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An'uuto (暗物) are the natural inhabitants of the World of Darkness. There are two kinds of An'uuto: Shamuan'uuto (上暗物) and Hya'an'uuto (下暗物). Hya'an'uuto are non-sapient, basicly animals. Shamuan'uuto are sapient life, commonly bipedal and possessing opposable thumbs.


An'uuto (暗物) are the natural inhabitants of the World of Darkness. There are two kinds of An'uuto: Shamuan'uuto (上暗物) and Hya'an'uuto (下暗物). Hya'an'uuto are non-sapient, basicly animals. Shamuan'uuto are sapient life, commonly bipedal and possessing opposable thumbs. All An'uuto have fangs (at the least sharpened canine teeth for puncturing skin). The vast majority of An'uuto experience a strong sensitivity to direct natural sunlight and cannot endure it for even short periods of time, although some races are naturally accustomed to sunlight. The average lifespan for a healthy Shamuan'uuto is 1,000 years, although some live much longer than that. All An'uuto need to consume meat and blood to remain healthy, although some need more than others. Many Hya'an'uuto can live off of vegetable matter with only minor amounts of meat or blood. Without eatting meat, an An'uuto will sicken and die. Without drinking blood an An'uuto's brain suffers degeneration, falling into an irreversable madness and later death if the maddened An'uuto cannot find blood to consume. Shamuan'uuto, on average, need to eat some meat every few weeks and need to drink blood every few days. Many An'uuto are capable of using supernormal abilities through various means. Through a special process, Shamuan'uuto can turn non-An'uuto into An'uuto.

There are four major types of Shamuan'uuto. Each type is divided further into many different races save for Gaiza.


Degakuni (地獄耳), or "the hellish eared", are distinguished by smooth skin absent of hair except on the cranium and (for males) face, and long sharply-pointed ears. They could pass for human at a distance, although some Degakuni possess further inhuman features, such as horns, wings, and hairless tails. Many also possess hair and skin colors very different from those normally possessed by humans.

Examples: Prince Resu, Fuisa Dehatsu, Kaiza.


Shouni (獣耳), or "the animal eared", are distinguished by ears like those of particular animals, tails like those of particular animals, and fur (the color often matching that of the cranial hair) that covers the forearms, hands, forelegs, and feet. Some possess claws on the hands and feet too. Outside of those features, they look the same as the Degakuni.

Examples: Night Tsukigami.


Shouren (獣人), or "the animal people", are distinguished by having bodies entirely covered by fur and possessing heads similar to particular animals. Essentially, Shouren appear as anthropomorphic animals.

Examples: ?


Gaiza (改者), or "the converted", are Shamuan'uuto who were born as a different creature but became An'uuto in a process called gaiketsu (改血), or "renewal of blood". A non-An'uuto typically will have an amount of its blood drained then replaced by An'uuto blood. Some non-An'uuto have alergies to An'uuto, and a single bite or scratch can result in transformation. A Gaiza looks exactly as it did prior to becoming an An'uuto, save for the growth of sharpened teeth to aid in drawing blood. The process of becoming an An'uuto can provide stronger powers and abilities, but for an already powerful being, becoming an An'uuto can be a handicap, becoming vulnerable to sunlight and dependant on meat and blood. Generally the transformation is irreversible, although in one instance a human turned into a Gaiza and later returned to being human, but only though the aid of a very unusual power.

Examples: María Susana, Tara Niou, Seia Kazama, Suzuko Nouhara, Mion Hoshi.

In addition to those types, there is a form of An'uuto known as a Wairito'uuto (唯一物), or "unique being". These are An'uuto without race or type, being wholly unique. They can look like anything, but generally a Shamuan'uuto Wairito'uuto will still be humanoid, although this is not garrenteed. Wairito'uuto tend to live extraodanarily long lives and possess great power. They can be born to non-Wairito'uuto parents, and a Wairito'uuto's children may not be Wairito'uuto themselves. It is thought by some that the gods of the World of Darkness are themselves just Wairito'uuto of unbelievable power.


All Shamuan'uuto speak a language called Emu (永語). Some Hya'an'uuto can understand Emu but cannot speak it. Somehow, the capacity for understanding Emu is inherent in all Shamuan'uuto, so even newborns are capable of reading not long after birth (speaking and writing comes later as those take more practice). The writing system is a complex series of symbols matching that of hanzi in Chinese, but with a different pronounciation.

Supernormal abilities

Some Shamuan'uuto can utilize ways to manipulate their own bodies and the world around them in a variety of ways far beyond what one might consider normal. There are two ways to do this: qi (気), the power of the body, and magic (呪術), the power of the soul. Qi is naturally produced by lifeforms, and is the energy of life. Mastering control over one's qi allows someone to perform normally impossible feats with the body, from improving all physical traits to tapping into the basic elements of the World of Darkness. Magic is literally rewriting reality briefly in minor ways to override the laws of nature, using portions of the soul to power these effects.

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Mastering qi control makes one significantly healthier than one who has not, granting a much longer life, strength, speed, and a stronger system. Qi control is also extremely physically demanding and requires many years of intense dicipline. Magic is extremely varried in technique and power, granting control over a great number of effects. The intense study can leave the physical body weak though, and the use of magic can destroy a soul if used recklessly, utterly annihilating the user and halting a soul's cycle of reincarnation. It is extremely rare for someone to practice qi control and magic at once, and those who do often only perform rudimentary forms of both. It is a truly fearsome being that can use both with great skill. It has been noted that great leaders tend to be highly skilled in either qi control or magic, or have people on hand who can for them as enforcers and advisors.


An'uuto come from the various realms of the World Darkness, usually with alligence to a local government. Some realms consist of many small nations, but some nations are powerful enough to rule multiple realms—the equivalent of one government controling multiple planets. However, some An'uuto fall through the spaces where the World of Darkness grows thin and land in other worlds. Other deliberately escape the World of Darkness to start new lives elsewhere. This is considered highly illegal by all governments of the World of Darkness, for An'uuto can have trouble surviving outside the World of Darkness or may adversely affect the people native to other worlds. An'uuto can successfully live in other worlds with enough resorcefulness though, even thrive. Sometimes communities will form in isolated areas, relying on farms to stay supplied with the meat and blood they need. Others may go off and prey upon the natives. While the governments ban travel between worlds, many governments mount expeditions to other worlds in secret.

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Very interesting. I'm already getting character ideas.

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That is good to hear. More information will come shortly.

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I think it is done for now. If anything else comes up I will add more, but for now it should be finnished. I need to work on other threads detailing the An'uuto races now.

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Alright. Thanks you for the information.

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