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Name: Cassandra O’Kelly (カッサンドラ・オケリー Kassandora Okerii) A.K.A. Cassie O’Kelly (キャシー・オケリー Kyashii Okerii)

Sex: Female

Date of birth: 16 June

Age: 15

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood type: B

Favorite foods: Salad, fruit

Least favorite foods: Most forms of meat

Likes: Animals (especially cats, snakes, and sharks), horror films

Dislikes: Cruelty, narrow-minded people

Hobby: Collecting macabre goods

Appearance: Cassie is a highly voluptuous girl with pale skin, large breasts, and wide hips. She looks playful and mischievous with an impish, pixie-like face. Her eyes are large and expressive. A white streak is dyed on the left side of her hair, which is also tired into pigtails. She is fond of wearing black midriff-exposing blouses, short black skirts, and black fingerless elbow-length gloves. Cassie always wears a silver crucifix and has a small half rainbow tattooed over her navel.

Personality: Cassie is a cheerful, creative type with a taste for the “spooky things in life”. Flexible, optimistic, and willful, Cassie is a self-described perky goth. She likes horror films, playfully morbid imagery, and animals. Cassie understands very well she has a sexy body and likes to show off her figure. She has a problem with being too impulsive though and can run off without thinking things through. Cassie has a firm belief in God, although her lifestyle sometimes clashes with her family and church.

History: Cassandra O’Kelly was born in Shadefield to a devoutly Catholic family. This caused some problems growing up, especially when she embraced goth culture. Cassie went through a period of time where she was deeply troubled by her sexuality, but came to accept herself as she was. She met her best friend and later lover Annie Wang at Shadefield High School and the two have been dating ever since.

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