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Roman C Lee

It burns ^^

4/13/2008 #31
Roman C Lee

I love the name of this topic -- MINDLESS IRRELEVANT CHATTING!!! cus that's basically what this is, and I love it!

Spamming is life! ^_^

4/13/2008 #32
Roman C Lee

Is it just me, or does it take a fucking lifetime to upload a video on youtube??! I mean, damn! *sighs dramatically* I JUST WANNA GET VIDEO UP! lol

4/26/2008 #33
Roman C Lee


God damn--so fucking bored. BORED. lol, but that's just cus I'm procrastinating, I guess.

*sigh, sigh, sigh* someone talk to me, before I kill something without realizing I'm doing it.

7/20/2008 #34


...for some reason I think this site and the fanfiction one updated and would not let me know about the updates...EVER.

Linda: Hiya!


Linda: HELL NO!

Me: ...So what did I miss? ^_^"

1/16/2009 #35
Roman C Lee

Welcome back! Yeah, it has been a while. What did you miss? Uhmm... nothing, hehe.

1/16/2009 #36

Me: I came up with a comic

Linda: Me in it! And managed to survive for quite a while...

Me: *nods* Trust me after the 3rd or so page I usually lose interest but with her and the other characters, it's still going.

1/16/2009 #37

So what have you been up to?

1/17/2009 #38
Roman C Lee

Ah, well recently, I finished a multi-chaptered yaoi fanfiction... I'm not sure if you like that sort of thing XD.

1/17/2009 #39

Me:...*slowly walks to nearest restroom*


Rika: *looms over Linda* Do they have...CHOCOLATE?????

1/17/2009 #40
Roman C Lee

Ahhmm... What? lol

1/17/2009 #41

Me: Just ignore them and they might go away...I finally put up another story on this site!

1/17/2009 #42
Roman C Lee

Oh, yes, I saw the alert! Did you have fun writing it?

1/18/2009 #43

I think it was probably a good experience, but it was so hard trying not to turn one of them into a bloody fanfic!

1/18/2009 #44
Roman C Lee

Heh, why was it hard? And why would it be so bad to turn it into a fanfiction? XD

1/18/2009 #45

Cause one of them would probably be in the fanfiction area since it had characters from anime shows, games, books, this area is fictionpress.

1/18/2009 #46
Roman C Lee

Right, I was just thinking that it was nothing to switch sites for posting on. I forgot that we were talking on here, too. *headdesk* Sorry, TD... Or what do you want to be called?

2/6/2009 #47

It's alright. Just call me Red. The name was supposed to be the red one but I didn't bother with the underscores. Don't worry, you aren't the first person to point out that my name looks like There Done.

2/6/2009 #48
Roman C Lee

Oh well, that's a lot cooler XD. "O Red One!" Nice.

lol, And to think I'd been talking to you all this time without getting your penname right... Just shows tribute to the anonymous way in which people interact over the internet.

What have you been calling me all this time, I wonder? (Becuase obviously, I haven't been calling you anything XD.)

2/6/2009 #49

...I don't think I have been calling you anything...O_o.

2/6/2009 #50
Roman C Lee

Heh heh XD. Call me Lee.

Now we will begin to talk to each other as actual human beings, hurrah!

2/7/2009 #51

Hm...-starts talking in gibberish-...oh wait you said to talk as human beings...not aliens.

2/7/2009 #52
Roman C Lee

Just out of curiosity, what type of alien was that?

2/7/2009 #53

Hell if I know. I was hoping you knew.

2/7/2009 #54
Roman C Lee

lol, I'm going to settle on ZOMBIE, Bob. That's his name. Bob likes fish. He dislikes Gollum because Gollum gives a bad name to them zombies. He likes to bitch slap the TV when LOtR comes on . . . I kinda like Bob, even though I think LOtR is kickass, too.

2/7/2009 #55
theredone1223 Max his brother?


Me: Pyro-maniac fox for any Sonic story that has yet to come to mind...or if it did it got deleted when this computer was wiped.

2/7/2009 #56
Roman C Lee

Ahh . . . *cocks head* Max, do you have anger management issues? Well, step right up! I can help you through this problem of yours! FREE COUNCELING!

Now Max, let's begin *tries him down to a chair and sips hot coco*. How was your childhood?

2/7/2009 #57

Max:...I set everything on fire...just like I set your chair on fire.

Me: *pulls out bucket of water and puts out fire*...

2/7/2009 #58
Roman C Lee

Why thank you, Red. *dusts off some ash*

Max, you must remember that in counciling we torture our patients.

Max: What?

NOTHING! As I was saying . . . *scribbles down on notebook* What was your home life like?

2/7/2009 . Edited 2/7/2009 #59

Max:...after discovering the wonderous joy of setting stuffs on fire I started setting everything on fire: parents, friends, random strangers, random objects and even random animals...I think my parents left me after I tried to set them on fire for the fifth time.

2/7/2009 #60
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