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Roman C Lee

"Maybe my brother learned the same lesson I did. Maybe he doesn't want to make my mistake. I hope," she murmured.

4/19/2008 #121

"Ask him when you get the next chance...and why did you nearly faint like that earlier back at the park?"

4/19/2008 #122
Roman C Lee

"I was trying not to ask you about it; I didn't want to bother you." Jess sighed. "I am an idiot."

4/19/2008 #123

"You might want to ask me now before we reach the apartment...which'll be in a few minutes now," Adam told her.

4/19/2008 #124
Roman C Lee

"I already asked you," Jess said with a frown. "I think I should walk now; I'm not weak."

4/19/2008 #125

"Thought there was another question, that's all," he said as he set her down.

4/20/2008 #126
Roman C Lee

"No," she said, righting her footing before stepping away from him and walking forward.

4/20/2008 #127

Adam followed her towards the apartment, where some yelling could be heard. "I thought we were trying to stay hidden, not let that man find her and rape her again!" he muttered angrily.

4/20/2008 #128
Roman C Lee

"What do you think is going on?" Jess asked, quickening her pace.

4/20/2008 #129

"Whatever they were talking about when you left, probably just got a lot worse!" Adam said, following her example.

4/20/2008 #130
Roman C Lee

"How can they still be going at it? I've been gone for a half an hour at the least!" Jess pulled open the door and stepped inside, moving aside so Adam could as well.

4/20/2008 #131
Roman C Lee

((Going to bed. It's morning already, I can't believe I stayed up ALL night Role-playing^_^))

4/20/2008 #132

(I know what you mean.)

"Guys, your back!" Maddie smiled, glad that they were both alright.

"Ok, I'm just going to say this once and only once: Not my fault that we're related to him!" Mark protested.

"Ok, if there's a first time for everything, I think I'm embarrassed by my own brother..." Adam muttered.

4/20/2008 #133
Roman C Lee

"Took you forty years," Jess returned in a murmur. Jess was a little amused at how the yelling on Maddie's part immediately stopped once they entered the house. She'd expected there to be flying vases, and screaming to put a siren to shame.

4/20/2008 #134

"Just how am I related to this...perverted freak?" Adam asked.


"If you say long lost brother, don't," Adam interrupted him.

"...Ni'm os par...ais sholyndrolar par, Eidas..." Mark muttered; Adam's jaw dropped.

4/21/2008 #135
Roman C Lee

Jess, looked to Maddie for an explanation, widening her eyes, attempting to get her attention.

4/21/2008 #136

"It was their dad, their biological dad..."

4/21/2008 #137
Roman C Lee

Jess' jaw dropped, but she didn't try to close it. Their father . . .

Jess looked back at Adam and Mark, and wondered how a father could hunt his own sons. Her mind swirled as she recalled just how loving family could be at times, and thought she had an idea of what their Dad was probably capable of doing, despite relation. They couldn't underestimate him.

4/21/2008 #138

The next thing that happened was also a first for Adam: he fainted from the shock of the truth.

4/22/2008 #139
Roman C Lee

Pick him up; put him on the couch or something! Jess transfered to Maddie, little panic in her 'voice.' That was how things like this affected her--not at all. But, after she was away from a scene, she couldn't stop replaying it in her mind.

4/23/2008 #140

A few minutes later, after Mark and Maddie moved Adam over to the sofa, Maddie didn't know what to do or think.

4/23/2008 #141
Roman C Lee

There's a man after you, and he's here in town. You can't just sit here; you need to find somewhere safe. Where can you go?

4/24/2008 #142

I-I don't know. I mean, my family's dead, and this is Adam and Mark's dad that we're talking about that's after us...

4/24/2008 #143
Roman C Lee

Well, if he's after you, he's not exactly family, is he? He's just another complication; a problem that needs dealing with.

If you don't have anywhere to go, Jess paused thinking her decision over. How could she know that Maddie, Mark, and Adam wouldn't turn on her or something? And she couldn't just leave Tim alone, locked in his room, and probably vulnerable.

I know of a place; I could take you there.

4/24/2008 #144

I can probably think why he would go after Adam, and it's probably our best choice...where is it?

4/24/2008 #145
Roman C Lee

It's sort of, Jess paused, knowing this was going to sound crazy, even in thought form. It's in another . . . world, she finished flinching slightly at how absurd it sounded in her head as she transmitted it.

4/24/2008 #146

Considering that there are half-elves in the living room, anything's possible...

4/25/2008 #147
Roman C Lee

You have to understand, she transfered anxiously. This is another world, another galaxy, another universe altogether. Beings like me and my brother inhabit this place, among other things. And, when you travel through worlds like that, time sort of, dissipates. I don't know what time it would be when we came back, I don't know what time it will be when and if we go there. Do you have anyone you wouldn't want to leave behind?

Jess flinched realizing that her question was directed at herself and Maddie. Could I leave him behind? He doesn't love me . . . Do I still love him? Jess shook her head, her eyes downcast. I MUST leave him behind; he is poison in my system--the sooner he is gone from my world the better. Jess tried to suppress her tears, knowing the sight would frighten Maddie to no end, but a few crimson drops managed to escape her closed lips. She wiped them away quick with her left hand and turned away to drink them, but Maddie had already seen.

4/26/2008 . Edited 4/26/2008 #148

"Jess??" she asked outloud, seeing what had happen just now.

4/26/2008 #149
Roman C Lee

Jess turned guiltily back toward Maddie. The last time someone had seen her cry blood . . . Well, she never saw them again.

"Ya?" she answered tentatively.

4/27/2008 #150
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