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Roman C Lee
I clean (I know, totally weird) or i listen to music or I take a shower. Personally, i am obsessed with MUSE. They are my muse; really, my inspiration is always spawned from their lyrics. What inspires you? Cleaning? The laundry, dishes, sweeping? Music? What genre, band? We've all got different methods to acheive the same end. ^_^
3/16/2008 . Edited 3/31/2008 #1
Music always help , I usually listen to certain songs for certain stories . Like Evil by Interpol & Every things alright by Motion City Soundtrack are two songs that always help me fend off the nasty writers block for a certain story of mine . And when music doesn't help , no does walking away from the story for a few days , I discuss it with someone hoping they can help me find the flaw that I myself could not find . The later helps out A LOT .
4/2/2008 #2
Roman C Lee

Ooo!!! And I talk to people! Nothing like it to get the creativeness flowing! I have this freind and I recently discovered that whenever I talk to him, I get fantastic ideas ^_^ It's awsome!

4/12/2008 #3

Indeed , my father is my metaphorical wall to bounce my idea's off of he helps out alot with most of my stories . I also use my brother and sister but they aren't as good as my father for bouncing ideas off of . Though I do use my sister out as a tester ( I use ehr to read my stories and to tell me if they are any good and if she would read them .) So ,yah , if I ever get the nasty case of writers block I always go talk to my father and sister . And when that does not even work I just shove the story on a back burner and start to work on another story that has been jiggling around ni my head for some time .

4/13/2008 #4
Roman C Lee

Sometimes, I just get too serious about my writing and so nothing flows anymore. So, that's when I resort to . . . my SCRIBBLING NOTEBOOK!!! ^_^ Or so I call it. What I do in there is just write and write and write with my story's basic outline, but not all the specifics *_* I just make the story's world revolve. It's SOOO refreshing sometimes ^_^

4/13/2008 #5
Roman C Lee

OH! And that kid I told you about that I talk to and get fantastic ideas is the new moderator Pleasantly Plump. I named him *beams* He shall be called . . .*dramatic drum roll*. . .PP!!! ^_^

4/13/2008 #6

Ah very kewl , I luv the pen name it makes me grin like crazy . In fact that would be a heck of a nick name to give someone in a story . ::starts creating a plot in her head :: I can see it all now

4/13/2008 #7
Roman C Lee

SEE!!! PP influences EVERYBODY!!! Good job PP! *kudos*

4/13/2008 #8


4/13/2008 #9
Roman C Lee

He's so LAZY though; took him like two weeks to make an accout, and I had to guide him through it. He gives me headaches sometimes. No, all the time. ^_^

4/13/2008 #10

Lol thats when you know you have a best friend . It takes forever for any of my friends to do anyhting ,or decide anything but I luv them . My friend actually has an account on here but she ahsn't been on since ,well , two years ago !

4/13/2008 #11
Roman C Lee

LOONG time! Yeah, we're good friends; he probobly finds me anoyying, too^_^ Actually, he's told me so, alot ^_^

But, PP (HA!) is too funny to not like, he get's thing caveman type thing in his voice when he's bored or bothered--it's so hilariouse!!!

4/13/2008 . Edited 4/15/2008 #12
Roman C Lee

It's like "Urgh."

4/13/2008 #13

lol . My firend that has an account on here giggles ...alot . Like every sentence ends with a giggle , it would be annoying as heck with anyone else but with her it's just so darn cute ! Though there are times when I kind of blanch when she does that especially during a horror movie ( she has a habit of giggling when something gory happens during the movie )

5/5/2008 #14
Roman C Lee

Ya know what, Muse isn't my muse anymore. Now when I listen to their music it's just like "Ah, cool . . ." lol, I think I just wore them out for myself. Now I listen to like a new band every day; I freakin LOVE music! And yeah, it's been what's inspiring my stories mostly, but I haven't been feeling writers block exactly, because I can always write, but I just don't FEEL like writing sometimes, so the music is good for getting things planned out, and then being able to write whenever I get the urge.

7/2/2008 #15
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Yeah, music is an ispiration to my work too. My one story is inspired from the theme song from a video game, it's weird but it's true.

7/2/2008 #16
Roman C Lee

Hmm, my dad likes to listen to a CD of music from one of our x-box games. He calls it theme music; it actually gets anoyying after a while, but if he doesn't overdo it it can be fun and inspiring if I'm feeling like writing.

7/21/2008 #17

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