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Name: Ran (嵐 (ラン) Ran)

Sex: Female

Height: 156 cm

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Orientation: Unknown

An’uuto: Ren’yu

Occupation: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Favorite foods: Unknown

Appearance: Ran is a slender, curvaceous young girl who looks sixteen-year-old by human standards. She possesses long shimmering hair, creamy skin, and full breasts. Her tail is strong and a vibrant green color. Ran’s land body has legs that are long and powerfully muscled.

Clothing: Ran wears a pair of blue scallop shells to cover her breasts. In her land body Ran can conjure simple white dresses to preserve her modesty. In either form Ran wears large pearl earrings.

Background: A Ren'yu girl found herself in a fierce storm without remembering anything before that. During the storm, the girl encountered another girl trying to swim and she pulled the girl to safety on the first beach she could find.

That morning, the girls woke up on the beach. The rescued girl, thankful for the Ren’yu’s help, asked for her name, but the Ren’yu no longer remembered who she was. The rescued girl introduced herself as Airi, and decided to call Fuishou Ran, the Emu word for “storm”, since a storm brought them together.

As luck would have it, they had washed up at the major seaport city of Fugon. Surely someone will help them there…

Personality: Ran is cheerful and playful. A quick and eager learner, she is very curious about the world around her. She is kindhearted and loyal to her friends. Strong-willed and stubborn, Ran can be somewhat naïve, but she catches on to ideas quickly. She hates not being able to remember her past, and cherishes every memory that returns to her.

Abilities: Unknown.

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