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Fugon (富港(フゴン) Fugon)

Capital: Central District (中区 Japanese: Chuuku (ちゅうく); Emu: Chuuki (チュウキ))

Government: Monarchy (jointly owned by Hatsuna and Eiran with a Fugon-born governor appointed to control the land)

Population: 7,000,200 (estimated)

Introduction: Fugon is the largest, most important port city-state in the World of Darkness. The island sits below Hatsuna, and acts as a hub of trading and commerce. Ships and planes are constantly coming and going. Every known kind of Shamuan’uuto there is mingles together in Fugon.

History: Fugon started out ages ago as a ramshackle fishing village. It later became a colony for Eiran when they wanted a good place to trade with Hatsuna. The emperor of Hatsuna and the queen of Eiran were able to come to agreement that both superpowers would jointly own Fugon, and the two nations got together to turn the island into a grand port city. That port city became wealthy enough to become a city-state in time. However, there was a large division between the classes, and soon certain parts of Fugon became filled with ramshackle ghettos and moldering ports.

Geography: Nearly the entire island has been converted into city. Only some beaches and land around the beaches are left alone. The only things close to forests in Fugon are public parks. The weather is perpetually overcast, the sky covered in a thick layer of gray clouds.

Culture: Culture in Fugon is said to revolve around two things: the sea and the cinema. Motion pictures are constantly in production and in demand. There are many famous festivals in Fugon as well. Television, pop music, and celebrity gossip are also favorite pastimes.

More to come...

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