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Why do you write? What's you motive? *E-Mail me if you think I should add anouther poll choice*
1 For fun, entertainment, ect.
2 It is my passion (aka- for fun)
3 To vent/cope with emotions
4 To pass the time
5 I can't think of any other reason besides for fun
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Roman C Lee
I really wanna know because this is just baffling me. Why do you write? I write for fun. I write becasue I love it, because it is a really enjoyable thing. I was having a discussion with some people the other day and they said something like: "I hate it when people tell me they are just writing for fun; people need to get seriouse about writing and realize that fiction press is for aspiring writers who are looking to improve their writing." This person said this becasue their con-crit reviews were replied to negatively (probobly a result of wounded feelings and/or ego) but the statement struck me. I couldn't help but think, "what's wrong with writing for the joy of it?" I'm serious about my writing; I am always improving, but, why is that? Because the more I improve the more enjoyable and EASY writing becomes! The more I can indulge in this fantastic process! Why do you write?
4/1/2008 #1
Lady DreamWriter
I write because I love it. Yes, I enjoy it, I wouldn't be writing if I didn't. To me writing is all about communication. I think that most people who use this site forget why writing is so important. Fictionpress is about writing, but it is also (and more importantly) about how to communicate [i]effectively[/i] with each other through reviews that will help the author learn his or her strengths AND his or her weaknesses. These reviews should be helpful and the overall aim is to help the author improve.
4/1/2008 #2
I write because I can not not write . Oh I've gone long periods without writing anything ( like a few years) but it always comes back with a vengeance ( try 24K words in like a day ) , so now I find it easier to give in and assuage the beast then having to suffer from not feeling my damn fingers again . Yah , so basically I write to save my fingers and to feed my beast of a imagination .
4/2/2008 #3
Roman C Lee

*jaw drops*

24k . . . A DAY?????/!!!!!!

Holy shit, thats awesome! ^_^


4/13/2008 #4

I don't write that much everyday only when I ahve been seriously neglecting my imagination . That 24k thing was pulled after 6 months of not writing , and well , FWK was created after two years of silence , and you see how long that story is . So I've decided it is waaaay healthier for me and my fingers if I write on a dialy /weekly basis . Unfortunately the story that I created with thoose 24k words was deleted when my computer crashed some 8 months ago , but I remember everything about it , so it's ok .

4/13/2008 #5
Roman C Lee

OH NOOO!!! That's so tragic!! I would have cried, a LOT!! My stories are like a part of me, and losing on would kill me! I've lost one before and it kinda did kill a part of me, but it was a bad part of me so everything turned out GOOD! ^_^

4/13/2008 #6
Roman C Lee

You know when I was younger, I didn't even know that you mapped out a story before beginning it. So, I'm really good at random writing and role playing--I never run out of ideas; the product of YEARS of practice.

4/13/2008 #7

I'm the same FWk was due to non planning , which is why it is in a desperate need of rewrite ! I have learned since starting that story it is MUCH easier if you ahve an outline and think through most of the details prior to writing ,thsi is what I have done with black blood and will do with FWK when it is rewriten .

I kinda cried when my laptop crashed but like I said msot of everything I write or plot is all in my head stored away in a filing cabinet in there so I can pull it out whenever I like . I also lost all of my FWK files but THANK GOD I ahve it all of Fictionpress otherwise I would of went bonkers ,if I lsot that story I would really contempalte suicide or at least smashing my comuter to tiny freaking bits .

4/13/2008 #8
Roman C Lee


4/13/2008 #9

::raises pitch fork in air:: Die traitor laptop !Die ::insert evil cackle::!!!

4/13/2008 #10
Roman C Lee

Ha hA!!! *crackles madly--MADLY I tell you!!!*

Burn the hard drives, excavate their memory,

Fuck up the mother board, and revel in their destiny!!!

4/13/2008 . Edited 4/15/2008 #11

lmao . Oh thats great .

4/15/2008 #12
Roman C Lee

^-^ *beams proudly*

4/15/2008 #13
Roman C Lee

Dude, I love spontanious writing like that. That's why poetry is so easy and FUN for me. I just, do it all the time, without even thinking about it really, until I get like, sucked into it. I LOVE writing poetry, but I don't really like reading it, ya know? Unless it's like really good. So that's why I don't post any of my poetry on here, though a lot of people seem to like it, I just never really thought about sharing it.

I'm REALLY bored right now--I'm like posting on every topic. I need to find more ways to entertain myself. I'm normally never bored; that's why this is EATING at me! Maybe I should just give in and start writing a bunch of crap that I'm never going to publish. I'll be fun, at least . . . it COULD be fun.

7/20/2008 #14

Um I use writing more as a recording of my imagination. I remember describing it like a save in game so I could continue next time. The other answer would be that I wish others to experience what I've experienced through what I've presented and have a feel what it's like to go through this world I've setup for them.

7/25/2008 #15

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