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Roman C Lee

Anyone can post; just pop your characters in^_^

Do whatever you like . . .

4/12/2008 . Edited 7/20/2008 #1
Roman C Lee

Tim strode into the room, slamming the very breakable door behind him. Why did she have to be such a bitch? He was being a nice guy . . . even if his intentions werent so nice.

He sighed and collapsed into the comforting (*snort*) squishyness of his bed. He rolled onto his belly and pretended not to hear Penny enter the room.

4/12/2008 #2
Roman C Lee

"Tim," Penny whispered disbelievingly as she sat beside him with a frown crumpling her brow. "Did you actually think I was . . . serious?"

"Of course he did, you whore!" Screamed Jessica from the doorway. Penny jumped at her words, and clamped her delicate hand over her heart. How could she say that?

"I have good reason to!" Jess replied angrily, panting like a winded rhinoceros. Penny's eyes opened wide with fear, and Jess reveled in any discomfort she may have caused the Bitch. "Ya, I can hear everything you say."

4/12/2008 #3
Roman C Lee

Penny knew what Jess had meant, and she cowered against the couch coushins.

Jess smiled evilly, and inched closer inside the room, before closing it soundlessly behind her. "You wont get away from me," she whispered menacingly.

"Jess," murmured Tim in an annoyed voice. He sighed before continuing, "Get out."

"W-what? I'm protecting you! You asshole!" Jess stammered fervently. Penny wouldn't get away with hurting her brother, no matter how kind he was--no matter how merciful he intended to be. "You can't love her that much!" Ooops, thought Jess without too much remorse--until she sighted the look on Tim's face that is.

Tim blushed and tuned into Jess' thoughts automatically, even though he knew what she would think after her outburst. And he was right.

Penny watched the deadly exchange between her ex-lover and ex-sister with wide anxious eyes. No, it wasn't for either one of her former relatives that she feared, but for herself.

"You selfish brat," whispered Jess with hatred. Tim had to agree; so, the woman held no love for him at all? Tim scoffed, he wouldn't start some pointless battle with his sister over a woman so selfish as she.

Upon hearing her brother's inward declaration Jess smiled, a cruel light in her eyes. "You should probably go, Tim." She pushed open the door a bit and watched her brother get up, heading for the door.

Penny ran to Tim and attached herself onto his arm. "Don't leave me!" She screamed, pleading with him through her hypnotizing eyes.

Tim obliged without protest. What? He thought distractedly, What's going on? Jess slammed the door shut again and lunged at Penny, malice guiding her movements. "Get off him!" She yelled as she pounced on the girl, hooking her left arm around, and connecting her fist with Penny's jaw.

"Don't you dare use that crap on him!" Jess felt a strong arm clasp her own and pull her ruthlessly from the now smiling Penny, who had been crying out just moments before. Jess twisted her head to the left and studied her attacker. No, Tim, she pleaded silently. Don't let her do this!

4/12/2008 #4

Madeline Gace cringed as she heard the door slammed. "What the hell is happening over there?" the teenage girl muttered as she crept to get a closer look. She tucked her raven hair behind her bright green eyes. She wore a plain white tee, with baggy blue jeans and dirty, caked with mud, tennis shoes. Madeline was on her way home from her part time job when she heard someone slammed something very breakable. "Mark and Adam won't like this if I get home late," she thought as she got closer. "Either way, it's not that big of a deal of me being a few minutes late home."

4/12/2008 #5
Roman C Lee

Jess cried out in desperation as Tim picked up Penny's seemingly innocent form and headed for the door. "Tim NO!" Just then the door opened and a muddied up girl (on her sneakers anyway) peeked in at them curiously. Thank god! She thought with a hoarse relieved sigh. Then something struck her.

"Did you call this girl here? Well, it wont make a difference!" But Penny was lying through her teeth, she knew that if Tim looked into the girl's eyes, even for the briefest second, her spell would be broken. Oh, damn!

Jess smiled as she listened to Penny's reckless thoughts. For an evil genius, Penny was really stupid. "Look at the man if you want to live!" She yelled to the girl. "Make eye contact!" She pleaded. Please, girl, she repeated over and over in her mind. Please.

4/12/2008 #6

Madeline was shocked and looked into the man's eyes. She really wanted to live and with all due respect, she didn't know if this person was telling the truth about 'if you want to live' part. Madeline remembers how her brother would tease her and say to do something ridiculous and then shout, 'If you want to live.' But that was in the past, about a year ago maybe even more.

4/12/2008 #7
Roman C Lee

Tim dropped Penny and stumbled backwards in a daze, holding his head. What the hell, he thought to himself as a pair of eyes flashed continuously through his mind. Green and captivating. He felt his legs give out underneath him, as he had backed into the couch. A sudden overwhelming urge to give in and just fall over sleeping began to consume him. And so he did.

Jess watched her brother fall backwards onto the couch, then grow still. She sighed and examined the situation before her with renewed interest. The girl had actually listened to her.

Penny scooted away from the approaching Jessica, whimpering pathetically. Don't hurt me, she pleaded, knowing Jess would hear her, but wouldn't listen.

"No," Jess stated, grinning. She stopped and kneeled before Penny. "I think I will."

4/12/2008 . Edited 4/13/2008 #8

"Uh, what the hell just happened?" Madeline question her, "and what the hell is going on?" She hadn't seen or heard much when she had to come check it out the noise. "If I survive tonight, I think Adam will be the first one to try to kill me," the teenager thought as she remembered her roommate's grudge, or what seemed like one, on her. "At least Mark will stop him before it gets too violent; most times it seemed like he's the only sane one in our group!"

4/13/2008 #9
Roman C Lee

Jess sighed upon hearing the girls voice. She was grateful and all, but she wanted to get on with killing Penny . . . slowly. Jess didn't even turn around before she replied, "You don't wanna know; go home before you get involved any more than necessary." Ya the girl was confused, but she would be scared shitless if she were to hear the truth.

"NO! She's going to kill me! Don't leave!" Penny inched closer to the girl trying to grab at her legs. Jess didn't give her the chance. She grabbed Penny's arm and threw her across the room. Penny writhed in mid-air, trying to stop herself before she collided with something. Too late.

Penny snorted as Penny fell unconscious after whacking her head on the coffee table. Jess slid into the girl's conscious, and quickly dove out again. Madeline wouldn't just walk away, it seemed.

Jess sighed and motioned for Madeline to come in closer. "Close the door behind you, Maddie."

4/13/2008 #10

She gulped slightly and closed the door. "Wait, how do you know my name? Did we go to the same school?" Madeline asked, as she came closer.

"Medor kos! Shaesi si caer air mi?" (Stupid girl! Where the hell is she?) a young man muttered as he was searching the area for someone. "Siaësi'm kyl sai cor ti shael ci thol or sar Tadaeloli'm jhari thys si 3s sosti sor tyl!" (Tyëre's going to kill me when he finds out that Madeline's late for the 3rd time this month!) He had silver, possibly pure white hair, and black as night eyes. The man wore a baggy sweatshirt that had a nintendo logo on it, with baggy black jeans. "Eil shia si caer pai Ai cali sai shaes saeri thaejol cestal tyrol?!" (And why the hell do I have to wear these freaking human clothing?!)

4/13/2008 #11
Roman C Lee

"No, we didn't. I just moved here." Jess went behind the counter and rummaged around. "I'm making us some coffee. If a customer comes to the door," she paused and looked back towards where Maddie was standing awkwardly. "Well come in, then! Sit somewhere! I'll turn the sign in the front of the shop; we shouldn't be bothered."

Jess paused, listening to the ranting of a man--a foreign man, it seemed. Jess studied the girls face--this was connected to her. "Now, who might that be? Who is looking for you Maddie?"

4/13/2008 #12

"How do you know if someone's looking for me?" she asked. "I didn't hear him say my name...and you never told me how you knew mine since this is the first time that we actually met, last time I checked."

The man glanced over at the shop and spotted Madeline. He dashed over. "Madeline...Mark and I were...worried..." he said, hesitating on some of the words. "Who...she?" he asked staring at Jess, like he was analyzing her.

"Oh, this is Adam! He's kinda my roommate," Madeline quickly explained to Jess.

4/13/2008 #13
Roman C Lee

"Hi, Adam. Maddie you should know that I know everything you know," Jess replied, still getting out ingredients for her coffee. Jess sensed more questions coming on and almost threw the blender at the girl; could she never just shut up? "Before you even ask, oh annoying one, I read minds." Jess didn't have to worry about the girl leaking anything out--she had said it in Maddie's mind, and who would take her word for it? Jess snickered and looked over at Adam. She tried to flick into his mind, substantiate her theories, but was blocked.

"You are not human," she spat vehemently at Adam, stepping out from behind the counter.

4/13/2008 #14

"What...gave...away?" he asked, glaring at her now. Like hell he was going to down without a fight.

"Adam, no fighting!" Madeline cried out.

"I only...half human..." Adam admitted, still glaring at Jess.

4/13/2008 #15
Roman C Lee

"What else are you?" Jess inquired walking forward slowly. "And as for what gave it away," she stopped and pondered how to play it off. "It was your hair." Urgh, she thought to herself, lame.

"Come on," Jess invited with a smile, sitting down at a booth. "Sit, and explain."

4/13/2008 #16

"He's a half elf..." Madeline sighed, receiving a glare from Adam.


4/13/2008 #17
Roman C Lee

Ah, Jess thought frowning slightly in return to Adam's glare, it is starting to make sense; I'm not even sure if I really wanna know everything.

Across the room, Penny stirred and began to mumble incoherently. Jess smiled viciously and cracked off a piece of the table, then hurled it at Penny's head as hard as she could manage. Jess heard something crunch and watched Penny collapse, once again.

4/13/2008 #18

Adam stopped glaring and looked at Jess in amusement. "She interesting. Much more you than," Adam told Madeline.

"He's taking lessons on how to speak English," Madeline explained.

4/13/2008 #19
Roman C Lee

Jess smiled. "So, you've explained a bit, should I follow your example?" She expected as much.

4/13/2008 #20

Adam nodded. "Start with boy," he stated pointing at Tim.

4/13/2008 #21
Roman C Lee

"My brother," she returned, smiling. "Maddie saved him, and myself. But, there is a catch. Something I 'forgot' to mention to her." Jess waited for the expected screaming and accusations.

4/13/2008 #22

"What catch? Can't be worse than Mark's," Adam muttered, remembering his older brother's actions that led to having Madeline traveling with the two of them.

4/13/2008 #23
Roman C Lee

"Something I hate, something she could love or hate." Jess sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "My brother is probobly going to fall for you now, Maddie." Jess looked up at them both and continued, straining herself through her headache.

"She broke Penny's spell, with her eyes. It's hard for even me to understand. . . but, the bitch over there had my brother hypnotized and if my brother made eye contact with another woman he could love, the spell would be broken. That's why you saved us, because if he looked at me, it wouldn't have mattered, I'm his sister--we don't go for incest."

4/13/2008 #24

"That makes sense..." Adam muttered. "We go soon. Mark's patientence go for so long"

4/13/2008 #25
Roman C Lee

"Ok, go. My brother will be wanting to meet you again, Maddie." Jess eyed her carfully, and communicated something more between them. "I will hurt you if you hurt him. You've seen what I am capable of."

"Thanks again for helping us, Maddie. We owe you our lives." Jess smiled, not so nicely, but did she ever?

4/13/2008 . Edited 4/13/2008 #26

"I'll come by tomorrow, ok?" Madeline promised.

"And you not speak of me being what I am...understood?" Adam asked Jess, glaring at her. "You have yet to see what I can do."

4/13/2008 #27
Roman C Lee

Jess smiled viciously. "And you haven't seen all that I can do."

4/13/2008 . Edited 4/13/2008 #28

"I can guess from girl," he smirked evilly, glancing at Penny.

4/13/2008 #29
Roman C Lee

"I'll be seeing you. Let yourselves out alright?" Jess hurried over to her brother and straightened out his position so that he could be more comfortable. After that she headed over to Penny and stuffed some plastic wrap under her head; she didn't want the carpet stained.

4/13/2008 #30
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