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The World of Light (光明界 Japanese: Koumyoukai; Emu: Kuonmingai)

Capital: Shoubara

Government: Monarchy

Population: 4,600,600 (estimated)

Introduction: The World of Light is a Kuon'uuto city-state in the southern-west region on the continent of Oua. It is primarily a Kuon'uuto settlement, but the promise of wealth and prosperity attracts many other kinds of An'uuto. The World of Light is one of the World of Darkness' superpower states, possessing one of the strongest millitary forces.

History: Legend says that there was once a Kumemu tribal leader named Abu (阿布). One night he had a vision, and he claimed that if the Kumemu gave up their decadent, carnal ways then they would be granted a glorious paradise all to themselves. Curious, the tribe followed Abu's new teaching, which espoused humbleness, simplicity, and purity. This was radical, for Kumemu tended to be extremely lustful and prideful. Abu's new teachings were not appreciated by other An'uuto, especially other Kumemu, and they drove Abu's tribe away. Undaunted, Abu lead the tribe southward until they reached a strange and horrifying sight: a vast expance touched by bright golden sunlight. The sky above was a light blue and dotted by fluffy white clouds. Unlike other places in the World of Darkness the sky and sun did not change colors over time. Abu said that the land was theirs, and that all true followers would walk into the bright-lit land. He stepped into the light and was instantly transformed, his black bat-like wings sprouting pure white feathers.

Abu's tribesmen followed and were similarly transformed. They settled the land and found, to their amazement, found it was overflowing with valuable resources. They quickly dubbed the land "the World of Light" and themselves the Kuon'uuto. Their resources made them extremely wealthy. Of course, they became a target of other An'uuto looking for someone to pillage. The light made it painful for most An'uuto to even enter the World of Light though, so the Kuon'uuto were well-protected. The near-constant attacks forced the Kuon'uuto to become effective warriors to defend themselves. Abu declaired himself emperor.

As time passed the World of Light became a mighty state. Guided by Abu's imperial descendents, its power and influence grew, yet it never sought to conquer other lands. It remains one of the strongest states in the World of Darkness.

People and culture: The World of Light is mostly populated by Kuon'uuto. Due to the climate the people wear light-colored outfits and are made of an airy material. Other An'uuto usually wear consealing clothing to hide from the burning sunlight.

The World of Light's prosperity means many An'uuto immigrate to it looking for new oppertunety. The World of Light's history of being attacked by other An'uuto has made the Kuon'uuto extremely xenophobic, so immigrants are usually mistrusted and mistreated.

The teachings of Abu have evolved into strict laws governing daily life. Laws regarding sexual conduct are especially strict, and homosexuality is strongly discouraged. Family values are very important to the culture of the World of Light, so strict censorship laws were created to protect family values from corruptive influences. All in all, the World of Light is quite repressive with its people (although some states are more repressive still). Its media is tightly controlled to keep citizens from being exposed to "harmful" materials.

Relations with other states in the World of Darkness are rather poor since the rest of the world hate the World of Light as being really annoying. However, the World of Light doesn't try to brutally conquer other territories so they are largely tolerated. Crazed warlords still attempt to overthrow the World of Light on a regular basis though.

Geography: The land is hilly and is lush with a wide variety of plants. The structures are usually tall and alabaster.

More to come later...

6/7/2008 #1

This is so far impressive, I can now understand more of the World of Light. I didn't expect the Kuon'uuto's ancestors to be Kumemu. Good job, Rab. Hope to see more of it soon.

6/7/2008 #2
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