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Name: Wang Fengma (王 封馬 [ワン フンマ] Wan Funma) A.K.A. Vincent Wang (ヴィンセント・ワン Vinsento Wan) A.K.A. Didi (弟弟 [ディーディー] Diidii)

Sex: Male

Date of birth: 4 November

Age: 10 Eyes: Black

Hair: Black Height: 131 cm

Weight: 30 kg Blood type: AB

Favorite foods: Sanbeiji, ham pizza

Least favorite foods: Choudoufu, broccoli

Likes: Boy’s manga, video games, wuxia

Dislikes: Homework, dirty tricks

Hobby: Chinese martial arts

Appearance: Vincent is a well-built young boy with an athletic build. His face is determined and cute. He has messy short hair. His choice in clothing is often simple T-shirts and shorts.

Personality: Vincent is an aggressive, willful boy. He takes life seriously and has a strong sense of justice and honor. Inspired by years of reading boy’s manga and watching wuxia, Vincent tries to live up to the moral standards of his fictional heroes. He certainly tries, but when it comes to the ethics of Chinese martial arts, Vincent is somewhat lacking in humility, politeness, and patience. Vincent is fluent is both Mandarin and English.

History: Wang Fengma was born in Taiwan. His family moved to the United States early on in her life, and there he adopted the English name Vincent Wang (Vince to close friends). His family moved to the New England town of Shadefield, Massachusetts, and for the most part Vincent has remained there (the occasional trip back to Taiwan notwithstanding). In Shadefield Vincent met his friends, Lucy Misono and Beatrice Bianchi. They currently attend Shadyfield Elementary School. He has a crush on Lucy, but he also feels fascinated by his elder sister’s friend Julian Cohen. Vincent lives with his parents and elder sister.

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