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Roman C Lee


4/18/2008 . Edited 7/21/2008 #1

"Why the hell did I have to become so brain dead in the middle of that last fight?"

4/18/2008 #2
Roman C Lee

"I asked you a question," Jess growled, fighting the flashbacks vehemently. "Are you stupid enough that you didn't notice? Take a guess then, what do you think my weakness might be?"

Jacob, leaving her behind. Jacob, with that other . . . No, not now, Jess told herself.

4/19/2008 #3

"Abadonment from one that you truly care about?" she meekly stated.

4/19/2008 #4
Roman C Lee

"Wha? Why the hell would you think that?" She demanded. "I was talking combat." Bitch, Jess thought angrilly. "How would that help you in a battle against me or one of my kind?" Jess scowled and glowered at the girl. Bitch, she repeated to herself.

4/19/2008 #5

"Uh...I was just throwing it out there..." she muttered. (I'm totally out of it today!)

4/19/2008 #6
Roman C Lee

((^-^ That was actually a true statement, that's why Jess freaked. Um, you want a hint that Jess will NEVER give? Or she might, lol.))

"Well, ok, great job throwing it out here," Jess growled.

4/19/2008 #7

"Look, I have a few questions of my own: What the hell happened after I left last night, besides that man showing up and asking about me and Adam, and when the hell did that guy leave??" she glared at Jess.

4/19/2008 #8
Roman C Lee

"I was wondering when you would ask about that. I was wondering when I would have to tell you that it is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUISNESS."

Fine, let the girl get mangled by Victor, or one of his servents. She'll be dead within the hour. Stupid girl, did she think mixing with Immortals and Leaches had no consequences?

4/19/2008 . Edited 4/19/2008 #9

"At least tell me when that guy left. If it wasn't that long ago, I can try to hurry back and warn my friends," she stated firmly.

4/19/2008 #10
Roman C Lee

"Ya, let's go," Jess replied, standing up and grabbing her jacket from it's place on the counter. "Your friends should be warned. I'll move Tim to his room." Jess moved over to the booth Tim was unconscious in, and picked him up with ease.

4/19/2008 #11

"I'll wait for you. I rather not go out knowing that perverted bastard is still running around and will do who knows what once he finds me, Adam, or both," Maddie said.

4/19/2008 #12
Roman C Lee

"So, he's not after that other friend of yours? I forget his name," Jess questioned upon returning from Tim's room. She'd locked him in and put up a ward. No one was getting to him in his weakened state.

4/19/2008 #13

"He only knows about me and Adam traveling together, but not Mark. Mark was usually back at the apartment, reading a book or cooking. If that guy did know about Mark, he would've shown a picture of each of us."

4/19/2008 #14
Roman C Lee

"HA! Cooking," Jess giggled, an honest sound. "Sorry, that just gets me." She smiled.

4/19/2008 #15

"Most would think that," Maddie giggled also.

4/19/2008 #16
Roman C Lee

Jess ceased all sound and stared. I am not like most, she said to herself. I must not loose sight of that.

"We should go," she stated, turning away from Maddie and heading for the cafe back door.

4/19/2008 #17

Maddie nodded and followed her.

4/19/2008 #18
Roman C Lee

Outside in the ally, Jess stopped short. "Right, you don't have a car. I'll go get mine and pick you up. Wait here." Then she ran down the ally toward the front of the cafe.

4/19/2008 . Edited 4/19/2008 #19
Roman C Lee

Jess almost fell over with surprise as she rounded the corner. He's here??? Oh, no . . .

Jess twisted her form around jsut as he spotted her and started toward her. "MADDIE!" She hissed, opening her eyes wide. "He's here!"

There goes getting the car; there goes warning her freinds; there goes protecting Tim. Jess ran into Maddie collecting her in her arms as she ran, setting up ward after ward around the shop. Please be safe Tim.

What should I do? She screamed to herself, even though she knew what the only option was. No, I wont take her with me. I wont lay my soul beneath her feet like Tim. I'm not a fool. But she was lying to herself. She WAS a fool; a fool for not sucking up her fear and pride. A coward for not doing all she could to save this girl.

Jess sucked in a deep breath. "I'm taking you," she transfered to Maddie, and then she did, swirling into her other dimension. Pulling Maddie along with her, they disappeared from the world.

Don't look inside me, please. My mind is not an easy place to endure.

But that was a lost cause, Maddie was one with her--for now.

4/19/2008 . Edited 4/19/2008 #20

"Where are we going exactly??" she asked. Why the hell did this guy have to show up and ruin everything for her?!

4/19/2008 #21
Roman C Lee

Can't you tell? We're in my world. The one place where we are safe from everything. The only people who can enter, are people who I have allowed to feed off me. I've only ever let two people do this. Tim, Jacob, and now you. Because I have done this, you have access into my inter-most thoughts feelings, sadness. Don't ogle please, Jess added as Maddie watched what had happened after she had left yesterday.

Jess would have sighed if they were still in the first dimention. Maddie wasn't listening, but Jess couldn't care about that right now. Let her watch it, I don't care, she said to herself, forgetting that Maddie could hear her thoughts in here. She quickly slapped herself on the head, metaphorically that is.

Jess watched herself leave the cafe with Tim, Penny slung over her back, yet she walked as if without burden. Things blurred, then reappeared as clear as ever. Jess tried to hide her eyes, she didn't want to relive this, but she wasn't watching with eyes, so looking away, or blinding herself, wasn't possible.

Jess whimpered inwardly, the sound echoing around her world, as Jacob's face twisted into something foreign and monstrous. She watched him scream at her; she watched him slam the door in her face. And, she would have cried if it were possible as she relived that one fateful insight into Jacob's mind: he had wanted to hit her--to kill her.

Then thing switched to that horrible night two months ago, when she had found Jacob with Sean. Jess panicked.

PLEASE don't watch!!! I've never even told Tim about that! Please don't! She begged, displaying all her pain caused by the event unintentionally.

Please, don't look. I can't bear to relive that.

4/19/2008 . Edited 4/19/2008 #22

Maddie tore her 'eyes' away from the scene. "I should've stopped sooner...I'm sorry..."

4/19/2008 #23
Roman C Lee

Jess fell to her knees, after giving herself substance.

That's what you wanted to know. I guess I'm glad it's out of the way. Curiosity isn't a sin.

4/19/2008 #24

"I only wanted to know about what happened with Penny; I should've stopped once I noticed the change."

4/19/2008 #25
Roman C Lee

It's fine. You stopped when I needed you to. That's all that matters. Thank you for that. Anyone else wouldn't even have heard me begging.

4/19/2008 #26

"Trust me, if there's one thing that I won't do is that I pry into memories like that; that happened once and let's just say that it lead to a really bad thing, in my opinion..."

4/19/2008 #27
Roman C Lee

We need to focus on warning your friends. You need to help me get us there. I don't know where they are, but you don't know how to get us there from here, so we need to work together if we want to achieve anything.

4/19/2008 #28

Maddie nodded and told where Mark was. "I don't know about Adam though," she sighed.

4/19/2008 #29
Roman C Lee

You mean he doesn't stay with you? I thought you guys were, you know, bangin each other.

4/19/2008 #30
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