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Madeline rushed to catch him. "Tim?!" she muttered worryingly. "I'll be back soon," she silently told him as she set him down gently and rushed to get Jess. "Jess!" she called out.

4/14/2008 #61
Roman C Lee

Urgh, Jess groaned to herself as Maddie pounded on her door. Her subconscious reached out for Tim, looking to complain about his new girlfriend. She was stunned.

"You FED off my BROTHER!??" Jess screamed, jumping up out of bed. She ripped open the door, and fell crashing to the ground with Maddie. Jess grunted as she kicked Maddie off her and ran down the stairs frantically. How could he open up his mind to her? How could he betray me like that? That bond is meant for family and lovers only . . .

"Asshole!" She cried out upon sighting his still form. "How could you??? You think i'll help her? Well, I WON'T!!!" Jess choked back a sob and tried to burn Maddie's thoughts from her head.

((Jess might know what Maddie is thinking, but I don't! ^-^ Put it in the nest post, pleezze?))

4/14/2008 . Edited 4/16/2008 #62

Madeline tried to explain what had happen and what Tim had told her to tell Jess, even resorting to her thoughts to explain to her.

4/14/2008 . Edited 4/14/2008 #63
Roman C Lee

Jess wouldn't listen.

"I don't need to hear ANY OF YOUR CRAP!!!" Jess twirled around and faced Maddie heatedly. "You think I don't know what happened? You think I can't hear EVERYTHING you want to keep from me? I DO! And I want to kill myself from it!" She buried her head in her hands, choking back an outbust off sobbing that wouldn't help anything.

If this is what Tim wants . . . and, if he loves her . . . God damn it.

"I'll help you," she whispered, letting her hand fall from her face. Before Maddie could react, Jess bowed. "I'm sorry for assaulting you. I was enraged because of the attraction you have gained from my brother . . . and the fact that you don't return it." She straightened out, staring Maddie dead in her eyes. "This is not for you," she transfered without emotion, but emphasis.

4/14/2008 . Edited 4/16/2008 #64

Madeline nodded. "I understand...We should proably help Tim first before we do anything else. It's my fault...about everything..." she whispered.

(welcome to the Reviewer Kingdom! Just found out you joined!)

4/14/2008 #65
Roman C Lee

"Tim will be fine. He'll be dehydrated when he wakes, at most." Jess paused, almost smiling. "He likes dramatic exits." She pulled her mouth into a tight line before stepping forward--so that she was inches from Maddie's face.

"You must have some worth," Jess mumbled, smirking: the closest to a smile she would let her mouth get. "Can you do anything?"

4/14/2008 #66
Roman C Lee

((Oh, ya, thanks for the welcome! ^-^))

4/14/2008 #67

(And here's the part where I say for Jess question: I haven't gotten that far! All I did was this character info thing and Mark is 'training' Adam and Maddie. I don't know what exactly he's training them in...^_^;)

4/15/2008 #68
Roman C Lee

((Awww! I want them to duel! Give her Ninja skills! *waves arms around in supposed Ninja moves*))

4/15/2008 #69

(Adam: ShAi SI CAeR ShAL BOLAe VYRdAeS?! OLIa VAeDI ShAi EiSI ORdAeRAeR ShOR BASIa-*maer Tas, Vaer eil Vaer'm thol eir shaesol 'Shi jhyli Baserai Eirdodaer!' mos*... Ai cari o eir mai tes... ((WHO THE HELL WANT NINJA POWERS?! ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE OBESSED WITH NARU-*sees Mark, Red and Red's friend all wearing 'We love Naruto Abridged!' shirts*... I hate you all so much...))

Mark: Shi jhyli o sai! ((We love you too!)) )

"Mark was training me in some jutsu training, and some other ninja abilites and weapons," Maddie replied.

4/15/2008 #70
Roman C Lee

Jess' smirk widened and she dissapeared in a faint wisp of air.

"Child's play," came the disembodied whisper, echoing throughout the room.

4/15/2008 #71

"Oh, shit!" she muttered as she watched Jess disappear and the voice echoed. She reached into her side pocket that contain some kunais (sp?).

4/15/2008 #72
Roman C Lee

((No idea ^-^ But while we're in parentheses, I have to tell you that to explain what Jess is doing I'll have to describe what she is making Maddie feel ^_^))

Jess stepped back, watching Maddie's eyes widen and bulge their way out of her sockets. She gave up all resistance and evaporated into her other dimension.

She swirled around Maddie's head, sending shivers down the girls spine, controlling Maddie's every sensation, every feeling. Jess sent the ghost of her hand to rest on Maddie's shoulder and watched as Maddie swirled around, only to find nothing. She sent arms wrapping around her, twisting against the girls form. Jess sent echoes of Tim's, Adam's, and the stanger's voices ringing through Maddie's mind.

They told Maddie everything she didn't want to hear.

4/15/2008 . Edited 4/15/2008 #73

Maddie clutched her head as she heard the voices; it was starting to become a major headache all at once for her.

4/15/2008 #74
Roman C Lee

"Aww, Maddie," cooed Jess in mock disappointment, appearing before the girl once again, but not releasing Maddie from her hold--she remained in the other dimension. "Giving up already? No, that's not like you. I've been in your head, I know. You want to fight, you want to win, but you're scared." Jess scowled at the weakling she was crushing, and couldn't keep torturing the stupid girl.

"And so, you never will," Jess whispered as she released her, and watched as she fell to her knees automatically.

4/15/2008 . Edited 4/15/2008 #75

"W-why the hell do these memories have to keep haunting me?? Those fucking images?!" Maddie thought as she tried to recover. Memories of her family's death, all of the people that were tortured by the elves, begging for death, every place that the elves, half and not, went through. "Why am I being so effected by them more than anyone else??"

4/16/2008 #76
Roman C Lee

"Get up," Jess commanded vehemently. No one was this weak. "I don't care what haunts your past! It only exists if you let it! All that you feel is your doing. Now, get up."

4/16/2008 #77

Maddie growled as she quickly got up, still gripping the sharp ninja knife.

4/16/2008 #78
Roman C Lee

"Cut me with your toy, then," Jess suggested in a bored voice. "Well, come on!" Jess got into her stance, waiting for something. But, she didn't expect much from the girl.

4/16/2008 #79

Maddie glared at Jess as she muttered to herself and started doing some rapid hand signs. "Telodi Thosaerdar Meili Beria!" she yelled as she formed 3 fireballs in her hands. (Multiple Fireball Style Jutsu!)

4/16/2008 #80
Roman C Lee

((Ha HA! Awsome *kudos*))

Jess smirked as she evaporated on the spot, only to reappear behind Maddie and whisper, "Surprising, but not enough." Then she was gone again, leaving nothing, but a dark invitation resounding around the room:

"Find me, Maddie. I'm not hiding."

4/16/2008 . Edited 4/16/2008 #81

She quickly made some hand signs with her free hand shouting, "Madyrn Tyli Beria!" (Shadow Clone Jutsu!) Multiple Maddies appeared in the room. "Just try to find the real me then!" they all challenged. Their thoughts were the same and echoing throughout the room.

(This is what happens when you leave me alone to only watch either Naruto or some lame Disney channel movie that looks like it was made in the 80s or early 90s)

4/16/2008 #82
Roman C Lee

"You think I'm looking for you?" Jess whispered, appearing beside every Maddie, laying her head on their shoulders. "Aren't you the one who has to prove she's not worthless?"

4/16/2008 #83

One of the Maddies she appeared beside, shoved one of the fireballs into Jess's side. "You wanted a fight, I'm giving you one!"

4/16/2008 #84
Roman C Lee

"I'm an allusion, Maddie," pouted Jess, transforming all her-selves into black mambas. She slithered around their shoulders, and bit each neck. "I wanna be real," she hissed.

4/16/2008 #85

"What the hell?!" she thought as they all slashed at them.

4/16/2008 #86
Roman C Lee

"I'm in another dimension, Maddie," Jess hissed, then transformed into her true form. "Would you like to join me?" Jess invited warmly. "All you have to do is die first. I'd be happy to do the honors." She giggled, mutilating the normally happy sound into something wicked.

4/16/2008 #87

She shivered as she heard the laugh. "W-what the hell are you?"

4/16/2008 #88
Roman C Lee

"I'm Jess," she stated with fake surprise, making her voice girly and high. Jess grabbed Maddie's hair and ripped her head back. "I vant to suck jour blaad!" She mocked.

Jess blinked once, and licked Maddie's neck. "Big hint," she whispered teasingly, letting her fangs grow as her hunger lurched in intensity.

4/16/2008 . Edited 4/16/2008 #89

"Vampire..." she said as she struggled to get free.

4/16/2008 #90
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