Dreams Seem to Be One of The Best Inspirations
Dreams seem to be one of the best inspirations--why not spill a few for fellow readers to enjoy? : I've heard some fantastic stuff before
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Have you ever had a prophetic dream, one that came true later on? Did something bad happen? Or good? Tell us.

4/14/2008 #1

Okay, I've been looking through all these forums, and I've realized:


It's nice to meet my brethren!

(just looking for somewhere to post that)

5/6/2008 #2

Ah, you understand!

5/8/2008 #3

Yes I have. When it happens my Dad calls it Deja Vu or something like that.

5/10/2008 #4
Ventus Shadows

I have too many of thoughs. Everyone is a psycic, but you must realize it.

5/21/2008 #5
Amber Laurel

I get a lot of those kinds of dreams.

5/26/2008 #6
Ventus Shadows


6/2/2008 #7

I've had many prophetic dreams before. The most haunting, perhaps, was of my grandmother. I woke up and somehow knew that she was dying, and then about two weeks later she actually did. It was pretty intense.

7/30/2008 #8
Jillian Smoke

I've had a few of those. Mostly about things i will come across in the week to come. Sometimes it's really stupid stuff like: I will eat a bagel with dad! Then he takes me to a coffee shoppe and buys bagels. :P

10/26/2008 #9
Death by Reflection

I have had many of those kinds of dreams, as well as deja-vu. Yes as two separate things. But I have learned that it is important to not analyze either of them too much, otherwise you will soon lose interest in them, and will not recognize them later in life. It becomes sad, for proof just watch your parents for a while.......okay I'm done with my kind of rant. Continue with your abnormal lives. I intend to!

8/25/2010 #10
Flame Within Ice

well, i do remember once being in a dream where i was standing by the sea and there were all these rocks and things...

and then we went to Maine and I got to stand by the sea and there were all these rocks and things...

(cue Twilight zone music)

2/25/2011 #11
Lord D'arcy Picklesouse

Just Insane...man I am really insulted....i like to think that i give insanity a new meaning or a definition.....well depends on what floats ur boat.....

btw nice meeting u Comrade Bookbook (i hope u dont like RED)

7/8/2013 #12
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