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Capital: Rungan

Government: Monarchy.

Population: 1, 066, 180 (estimated).

Geography: Hikoura’s sky is commonly crimson. Mountains surround its borders, preventing most foreigners from entering. The within the center of the area is the capital and the four cities that surround it. Old, yet thriving forests fill up almost the whole nation. Several base of operations are scattered over across the vast forests. There’s a complex mining system going on underground most of the nation.

History: Hikoura was originally a peaceful place with codes such as chivalry, honor, and protection. But during time of war, an unknown enemy army was able to pass the mountainous barrier of Hikoura, came to conquer the nation as its own. Many of Hikoura’s settlements were crippled and most of its four major cities of Rungan were in ruin. Hikoura’s noble army was losing the fight, but when all seemed lost, a large ancient dragon-like ship arose from the ground to aid Hikoura. The ship was known to buried for a long underneath the land, and was discovered and risen by both King Denku and Queen Yugaji of Hikoura. The ship turned the tides of the war in favor of the nation and giving rise to the Honor Guards, the most powerful of Hikoura’s warriors.

The ship, the Honor Guards, and their army with reborn hope and courage, were able to drive the enemy army out of Hikoura. The price for victory, however, was great; not only were the majority of the nation’s cities and towns were in ruin, but both the king and queen had lost their lives in the final battle. With little choice, kingship was passed onto Denku and Yugaji’s son, Prince Ratori. Ratori knew about his parent’s fate and the army that crippled his kingdom. He grew up in anger and bitterness, blaming and accusing on how weak the kingdom’s army was. He truly desires to never see another army coming in to conquer his land again but feels that to prevent such a thing from happening, he demanded the creation of a far superior army.

Hikoura’s military industry grew fast. Many programs were created in the building of a new, stronger army, from the creating of cybernetic soldiers, to training Hyan’an’uuto or animal-like An’uuto into beasts of war. The once peaceful nation drastically turned into a war-like nation. The kingdom became more concern with military needs than civil needs, therefore most of its cities and town continue to remain in ruin to this day.

People and Culture: The majority of Hikoura’s population is part of its new army. The army is separate into two section. The bigger section is used in offensive warfare like invasions, it consists mainly of reverse cybernetic-technology, with the metal, robotic components of the soldiers on the outside like armor while the flesh and internal organs on the inside. The sub section consists of normal soldiers who wear less armor and fight defensively using guerilla warfare. Due to the kingdom more concern with military needs than civil needs, many of its cities and towns appear as ruin or rundown generic versions of what they use to be. Ratori’s castle is perhaps the only structure that looks advance, high-tech, and new. Few citizens don’t like the idea of having to live in a war-like culture, but there isn’t much they can do about it. Hikoura possesses a complex tunnel over the land, where miners and workers harvest ores and other resources for military needs. The tunnel system also contains crop zones where vegetation is grown and harvest as one of the methods used for the nation’s food supply.

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