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Roman C Lee
MINDLESS IRRELAVENT [b]CHATTING!!![/b] For goofing off/procrastinating purposes, I say--- Do, Write, chat; Whatever the hell you want! ^_^
4/1/2008 . Edited 4/1/2008 #1
Roman C Lee

I think my favorite smilies would have to be -_- and ^_^ I just love them--no idea why.

4/5/2008 #2

I like the best . I have no clue why either ! ( look I used it without even meaning to!)

4/6/2008 #3
Roman C Lee

Your smiley didn't show up! *gasp*


4/6/2008 #4

Grr stupid thing won't even show my fav. smiley , ok my fav is the one with the carrots ( you know the greater or less then signs) pointing toards each other . My next fav is \^_^/

4/8/2008 #5
Roman C Lee

_ is this the one you mean?

I like anything that involves the underscore thing ^_^

4/8/2008 #6

It didn't show up ...again but probably is the very one you are thinking ^ ^. I like underscores too .

4/9/2008 #7
Roman C Lee

Ya, that's probably the one.

I was thinking of putting a character development topic up here--you know, where people can bring their characters and put them into a situation with other people and their characters so that they can see how their character would act, so that they can develop them. But I wouldn't know how to start it^_^ Research might be the answer, -_-

4/9/2008 #8

That sounds really fun and intresting but I ahve no as to start that either ,prehaps if you look at some other C2's that wil lgive you some ideas ? Or heck just make it the way you want to make it .

4/9/2008 #9
Roman C Lee

Do you know what role playing is? I think it's sorta like what I want to do for the character development, but I'm not sure what it is ^_^

4/9/2008 #10

I think I do . Role playing is like making up a character and having it interact with other peoples characters . I think

4/11/2008 #11
Roman C Lee

Ya, that's what I was thinking--I just wanted more information to make sure I didn't start a totally screwy topic ^_^

But it sounds like a lot of fun! I really want to try it out, I'll try to try it out in a different forum soon.

4/11/2008 #12

Ok kewl , let me know how it goes I might be intrested and give it a try . I'm always amknig up characters for stories

4/12/2008 #13

Oh yah , I luv your avatar Gravitation rox !

4/12/2008 #14
Roman C Lee

YA!!! It does! I was bouncing off the walls the whole time I was watching the episodes ^_^

I love my avatar too! Thank you! They are both SOO HOT!

4/12/2008 #15

Lol , I know ! I forget their names ( it's been a few years since I watched it) but I thought the show was adorable .

The worst thing in the world though is seeing a botched cosplay of the main character ( the one with pink hair , I told yah I 4got their names ) . ::shivers:: One time I seen an extremly overweight girl cosplaying as him ...oh the horror .

4/12/2008 #16
Roman C Lee

'Oh, the horror." LOL! ^_^

That's ok, I suck with names but cna remember the ones in Gravitation because I'm in LOVE with th show!!! The one with the pink hair is Shindou Shuichi. And the blonde one is Yuki Eiri. I love Rhuichi as well as the others! He's so FUN! ^_^

What's cosplay?

4/12/2008 #17
Roman C Lee

YAY! ^_^ I'm going to post the topic right now; we were right about what roleplaying is! I think X)

4/12/2008 #18
Roman C Lee

YAY! (I start off posts with 'yay' a lot) The topic is up!!!

Role-playing is FUN!!!

4/13/2008 #19

::gasp:: You don't know what cosplay is ! Oh my , poor you . Ok time for Otaku 101 :

Cosplay is short for costume play , it is when a fan dresses up as a character from their favorite anime , manga , game , drama or band. Often time this is done at an anime convention .

4/13/2008 #20
Roman C Lee

OH! I understand "Oh, the horror," now! o_o You must be tramatized! lol ^_^

4/13/2008 #21

indeed , the image is engraved into my mind ::shivers::

4/13/2008 #22
Roman C Lee

HA! You should check out the role playing; it's awesome! ^_^ *ponders about maybe going to an anime convention dressed up like Shuichi*

4/13/2008 #23
Roman C Lee

You know what's weird? We can use that smiley of yours EVERYWHERE but here, and here is where we were actually talking about smilies!

4/13/2008 #24

I KNOW ! How freaking weird is that ! Makes me mad ! As for the rolepalying ...I have no clue as what to do ! I mean am I suppouse to use my character ? If so how do I ake them enteract with everyone elses because everyone ahs different worlds for their characters so how do we amke that work ? See I am so confused !

4/13/2008 #25
Roman C Lee

well, in mine you just pop your character in and make it interact the way in would. Read what we have posted so far and you will understand how there are virtually no rules ^_^

4/13/2008 #26

Ok...I guess I will give it a try Watch I am going to be terrible at it !

4/13/2008 #27
Roman C Lee

nah, you wont be terrible, you just have to read the posts and understand the situation--thats it! ^_^ it's for fun anyways so don't worry about it

4/13/2008 #28
Roman C Lee

Oh, shit my nose is bleeding

4/13/2008 #29
Roman C Lee

I just freakin sneezed and blood fountain decided to erupt. I havent had a nose bleed in like two years

4/13/2008 #30
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