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Two per room, with an ensuite bathroom.
3/24/2008 #1
George glared around at her new room, unsure which bed she should take. Sighing slightly, she decided that if push came to shove and she felt trapped, she'd sleep on the floor.
3/25/2008 #2
Chris walked in behind her, "Dibs on the wall bed." She claimed the bed by putting her stuff down on it. "You can have the window bed."
3/25/2008 #3
George almost jumped. Smiling, she turned to the other girl, her fallen angel smile on her face. "Sure ya don't want to share, babe?"
3/25/2008 #4
"I need a whole bed." She replied, exposing her silver blue wings.
3/25/2008 #5
"Oh!" George muttered. "They're pretty!"
3/25/2008 #6
"Mind you.... don't touch the primary feathers, they're very sharp."
3/25/2008 #7
All American Grl

Carol was walking down the hallway, looking at the door numbers. She stopped in front of her room. She took a key out of her pocket and unlocked and opened the door. "I'll be a sec," she told Kylie. Then she went over to her bed and pulled a bag out from under it and looked inside. She nodded and then reached in and began loading the guns. When she was done she closed the bag and stood up. She glanced at her watch. "Hey," she said walking up to Kylie. "We should get going. We've got 10 minutes to meet the others."

8/25/2008 #8
Runaway Inferno

Kylie watched Carol pack her bag.

"I'm ready if you are." she said.

8/25/2008 #9
All American Grl

Carol nodded. "I'm good to go," she said as she walked out of her dorm. She glanced at it. Nothing looked out of place. Good, she thought.

8/25/2008 #10
Runaway Inferno

Kylie followed Carol out of the dorm. Nothing looked out of place. Good, thought Carol. Kylie saw the room before and after. Even to her heigtened eyes, nothing looked out of place.

"Good job," she said sincerely.

8/26/2008 #11
All American Grl

Carol blinked a little suprised but she turned and nodded. "Thanks," she said sincerly also.

8/26/2008 #12
Azar Shamira Malak

Morrgian hurried down the hallway, and stopped at a staircase. She turned around to see Sai comming. She waited then hurried up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. She stopped at the top, and waited till Sai was with her, then went to the right, counting the numbers on the door. She came to the room number where the teacher told her, that this was her room. It was closed, and she waited for Sai.

8/30/2008 #13

Robyn scowled as she opened the door to her room. It was plain, with two beds and what appeared to be a bathroom. Very tiny, actually. But she didn't care about that, what she cared was coming to this bloody school in the first place. What was the use? An all girl's school filled with goody-goody angels (sometimes litteraly!) and annoying suck-ups...She missed home. She wanted to go home. She wanted to go anywhere, but not here! It was like a jail. Come to think of it, it probably had been a jail.

She sighed and set her bag down on the bed closest to the window, hoping no one would come and take the other one. If she could only have her own room, things would already be better. Why was she in this mess already?

Oh, right. She remembered now.

'Spy on them. Do whatever's needed to discover what they're hiding at that school.'

They weren't hiding anything! Except maybe a stuffy school with stuffy classrooms and stuffy teachers and annoying students. And ugly dormitories -dormitories! Not bedrooms!- with tiny ensuite bathrooms.

And she was supposed to stay here for a year?

1/23/2009 #14

Elyse opened the door to her new room and groaned, there was someone else here too. She was black hair aswell, and she appeared to be younger than Eylse herself. The room itself was small, and it didn't look like she would be getting much privacy. Dragging herself over to the empty bed, she layed down, not really caring the other girl was in the room.

4/5/2009 #15
Azar Shamira Malak

Morrgian's impatiance got the best of her, and she walked in. She looked everywhere for her bag, and finally found her bag under a bed. She opened the bag, and quickly put on the silver chain mail armor. She then quickly took the dark blue tunic and threw it on as well. She then put on her silver arm guards, and tied her belt that held her scabbard around her waist. She had extra armor, and some tools to fix them, but she didnt want the others to wear this, and as she grabbed the rest of the little armor, and weapons she had she heard noise from the hallway.



Her grip on the bag tightened.

"Hello is anyone there?"

4/5/2009 #16

Elyse looked around at her surroundings, and jumped off the bed, "Hello? Yes someone is here, who are you?"

4/5/2009 #17

Haven chewed idly on the end of her pen. Her bag was slung over her shoulder; she stood infront of the door of her dorm. Hm. Nothing too impressive. She'd live. Her boots clunked as she strode to one of the beds, tossing her bag heartlessly on the mattress. " Well this blows." Was all she said, plunking on the mattress aside the bag. she reclined against the wall and rested her ankle on her knee, folding her lean arms across her well endowed chest. " Hmph." For now she'd sit and boredly stare.

4/24/2009 #18

Rayna looked at the dorms and sighed. Better here than outside. She stroked her very long blue and brown hair and sat her stuff on a bed. "Haven." Rayna said. "This totally blows." Rayna laughed. This would be a long day.

9/2/2009 #19
Katelyn Renee

[Outfit - flare out jeans, high heels, white tank top that fit loosely and a wide clasp belt that fit snuggly under the b***]

Jordan walked down a hall, her heels clicking on the floor, passing door by door until she came to the one that was suppose to be hers. She checked the little slip of paper that was given to her by a teacher, and it was right. She knocked on the door slightly as she opened it. There was another girl in the room. Jordan could only guess that it was her roomate. She smiled her famous smile at the girl as she shut the door behind her.

10/22/2009 . Edited 10/27/2009 #20

Unity looked up from her book. Eyeing Jordan quitely, her red hair falling in her face. "Hello, you are who exactly?"

9/23/2010 #21

Lyza stepped into the old academy and leaned on her flamethrower, surveying the area tentatively. "I can't believe Danny actually left me here!" she protested.

"Chill out, Lyza." Aly limped in, rolling her eyes. "He left me here, too."

"And knowing him, he probably made us roomates to make us hate each other less." Lyza said, crossing her arms over her flat chest.

"Just don't go to sleep tonight." Aly grinned.

Lyza's gaze fell to Aly's gun peeking out from the bottom of Aly's cargo shorts. "Man, Danny should have taken Aly's guns away." Lyza thought.

11/4/2010 #22

"OK, I don't care what the hell is going on, I'm leaving." Aly said, turning around and walking out the door, not to be seen again.

11/4/2010 #23

Just destroy those last two posts.....someone. And then destroy this one so I can start over.....

11/4/2010 #24
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