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Roman C Lee

So, here is where we introduce ourselves . . . because it just seems like we should do that, shouldn't we?

Hey, I'm Roman C Lee, call me Lee.

I am a girl; I don't have much of an attention span; not much of a memory either; I've been writing . . . gosh, since I could hold a pencil, pen, or marker, though I became more serious about it in seventh grade (I think); and I spend most of my time: reading, writing, throwing sarcastic/ironic comments back and forth with my friends, or playing tennis/basketball/volleyball.

What about you?

4/1/2008 . Edited 2/7/2009 #1
'Ello Christina ^__^ Well keeping my first name to myself >< I don't give it out freely , only to people whom I think deserve it . I've been writing since I was in 6th grade which was like 10 years ago ! Eeek , I'm getting old -____- .Though that is when I started writing I've always made up stories in my head . Um , what else can I tell you ? Oh ,I don't like ketchup . It's gross . I luv Anime and manga , and I am an otaku in the American sense .I luv to draw and obviously write . I LOVE to read , I can never read enough . Typically I read 2 or three novels on a weekend , if they are really captivating . My favorite genre is Urban Fantasy , so if you have a good urban fantasy story posted on here let me know ^__^ . Um , my favorite color is black because it is practical ( meaning it doesn't get dirty easily .) Thats all I can think of for now .
4/2/2008 #2
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Can I join.

I go by Twisted because my penname is too long to actually write out. I have a account by the same penname of Ten Ways to Soil Dinner. I am on other forums here too, I even have some but I won't go into much detail on them. I have four stories on fictionpress and thirteen on fanfiction.

Favorite color-blue

Favorite video game series- Legend of Zelda- favorite game of my favorite series- Ocarina of time, but Twilight princess is a close second.

Favorite band- Metallica- Favorite song by favorite band- Nothing else matters.

I am single as of now. I love writing, (why else would make an account and make stories.) I'm a guy, I can be funny, and even random. I can't thionk of anything else to put down. So that's all

7/2/2008 #3

Introductions right? Concerto here.... hi.

7/15/2008 #4
Roman C Lee

Hey Concerto, Twisted; welcome to the forum ^-^

7/20/2008 #5
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11/8/2008 . Edited 10/26/2009 #6
Roman C Lee


1/3/2009 #7
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1/18/2009 . Edited 6/21/2010 #8

I'm criti, and like most of you I'm here to broaden my horizon farther than the reading circle I'm in now, lol.

2/6/2009 #9
Roman C Lee

Wow, you've got a strangely cool icon. *stares* . . . Right! XD I'm here to welcome you, so:

Hey, nice to meet cha, Criti. I'm Lee, or Roman (or whatever).

2/6/2009 #10

Thanks for the welcome. So what do we do around here for fun?

2/6/2009 #11
Roman C Lee

Well, there actually isn't much activity here. For a time a couple of us rp-ed, and for another time we did a review give away thing--which we had to take down because that idea belongs to another forum. *shrugs* Start a topic about what seems fun for you, cuz we aren't doing much.

2/7/2009 . Edited 2/7/2009 #12


Anyway... I'm ImagingThings aka. Imaging aka. AnneImagus (name made by one over at FF.Net...) real name is Anne Berthe Lund Jensen (though I mostly just use Anne Jensen...) I'm a 21 year old girl from Denmark. I'm a student, currently at my last year at something called Higher Prepartory.

10/26/2009 #13

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6/20/2010 #14
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