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Shamuan'uuto are comprised of many different races originating from different realms in the World of Darkness. Dispite the difference in cultures and homes, all Shamuan'uuto understand and use the same language, Emu. Curiously, An'uuto cannot breed hybrids; interracial coupling does not produce a child of mixed race but a child matching the race of either parent or a direct ancestor.

Many An'uuto people freely mingle with other races, particularly in empires that contain multiple demographics. Other races keep to their own nations and lands.

This thread will list major An'uuto races below.

1/14/2010 #1

Interesting. I'm curious to hear more about the races.

1/14/2010 #2

Thank you. It is daunting to describe these.


Hantomu (漢唐) are the most common of the Degakuni races, with four seperate realms with a Hantomu majority and they consitute a significant minority in other realms. How they spread so far is a mystery.

Hantomu are the An'uuto closest in appearance to humans, merely possessing pointed ears and sharp fangs as outward indicators of not being human. Beyond that they appear just like humans, even having the same range of skin tones. However, Hantomu also have a much wider range of hair and eye colors than humans do. Skin tone also varies more dramatically between indivudal members; two light-skinned Hantomu might produce a much darker-skinned child.

Hantomu have no single culture, being so widespread, although cultural similarities can be observed between the four Hantomu-majority realms. Hantomu living outside the Hantomu realms tend to assimilate into the culture of an adopted nation.

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Pidaku (裨特) are a Shouni race that originated in the Yuebun realm (月本). Due to their popularity with other races, the Pidaku have spread through out the World of Darkness.

Pidaku average in height at 180 centimeters in height. They possess lithe, muscular bodies with a natural grace and speed. Their ears and tails are like those of a cat, and their hands and feet have thick paw pads. Thin, curved claws grow from the fingers and toes. They have split pupils. Pidaku have a tendancy to clentch their fingers into fists when not in use, making their hands look even more like cat paws.

Pidaku are famed for their beauty, dancing, and martial arts. They developed a style of martial arts known as Myuukun (猫拳) with some devastating qi techniques such as the Myuumyuuha (猫々波). A more unusual ability among some Pidaku is a talent for shapeshifting, but this is rare. The ones that do have this shapeshifting make make excellent spies.

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Hiri (希理) are a Degakuni race that originated in the white snowy fields and arctic tundras of the Ourou realm (皇露).

Hiri average in height at 182 centimeters in height. They are known for having tall, slender bodies. Their most noticable traits are their pure snow-white hair and skin. The Hiri are famed for an androgynous, etherial beauty, particularly in males.

The Hiri are well-kown for their thick coats and woolly hoods to stay warm in their frozen homeland. Their garments are a national symbol of sorts, with Hiri living outside of cold environments still adopting the look, such as Prince Resu of the Empire of Greater Remuran. The Hiri have a long line of talented magic users in their history, as well as scientists and composers. However, with the formation of the Democratic People's Republic of Touna and the take-over of a significant chunk of Ourou, the communist regime has persecuted some magic user Hiri for having a talent that is usually inborn and thus cannot be redistributed equally among all Touna citizens.

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Kumemu (惧夢) are a Degakuni race that can trace their origins to the gloomy Narakka realm (奈落迦).

Kumemu are very tall, growing up to 185 centimeters at times. They have curving goat or ram-like horns growing from their skulls, black bat-like wings growing from their shoulders, and long pointed black tails growing from their backsides. Their hands and feet are clawed. This is another race known for their exceptional beauty, with males ranging from slim to well-muscled and females often being slender and well-endowed. Kumemu have powerful pheromones that can make them highly desirerable to other An'uuto, although it is considered extremely bad manners to have the pheromones active all the time, and a Kumemu who has to rely on pheromones to get its way is often shunned and ridiculed. The pheromones released through the skin are fairly mild even at their strongest, simply used as a way to get attention. The pheromones are much more highly concentrated in the saliva, making the bite of a Kumemu the most pleasurable of all An'uuto according to polls on which An'uuto have the sexiest bites. The saliva can be refined into a potent aphrodisiac. The Kumemu pheromone can result in people having vividly sexual dreams of Kumemu.

The Kumemu are stereotyped by other An'uuto as shallow sex-fiends and vain cowards with Kumemu women further stereotyped as cruel, whim-wielding dominatrixes. Kumumu are known for extraordanary sexual energy, leaving their partners exausted and leading to rumors that Kumemu drain qi during sex. In truth, Kumemu simply enjoy sex as much as other races do, and admire beauty in all forms, such as music and art.

1/16/2010 #6


Yasha (夜叉) are a Degakuni race that originated in the woods and mountains of Inbon realm (印梵), like many other races.

Yasha are powerfully muscled and broad-shouldered An'uuto tending to grow 175 centimeters tall. Their fingers are tipped with savage claws that look like iron and their skins tends to come in shades of brown. Yasha have white hair to contrast with their dark skin. Yasha eyes turn bright-red when enraged, giving an intense look to them. They are known to make fierce soldiers, but they have a rich history of poetry and story-telling, and today many of the World of Darkness' favorite actors are Yasha.

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Kandappa (乾闥婆) are a Degakuni race that originated in the forests of Inbon realm (印梵), like many other races.

Kandappa are a slender, graceful people with light-blue skin and white hair. They are capable of making strange sound-based attacks, and many great musicians came from the Kandappa culture due to the Kandappa affinity for sound. In the huge Inbon motion picture business, Kandappa have contributed many lovely actresses and award-winning music scores.

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Ashuura (阿修羅) are a Degakuni race that originated in the forests of Inbon realm (印梵), like many other races.

Ashuura are a muscular race with skin in shades of red or blue. They have a pair of small, blunt yellow horns growing from their heads and savage claws on their hands and feet. They are a tall people, growing up to 190 centimeters at times. Even the females can be heavily muscled like the males, although many are smaller and more svelte. Ashuura hair can come in a variety of colors, and a rich green is considered especially attractive. Ashuura have a fearsome reputation, to the point where the word shuura (修羅) is an Emu word meaning "carnage"; it is unknown if the word refers to the Ashuura or if the Ashuura got their name from the word.

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Karoura (迦楼羅) are a Degakuni race that originated in the forests of Inbon realm (印梵), like many other races.

Karoura are a light brown-skinned race with colorful bird-like wings growing from their shoulders. They stand about 165 centimeters tall on average. Their hands and feet are clawed, and are capable of grasping objects with their feet as well as with their hands. Karoura have had a long-standing rivalry with the Naga race, as well as the Kuon'uuto race, and generally any other winged An'uuto race.

1/19/2010 #10


Kin'nara (緊那羅) are a Degakuni race that originated in the forests of Inbon realm (印梵), like many other races.

Kin'nara are a olive-skinned race, tall and androgynous, about 168 centimeters. They appear delicate and doll-like, with iridescent feather-like hair, often a shade of light pink or blue. Kin'nara have long faces and fingers. They look serious and dour.

1/20/2010 #11


Naga (納加) are a Degakuni race that originated in the forests of Inbon realm (印梵), like many other races.

Naga are a race with skin in shades of brown and usually deep black hair, but their most noticable feature is that instead of a pair of legs a large, powerful snake tail grows from the waist down. Another noticable trait is that some Naga have a large pearl embedded in their foreheads. Naga tend to have a natural talent for magic, and many learn to replace their snake tails with legs to better integrate among races with legs. Naga like to use pearls as focuses for their magic. The scales of the tail come in various colors.

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Touba (兎婆) are a highly unusual Shouni race that originated in Yuebun realm (月本).

What make the Touba unusual are that they hair four sets of ears, two pointed ones growing from the sides of their head like a Degakuni and then two rabbit-like ears extending from the top of the head. They also lack the fur other Shouni races have on their forearms and forelegs. The only reason the Touba are classified as Shouni are the fluffy powderpuff-like tails growing from their backsides. They are about 164 centimeters tall and tend to have pale pink skin. Their legs are long and powerful. Touba, especially female Touba, are often stereotyped as vapid and stupid. This stems from the thousands of years of female Touba being used as slaves and thus going without educations. In modern times Touba are allowed the same rights as other Shamuan'uuto, but descrimination still lingers.

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Yaokyuu (妖巧) are a Degakuni race originating in Yuebun realm (月本).

Yaokyuu are very small, their tallest members averaging at 146 centimeters. They are a very slender, petit race with a pair of antenae growing from the forehead, large eyes that look like balls of solid obsidian, a pair of translucent gossamer wings like a dragonfly from the shoulders, and long legs. Yaokyuu skin tends to be a pale pink or completely white, and their hair colors range from blond to pink or dark purple. Yaokyuu have a reputation for being sneaky and playing pranks for fun, and several successful assassin clans rose from the Yaokyuu. They antenae provide remarkable senses, allowing them to sense qi and magic from long distances.

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Saioan (塞猿) are a Shouni race that originated in the mountains of Hatsuna realm (華那).

Saioan tend to grow up to 167 centimeters. They have monkey-like ears and tails. Many are lean and limber, but have the potential to grow very strong and muscular. Their fur tends to be brown, but white and gold are not unheard of. Saioan are very flexable and swift.

There was once a powerful Saioan kingdom that ruled through cruel force, but it was absorbed into the Empire of Greater Remuran after a bloody war. Saioan are mostly found in Hatsuna or Remuran now.

1/20/2010 #15


Mokumuku (漠牧) are a Degakuni race from the deserts of Sahoi realm (沙海).

Mokumuku are a brown and copper-skinned race that tend to grow about 173 centimeters and tend to have black hair and eyes. There is very little difference between a Mokumuku and a Hantomu in outward appearance. The Mokumuku were originally nomatic, but they developed large, advanced kingdoms across Sahoi. A variety of sensual dances were created by Mokumuku.

1/20/2010 #16


Kuon'uuto (光物) are a Degakuni race from the sunny fields of Youya realm (陽野).

Kuon'uuto are tall, fair-skinned, and fair-haired An'uuto growing up to around 187 centimeters. Their eyes are usually blue, green, or gray. Broad wings with pure-white feathers grow from the shoulders. Kuon'uuto are a race that not only tolerates sunlight but embrace it and thrive in it. The teritories the Kuon'uuto empire rules are known collectively as the World of Light (光明界) even though it exists within the World of Darkness instead of being its own world. The Kuon'uuto tend to believe that light is good and darkness is evil, so they are the closest An'uuto to good while others are living in evil. This makes them unpopular enough with the rest of the World of Darkness, but their patriarcal society, stiffling traditions, and collectivist attitudes result in the Kuon'uuto being widely hated. Evidently plenty of Kuon'uuto hated the prevaling attitudes of the World of Light too, as there was an infamously brutal civil which lead to about a third of its own armed forces and a substantual fraction of the civilian population abandoning their home, most of them relocating to the then-emerging Empire of Greater Remuran. There is a tremendous amount of hate between the World of Light and Remuran because of that. Remuranian Kuon'uuto ended up forming a culture of their own to fit the society norms of their new home.

1/21/2010 #17


Nyuugoku (牛角) are a Shouni race from the plains of Hatsuna realm (華那).

Nyuugoku are very tall An'uuto, often growning past 190 centimeters. They grow very bulky, their muscle mass, especially in males, developing rapidly during adolescence. Females develop very large breasts that produce milk regularly during adolescence, although now there are pills that can surpress those hormones if they wish, although traditional-minded Nyuugoku woman never do so. Curved horns, smaller on females than males, poke from the tops of their heads. Nyuugoku have ears like those of cows.

Many Nyuugoku live in primitive tribes along Hatsuna's plains, but more and more individuals are leaving their tribes to join more modern society. Nyuugoku shamans worry that they original culture will die out if members keep leaving the tribes.

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Ryukubi (緑夕) are a Degakuni race originating in Ryukuyao realm (緑妖).

Ryukubi tend to be 169 centimeters and have a very human appearance, like the Hantomu. However, their ears sweep back instead of pointing at an upward angle like most other Degakuni, their eyes are always bright green with a series of three concentric circles appearing within the pupil, and sea-green trianglular markings pointing downward on the cheeks.

The majority of Ryukubi have been made into citizens of the Empire of Greater Remuran since Ryukuyao was taken over. Since the rebellion of Queen Amida and the founding of Gyourunkai, the occupying forces had been expelled, but the retalliation by Remuran was dire, casuing a split between Ryukuyaoans who support the rebellion and those who think the rebels are making life worse than ever. Many rebel Ryukubi have taken refuge in the many dense forests of Ryukuyao, making them exceedingly difficult to locate.

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