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Roman C Lee

I've got a couple characters that I need to get to know a bit more, and so I thought I should start another RP topic so that I could explore my characters on here. That, and we haven't had an Rp topic in a while.

Wonder what setting it'll be? First person who posts gets to decide that, I guess . . .

2/7/2009 #1
theredone1223, random bathroom...cafeteria where a food fight is many choices.

2/7/2009 #2
Roman C Lee

So many! I know! That was why YOU, first poster, Red, were supposed to choose one! lol, But lets choose together now . . .

Random bathroom sounds fun... for some reason. Shit happens in bathrooms--wait, I didn't realize the double meaning in that. Wow. Gosh, Lee, where is your MIND?

2/7/2009 #3

In a galaxy far far away, Lee's mind was busy fighting off Care Bears and Jedis! XD

2/7/2009 #4
Roman C Lee

Oh, how heroic! It's a good excuse . . . *snorts* Care Bears.

I like the sound of "in a galazy far far away"; lets have the rp there! On what planet, though, I wonder?

2/7/2009 #5

Let's do Saturn! I mean think about it, no one hardly chooses it in the anime or in real life it seems like cause

1. Isn't Saturn like the Roman name for Hades.

2. In the anime that has to do with planets (Sailor Moon) You hardly see Saturn at all...

2/7/2009 #6
Roman C Lee

Yep, I've never seen Sailor Moon. I hear a lot about it though; it seems to be like the mother of all anime, or something.

Saturn it is! Ur... the planet that's red, right? AH! You could be the ruler of Saturn, Red! And I'd rule under you, trying to take over the kingdom (muahahaha) all sneaky, slimy like.

2/7/2009 #7

Saturn the planet with the were thinking of Mars I think.

...what kind of people inhabit Saturn?

2/7/2009 #8
Roman C Lee

. . . Saturn . . . people XD. Ok, Lee is too busy to look up the planet Saturn on Wiki, so she's just going to pretend like she knows what planet you are talking about, Red.

I think I know what planet you're talking about *nods head*.

*Little Lee on Lee's shoulder shakes his head vigorously*

Yeah, I have a male concience . . . must be why I don't have much of one . . . EHe XD.

2/7/2009 #9

Me: ...Ever played the game Spore?

2/7/2009 #10
Roman C Lee

Ah, no, I don't think so. lol

2/7/2009 #11

Just had to ask.

2/7/2009 #12
Roman C Lee

How come?

... What character do you want to RP with? I'm gonna rp with Knevil, I think. He's gay. He's really fun, too.

2/7/2009 #13


*All the characters rush in*

Ok we have Twila and Colin, twins and they have wings and some power that involves moving through shadows...or at least that's Colin's ability. Not sure if Twila has that one yet.

2/7/2009 #14
Roman C Lee

Hmm . . . Knev, what do you think?

Knevil: I think that if Colin is a guy, he sounds hot.

... *whispers* Let's try not to freak out Red's characters; I'm pretty sure they're all straight.

Knevil: Damn.


Ok! Any more?

2/7/2009 #15

Well they also come free with a plain human sister...who is supposed to be dead at this point but trying to think of how to bring her back.

There is also Joy, a fan character but would probably do well anyways, but don't know if I should use her or not.

And obviously Madeline, and the two half-elves.

2/7/2009 #16
Roman C Lee

OH, shit... I just did something weird to my computer. Ehe . . . but whatever; I can still type.

Ah, lets play with the twins, without the human sister. I might bring in other characters; you can bring in other characters--the more the merr~ier.

Unless you don't want to use the twins!

2/7/2009 #17

Nah, like you, I have to get to know them I need some sort of plot...hopefully this'll help.

2/7/2009 #18
Roman C Lee

Right. Guess what?

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture. The associated Greek god, Cronus, was the son of Uranus and Gaia and the father of Zeus (Jupiter). Saturn is the root of the English word "Saturday" (see Appendix 5).

Saturn has been known since prehistoric times. Galileo was the first to observe it with a telescope in 1610; he noted its odd appearance but was confused by it. Early observations of Saturn were complicated by the fact that the Earth passes through the plane of Saturn's rings every few years as Saturn moves in its orbit. A low resolution image of Saturn therefore changes drastically. It was not until 1659 that Christiaan Huygens correctly inferred the geometry of the rings. Saturn's rings remained unique in the known solar system until 1977 when very faint rings were discovered around Uranus (and shortly thereafter around Jupiter and Neptune).

I actually looked for Saturn! Yosh!

2/7/2009 #19

...I must've been thinking of a different planet that had Hades...but still, no one hardly used it in Sailor Moon. I figured that planet should have some it has RINGS!

2/7/2009 #20
Roman C Lee

I know! HOw cool! We can skate on them . . . or something.

Ok. Do you wanna give the say so? Like, ready set . . . go?

2/7/2009 #21

(*clears voice* PrĂȘt, ensemble, allez!)

She couldn't believe it...that her brother was now the ruler of this 'new inhabitable' planet...and she was getting the god damn short end of the stick! Stay behind the scenes, he says; don't attract too much attention if you do leave, he says. Hell it was like being on Earth all over again, except it's worse. Twila scrubbed the floor harder, pissed off indeed at her brother and probably everyone else that practically flocked after him. Damn him! Damn him to hell!

2/7/2009 . Edited 2/7/2009 #22
Roman C Lee

Indeed, this new inhabitable planet had attracted much attention. People, aliens, and mutated animals alike flocked to the planet, and soon found themselves under new rule. Knevil found himself seeking refuge on this planet, Saturn, from his father. He would put the first part of his life behind him now, and would never look back. All there was, was now, and now was exciting.

2/7/2009 #23
Roman C Lee

(I wonder where we are. What's she scrubbing?)

2/7/2009 #24

(Fixed it)

2/7/2009 #25
Roman C Lee

Fixed what?

2/7/2009 #26
Roman C Lee

Ohhhh. Sorry, that was obvious, but I missed it XD.

2/7/2009 #27

No worries, heck it was small error that I fixed but it's all good.

2/7/2009 #28
Roman C Lee

Mmk . . . *ponders* Where is she, so that I can make him run into her?

2/7/2009 #29

Well if her brother is the ruler, then she's obviously scrubbing his royal floors...

2/7/2009 #30
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