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Have you ever landed yourself in a rut with one story? Find that you always come up with new ideas but never have the gumption to stick with them? This forum is for those who want to band together and kick writer's block in the proverbial butt!
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I just realized I never posted November's writing challenge post! Haha...Anyway, here it is!



To participate in this month's challenge, you have to make a "registration" post in this thread explicitly stating your wish to participate.

You may, at any time during the month of the challenge, retract your registration post by either editing your registration post or PMing me with valid reason(s). However, if you do not submit a story by the end of the month without valid reason(s) or officially retracting your registration, you are still obligated to review other participants' submissions.

I will try my best to send out a friendly reminder via PM to all registered participants by the 10th and 20th of the month reminding them that they are registered.


Registered participants are required to upload their story by the end of the month (September 30). The cut-off time will be October 1 at 12:00AM FP time, which is GMT -8:00. Submission extensions will be given on a case-to-case basis.

To submit your piece for the challenge, edit your registration post in this thread to include the following:

1) Title

2) A hyperlink to your story

3) Genre or Prompt (whichever one is applicable)

4) Current Status (i.e. how many chapters and/or word count)

In your story's summary, be sure to include this little blurb: "BWB September Challenge" or something indicating the story was written for this challenge.

There is no need to wait to upload your chapters, just upload each chapter in your story as you finish it. As you upload more chapters, edit your post to update the status.


1) Write a story about whatever you think you can make work. There are no limitations.

2) Follow a prompt suggested by this month's participants - see the second post of this thread for suggestions/prompts. Anyone can make suggestions for prompts. Just make a post in this thread with your suggestion and it will be edited into the list of suggestions by a mod. Once that has been done, your suggestion post will be deleted. Of course, proper credit will be given in the list of suggestions. =)


All participants are obligated to review their fellow participants if they submitted a story by the deadline - the last day of the month - according to the review guidelines stated in the 2nd post of the "Read this first!" thread. To clarify (if this needs clarification...), say for example, Johnny, Bob and Jenny registered for this month's challenge, but only Johnny and Jenny submitted stories that fit the minimum criteria (5k words) and Bob did not submit a story OR retract his participation, then Johnny and Jenny cannot (obviously) give Bob a review, but Bob MUST give both Johnny and Jenny proper reviews. (Think of the review process as a pat on the back for churning out a story.)

"Consolation" Reviews

In the instance that a submitted story does not meet the minimum 5000 word (excluding Author's Notes) requirement, other participants are still required to review the participant's story. For those participants who submitted stories that do not meet the minimum 5k word challenge requirement, other participants are still obligated to give reviews. However, the review will be considered something of a consolation review for not being able to meet the minimum requirements: the reviewer must give a review that satisfies, at the very least, the Review Game's minimum Easy Fix requirement, as stated in the first post of the linked thread. Of course, the reviewer is more than welcome to give anything beyond the minimum requirements of the Review Game's Easy Fix criteria. =) (Note/Disclaimer: Permission to use the Review Game's Easy Fix standards in the Break Writer's Block Forum was given to Lime by the Review Game's moderators, which include Fractured Illusion, imalefty and simpleplan13, on September 4, 2008.)

Failure to give reviews as stated in this portion will result in a 2 time registration refusal. That is, if you attempt to register for the next two subsequent writing challenge, your registration post will be deleted by a mod. This registration refusal will cease when either the 4 months is up or you give a review meeting the minimum review guidelines are met. (Disclaimer: This rule is based upon the Review Game Forum's Review Marathon banning rule for failure to review Review Marathon winners. Thus, all credits and props go to the moderators of the Review Game Forum. Permission to use this idea was given to Lime by the Review Game's moderators on September 4, 2008. See above referenced link under "Consolation Reviews" for more details.)


List of November's Participants:

None yet.

List of Stories Submitted and Reviews Given:

None yet.


As a final note, remember the point of the challenge is to let your imagination and creativity go wild. In order for your submission to be considered valid, the word count must be at least 5000 words (excluding Author's Notes). There is no maximum word limit, but I formally request (on the behalf of the readers/reviewers) that each chapter is no more than 3000 words in length.


Happy writings to you all! Register, people!

11/5/2008 . Edited 11/5/2008 #1

Here's a writing prompt generator that Fractured Illusion found:


List of Prompts/Suggestions

Previous suggestions include:

By Violent Messiah:

The antagonist wins!: I dunno about anyone else, but I usually root for the bad guy because well, they usually seem cooler. Yet every story I read, and I'm ashamed to admit write, the good guy finds a way to win. So how about giving the bad guy, or whatever antagonist your story contains, their due and letting the good guy, usually the protagonist, go down for the count?

Ode to the cliche...: Ah, the cliche. Where would a lot, and I mean a lot, of writers be without it? Where would readers be without it? Probably in a nearly empty book store, but I digress. How about taking a time honored cliche and doing something most people don't expect writers to do with them; Tell the cliche story well, and preferably with a twist.

By silly meee.:

love story drama: ever heard of those stories, where said girl and guy get together and drama ensues? he said this, she said that, someone stole my popcorn. yeah -- we've read it all before. personally, why not have a story where two characters get together and write about their experiences, how the first date felt, stuff like that - none of this who goes there drama? a cute little love story.

what ever happened to the best friend?: there's always a best friend; a little sidekick to the heroine - robin to batman, ron to harry potter, shaggy to scooby doo. but of course, as always, the best friend gets the boot three chapters later or is only there for the sole purpose of, a) gossip and b) secretly hating on the heroine. so, why not write a story were the best friend is actually OHMYGOSH, a person who actually has thoughts in that little head of theirs?

11/5/2008 . Edited 11/6/2008 #2
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