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Name: Jejire Grynn (ヂェジャー・グリン Jejaa Gurin)

Sex: Male

Date of birth: N/A

Age: N/A (appears to be seventeen by human reckoning)

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Purple-black (fur is purple and purple with black stripes)

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood type: N/A

Favorite foods: Cheese, cream

Least favorite foods: Field mouse pudding, grass

Likes: Money, sex

Dislikes: Not having money, prudes

Hobby: Photography

Appearance: Jejire is a tall, slender Rêveaman boy with feline features such as a tail, ears, fangs, and whiskers. His hair is short and messy. He looks very apathetic, a look he has carefully cultivated, but he can fake any emotion he needs to satisfy his clients or trick his marks. His face is long, and mischief dances in his eyes.

Personality: Jejire is a selfish, uncaring boy who is interested solely in his own interests. He lives to gain money by any means he can, and the two most profitable ways of doing so have been prostitution and confidence tricks, although he has no problem with robbery or even murder to further his ends. Jejire is very sly and cunning, able to gain the trust of others easily, which has helped him avoid an extremely horrible death many times. A vain individual, Jejire thinks highly of his appearance and works to maintain it.

History: Unknown…

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