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(...crap never thought this through)

4/25/2009 #61
Roman C Lee

(Yeah, but it doesn't matter. Just make shit up.)

4/26/2009 #62

"Wait, how much was Sis paid? Did I even paid Twila? DO I even pay her? How much did I pay the last guy?" he thought as he was trying to keep an answer. He was about to respond when there was a tap on the window behind him. "What th-TWILA?!" he nearly yelled as he saw his twin right outside the window. "This is the third floor, what are you doing here?!" he asked as he opened it up to allow her in.

4/26/2009 #63
Roman C Lee

"Huh, I'm on the wrong floor?" Knevil asked, looking up at "Twila" thoughtfully.

4/26/2009 #64

"There's apparently a basement," Twila explained as she looked over at Knevil. It was the girl from earlier. "...Colin did you forget how much you paid for the last guy?"

"N-No!" Colin stuttered, embarrassed. "J-just tell me why you're here and not on that break that I just heard about."

"Someone we all know and love was spotted in town nearby so I thought it would nice of you to know that," Twila explained. Colin just blinked. "...the guy who gave us theses," she hissed under her breath, pointing at the collars.


4/26/2009 #65
Roman C Lee

Knevil watched the interaction between brother and sister with idle curiosity, more concerned with . . . "So how much are you paying me, and where do I get to sleep?" He unstrapped his pack and ruffled around for his green-card.

4/26/2009 #66

"Give him the same pay that I'm usually given and he can sleep across the hall from you," Twila simply told her brother.

"Who told you to start making the rules?!"

"Since you fail at not figuring it out fast enough!"

4/26/2009 #67
Roman C Lee

Knevil grinned, then wondered if he should hide it or not. "Is it always this relaxed around here?" he asked, hopeful.

4/26/2009 #68

"Last time I checked it was-" Twila started and then they both said simultaneously.

"Yes" "No." The twins glared at each other.

"What do you mean by 'No' Sister dear?" Colin asked.

"I'm the one who has to clean up your s--- after some of the parties you throw!"

"We have a maid for that!"

"Where's this maid? Because I have yet to see them help out!"

4/26/2009 #69
Roman C Lee

Parties? "Oh, man, sweet," Knevil said, reaching over to high five his boss over the desk. "What kind'a parties?"

4/26/2009 #70

"Uh...most of them are like freaking ballroom type things but at least whenever I go to them that's how it feels like," Twila sighed. "I swear he's a total stiff and-" she started to say before there was a knock on the door.

(Do you mind being like the person that gave my characters the collars? I kinda wrote a drabble about him and Twila fighting in the Ipod Game story)

4/26/2009 #71
Roman C Lee

(Uh, you mean me writing your chatacter?)

4/26/2009 #72


Colin and Twila: YOU SUCK RED!

Me: *hangs head* I kinda want the ratio of characters to be even and as far as I know, no one else is going to be joining anytime soon. No offense.)

4/26/2009 #73
Roman C Lee

(Hmm, why would I be offended? It's just that, I don't know your character, or his past or anything. If you want me to, I can bring another character in, I just wonder who . . . I could create one, right off the bat, like another butler, but is that what you want?)

4/26/2009 #74

( tell you the truth I have no idea what he's like really because I only added him like...once or twice, and I only remember that he's responsible for the collars and that he's probably responsible for Terra's 'death'.

Twila: Damn bastard, killing our only older sister!

Terra: I'm right here.

Twila:...*feign surprise* Ah! Zombie!)

4/26/2009 #75
Roman C Lee

(It . . . would be a different person if I wrote him. I mean, why did he kill Terra? How? Why's she still here? Why did he make the bracelets for them if he was going to kill their older sister? XD What universe is this in?)

4/26/2009 #76
Roman C Lee

(Knevil: And is he gay?)

4/26/2009 #77

(I don't know; Terra was caught in this explosion that was probably was supposed to be for the twins, but since Colin and Twila escaped and she didn't she was assumed dead but in one of the drabbles I did she actually lived and just lost her memory

Twila: We went to work for him and apparently it was the only way to get some of those jobs/errands done when we were to do them in the daylight.

Colin:...he may possibly be bi...and perverted.)

4/26/2009 #78
Roman C Lee

(Knevil: What kind of preverted? How old is he?

Ok, did he set up the explosion then?)

4/26/2009 #79

(Sorry for the long reply, had to take a shower, and I'm assuming that he was just carrying out his job and I don't even know if he has been taking orders from someone else or doing his own thing because he has something against the twins...I have like this first chapter set up but I have yet to post it on this site...

Twila: Not above flirting with pre-teens when he's like in his twenties. We were like...12 or 13 when we first ran into him after Terra 'died' and he was his early twenties or so...yeah...)

4/26/2009 #80
Roman C Lee

(Well . . . ok XD. I'll just take some artistic liscence.)

4/26/2009 #81
Roman C Lee

(Can I decide what his name is and what he looks like?)

4/26/2009 #82

(I think that I came up with his name but not sure if it's like his real name or I take it as a yes you can decide on his name and looks. That I don't mind at all. Do you mind doing this?)

4/26/2009 #83
Roman C Lee

(Nope, it's kinda exciting actually. Fun.)

Knevil turned to look at the door behind him. "I'll get it," he announced. "I am the butler, anyways." He trotted across the room, opened the door with a florish, and there behind it stood a man with blonde hair, and a cheeky smile.

"Hello," he said by way of greeting and stode into the room calmly. "It's been a while. Lovely to see you again." He inclined his head curtiously to the twins.

4/26/2009 #84

Twila already started to tense up as Colin tried his best not to glare at him. "May we help you?" the black haired girl asked through clinch teeth.

4/26/2009 #85
Roman C Lee

"Right, right," Knevil said, misinterpriting their tense expressions. "I forgot; I'm new to this." He then turned to the man and offered his elbow with a silly grin on his face, amused by his new occupation. "Can I take your coat, Sir?"

"Sure," the man replied, grinning back at him. He removed his buisness jacket and handed it to Knevil. "My name is Derne," he informed him. "Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, me too. I'm Knevil, their new butler," he said, heading over to the coat rack. Derne shifted his attention to the twins before him. He put on a somber expression.

"Yes, you may help me . . ." He held the phrase in the air so long, even Knevil turned to stare at him curiously from across the room. " . . . With boarding for the night. And dinner."

4/26/2009 #86

"For how long?" Colin asked, taking a seat. Twila shot him a look that said, 'WTF ARE YOU THINKING?!' He just simply raised a hand to her and said, "That way we can prepare the room the best we can. Quick night or week, it'll already be set up. If not, we'll see what we can do."

4/26/2009 #87
Roman C Lee

Derne smiled, moving to take the seat previously occupied by Knevil, but-- "Hey, old man, I was sitting there!" Knevil said, booty bumping the man out of the way and ploping down into the seat. Then, after a moment of silence, he looked up at Colin curiously. "As a butler, am I allowed to do that?" he wondered aloud. Derne chuckled.

4/26/2009 #88

"...I'll allow it," Colin chuckled as well.

4/26/2009 #89
Roman C Lee

"Sweet," Knevil said, smiling. Derne leaned back against the wall leisurely.

"As I was about to say," he began, glancing back to Knevil for a moment. "I don't think I'll need to stay for too long. I just thought I'd visit," he informed them with a smile.

4/26/2009 #90
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