinda) and the snowflake outline looks very complicated. o.o haha.

I already have an outline though, so I'm going by that. I like the spreadsheet idea and I'm using that (in the wrong way) to keep word count of each section (for some odd reason where I cannot explain my logic behind) @_@

I took that website's advice on a one sentence summary, what do you think: If you're locked out, look on the floor - three steps and five tiles from the door. Step through the entrance and yell at the top of your lungs. I'm home!

(Ok, so it turned out to be three sentences... >_>) Does it catch your attention? Or are you just turned off by the vagueness of the summary and you go 'huh?! what is this story about?' and skip it?

4/6/2008 #6

Um... whoops! I never noticed this post was here. It just now occurred to me that this is the exact same thing as the story ideas forum, but I'm too lazy to delete it!

I'm SOOO sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, because that summary is so awesome! I love it! My only question would be ... the yelling... The tiles makes me think that this is an apartment, so yelling at the top of your lungs seems odd. I am absolutely in love with that first sentence though. Um... why do I like it... well, first of all, it's very mysterious. Then we have the fact that it's really engaging - it's like you know the reader. Truth be told, I have no idea what this story is about, but that's fine since this is so catchy. Reading the story will make the reader understand what it's about, right? If so, then it's great by my book.

Ah... I've looked over those lines about twenty times now, so not only have I lost my first impression, but I've been writing about them on top of it, and now I'm so in love that I can't remember my criticism! Oh, wait, here's a piece. Tiles are something you'd typically find inside a place (meaning you've already entered), but then saying step through the entrance throws me off a little. Of course, taking a second to think about it would clear up any confusion, but if we're just going for first impressions, I think that has an impact. Also, the way the first line rhymes might make the wary reader afraid that you pulled the typical stunt of posting the first lines of your poem as a summary. The writing is just that good 3 Still, even though I feel like the second sentences are a little jarring to the flow of the first, they seem pretty necessary to ensure that people don't think you're being lazy. Looking at the word count would also alert them to the fact that it's a story... actually, rubbing two cells of their brains together and using their eyes would alert them to the fact that it's a story...

Huh. And I thought I wouldn't have any more to say! My favorite thing about critiquing tiny things is that ninety percent of the time, the critique is four times longer than the piece lol. And that snowflake thing is incredibly complicated. It's going to make you crack up, but my ideas for Phoenix are so confusing and jumbled up that taking the time to go through that and work it out like he says might be simpler than trying to write it as it comes O.O (But I'm still too lazy and busy to do that just yet).

4/23/2008 #7

Well, didn't this take me some time to get to...? XD

I was so busy looking through the other topics that I failed to notice this one!!! ack...

Anyway, thanks for the critique, Flipper. To give some background to the summary, it's supposed to be in reference to a little saying that people (, rarely) do (most of the time, it's for little kids) when they don't have the key to the house and they're (obviously) locked out. So, yes. Reading the story will make the reader understand what this is all about. In my first chapter, my main character, Glen, comes home from overseas to find that 1) no one is home and 2) he doesn't have a key to the house. What he doesn't know is that his family died in a traffic accident three years prior and that someone else lives in this house now (who are currently on vacation)...moving on, he goes to the door only to realize he doesn't have the key and then he remembers the old saying that his older brother used to tell him when he was a kid as Glen would often forget lose his key to the house. He does what he used to do as a child and locates the hidden key...but when he tries the key on the lock, it doesn't open. The story progresses from here onto the main point (er, what I think is the main point) of the story.

The tiles in the summary is meant to be the walkway tiles that lead to the door from the small gate in front of the I using the correct term here? Three steps and five tiles from the door is where the house key is hidden underneath.

Eh...should the summary be a generalization of the story, because what I have right now is just a small insignificant fraction of it. The location of a house key has no major impact on the story really. >_>

4/28/2008 #8
Jade Nightingale

I can't even get an idea for a story my profile is mostly filled with poetry. There's nothing wrong with poetry, but I just figure out a way to get a story started. Would I be able to get an idea from my poetry? Also what does the TOS mean by no second person/you based stories? Does this mean I am unable to write in first person? Some writers say I can while say I can't; I'm confused.

5/2/2008 #9

When it says no "you" based stories, I think that it means that you aren't supposed to write "choose your own adventure" pieces. There's supposed to be one story, and one plot, without alternate possibilities. It also means that you're not supposed to write stories in the second person... for instance, you hug the tree and then fall into the grass, a shadow suddenly falls across your face, and so on. Personally, I think restricting an entire POV is a little much, because writing in the second person just gives the reader another dimension to the piece, and I do it all the time. I'm kinda mad that I can't put that stuff up on here, actually... :(

I wouldn't report someone if I saw a piece in second person, but if the fp admins found it, they'd probably either delete your story or send a notice telling you to.

Personally, I'm a fan of the notion that ideas are everywhere, so if you want to convert some of your poetry to stories, I would go ahead and give it a shot ;) I started writing on the fiction side of things, and I'm still not much of a poet... Lime knows a lot more about breaking into it than I do lol.

5/3/2008 #10

I need help with a summary. I figured this wouldn't belong to the Story Ideas/Feedback thread because this is for a story that's being edited, though not posted on FP yet. I think what I have is a little excessive. (aka, it's too long)

Here's my current summary: A runaway slave encounters a dragon - a race who are supposed to be extinct due to the age old Dragon Wars. A young lord who was passing by saves the slave from the dragon, or so he thought. Through the encounter of two young men and a dragon, their entwined fates will soon begin to change their own futures and very soon, the rest of the world...A forbidden encounter, a forbidden love. The fires of war are sparked once again. What will happen to the fates of dragon, slave and lord? Read to find out!

Should I just have it as: Through the encounter between a dragon and two young men - a slave and young lord, their entwined fates will soon begin to change their own futures, and very soon, the rest of the world. A forbidden encounter, a forbidden love. The fires of war are sparked once again.

Or should I ditch what I have and try to formulate a new one? I can provide more info to formulate a summary if it is necessary.

6/27/2008 #11
Bazooka Joy

*cries and panics*

On The Outlands of Azure....I'm pretty content with that one...just a damn block that's been eating me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for months.

It's Yvana that bugs me. I just want to edit the whole thing. Not change the story, just change it up a bit because it sucks. I have weak character development and tend to make things go a wee bit too fast since it's a one-shot and didn't want it to be too long, aah!

I have another one-shot which is sort of a "sequel" to Yvana but I won't post it till I get this one completely done. I totally love the sequel. It is a bit ridiculous but it made me laugh. I'm dying to post it....BUT CAN'T!


6/27/2008 #12
Violent Messiah

Hey, Silv3r...if this is too late, just disregard. If not, I believe the second one pretty much tells all that needs to be said in a short summary...just enough to spark interest, but not give anything away. Plus, I believe the second one will fit the character limit while the first one looks like it'll go over, I think. Hope that helps...cheers!

7/1/2008 #13
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