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Roman C Lee
You need a way to get the word about your story out? Well, here it is! Post a short add with the story title, summary, excerpt, and authors note. REMEMBER: make it short, sweet and alluring- like Edward Cullen's eyes!He,he ^_^
3/10/2008 . Edited 4/1/2008 #1
Ok , I guess I will go ahead and promote my story on here . Title : Frog's, Warts and Kissses Summary : With a simple kiss ehr fate was sealed . Excerpt : Someone is in here . The thought cut through my foggy mind like a knife cutting through paper , making me completely aware and awake of my surroundings . I laid there curled on my side ,my eyes open ,staring into a foreign green shade of darkness that was illuminated from the small smoke detector that was permanently stuck on the ceiling a few feet from my bed .Strange shadows were casted from simple everyday objects ,making my sanctuary into a hellish trap . Shivers rippled up my spine making me shudder and curl tighter into a ball . I could feel their eyes on me , staring intently at my back . No ,no one is staring at my back , it’s all made up . There is no one there ,no one there...yet why do I feel their eyes piercing my back ? Why do I feel like I’m not alone . Why do I feel like every hair on my arm is standing on end ?.... “ Tristin ..” a husky voice whispered so low I thought it was from my own head . Authors Note : Um ,well , if you like dark humor , fairy tales and killer bunnies then you will love this story !
4/2/2008 #2
Roman C Lee

Huh, I don't do that "he,he" thing anymore (thank god) I used to think it was the shit ^_^

4/13/2008 #3
Ten ways to spoil dinner

I'l advertisemy story. I finally got around to making it last night. (it must be pretty good, in an hour I had two reviews, a personal best.)

Title: City of Demons

Summary: In the future, demons took our world from us. We hide in fear. That doesn't mean we don't fight. there are those who stand up and try to defeat the beasts. but we are losing this war. Even with the latest of weapons and tech, the demons powers are growing, will the humans ever win?

Excerpt: She braced herself for impact. For her to die like her team. She closed her eyes and awaited the demon to crash into her Mecka suit. All she heard was an explosion. She reopened her eyes. She wasn’t dead? She looked around. "What the... who the... how?" She was in amazement.

Small part, I know. But If I put too much it may give away some important details. It's a manga story. Many main characters. Action/adventure, ci-fi a bit. Maybe supernatura, if demons are supernatural.

Author's note: This is my best work, I think. It has big robots, demons, betrayl maybe. I haven't plotted everything out, but I have some things planned.

7/2/2008 #4
Roman C Lee

When Boredom Fucked Pointlessness


"Jerick Clear has been disowned, by his father, his idol. Now he is forced to live with a mother he'd never met, a brother he'd never heard of, and he can't help but wonder . . . what's the point? Lemon, incest, yaoi, suicidal themes."


"Jerick was in a daze as he entered the Clear household—his new household to go along with his new family name and . . . well, family. From Jerick White, only child of bachelor father, to: Jerick Clear, youngest offspring and bastard child of single mother.

The surrealism of it all was almost crushing."


Yeah, the excerpt was short, lol, but I didn't want to post like half the first chapter, so I stuck with the introduction. All warnings for the story content were given in the summary. So far what's posted is only shounen ai between half brothers.

8/1/2008 . Edited 1/3/2009 #5

Her, Ayuki


Love? Lust? All I knew was that my heart ached as I longed for her, Ayuki. She was the famous singer that everyone loved and in contrast, I was her burden. If only I could become a hero and win her heart. If only everything we went through was real.


It was a reality. My heart was broken. But it was as expected. I heard her say once that her boyfriend had to be taller than her, which was at least six foot three. Crazy, right? At least for me.

If you see a guy on the street wearing high heels, you know it’s me. Talk about it, I would need a pair about four inches high. Wow!

A/N: I've been told the story feels anime. This is the result of combining the pros of many of my previous stories. Hm, don't know what else to say.

8/1/2008 #6
Roman C Lee

Ha, it sure feels anime; I think it was the crossdressing that did it, lol.

8/1/2008 #7
Link Broken


11/8/2008 . Edited 6/21/2010 #8

my cousin and me share this account and this story: PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!

Queen Christine's Reign Just click it.

1/22/2009 #9

Okey-doke, I wanna promote my story here (at least one fo them)

Title:- The Date Book

Summary:- Your mother lied. Romance is chess and you're a pawn, some joke, huh? But I'll fix that. I've written The Date Book just to get you through this rough patch in life.

Excerpt:- "There are things they don’t teach you in that class where you strap a condom on a banana. They’re things that they don’t want you to know. You’re not told about them because at the young, innocent age of high school years, you merely want two things...."

Author's Note (Me):- Umm, it's my most popular story, and one that I'm working the hardest on.... So any reviews will be returned ,most def'.

2/8/2009 . Edited 2/8/2009 #10

A Letter to Myself -- My first story. I only have the prologue posted for now. Reviews would be lovely.

2/15/2009 #11
Anna Cate
Title: Tea Boy

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: M

Warnings: This story contains strong language, sexual themes, and hetero/homo/bisexuality

Summary: A team of secret agents battles aliens and monsters, but can they handle the pressure of their job and their personal lives?

Length: 6 Episodes (~6000 words)


3/14/2010 #12

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6/20/2010 #13
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