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Rui Dojo (蕾道場 Japanese: Rui Doujou (ルイどうじょう); Emu: Rui Dauchou (ルイダウチョウ))

The Rui Dojo is a martial arts training facility owned by the Rui family. Located on a beach in the Western District of Fugon, the dojo has fallen on hard times of late. Despite this it is surprisingly well maintained. Currently Yuienya Rui runs the dojo.


Sakuten Shinkyan (赤天神拳(サクテンシンキャン) Sakuten Shinkyan)

Sakuten Shinkyan is a fighting style developed by the Rui family. It is characterized for its speed, strength, and use of raw hi. The style has been passed down through the Rui family and the schools established by them. Its use has dwindled considerably in recent years and only a handful of practitioners are left.


Name: Saenya Rui (蕾 射液若 (ルイ サエニャ) Rui Saenya)

Sex: Female

Height: 162

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Orientation: Bisexual

An’uuto: Saioan

Occupation: Student martial artist

Hobbies: Training, bodybuilding, television dramas

Favorite foods: Zayu ujou (fried fish with long-cut fried potato slices), yuntanmyan (wonton in noodles and soup), blood, ryukucha (green tea), milk

Appearance: Saenya is an athletic, muscular adolescent girl who looks about sixteen-years-old by human standards. She possesses monkey-like round brown-furred ears and a tail. Her neck-length hair is spiky and wild. Her breasts are round anfull, which Saenya attributes to her frequent consumption of milk.

Clothing: Saenya likes to wear simple keikogi (martial arts uniform) or gym shorts with a sports bra.

Background: Saenya Rui was born and raised in Fugon’s Western District. She never knew he father because he was killed by the Sixth Exquisite Sovereign, Taija the Hate. As a result she developed a fierce hatred for the Exquisite Sovereigns. There wasn’t anything she could do about it though since she was confined to living in Fugon and her mother forbade her to learn any of the ultimate techniques of the Sakuten Shinkyan. Disgruntled, Saenya had to take out her anger by working out and beating up the low-life criminals that infest the Western District. She longed to find love, leave Fugon, travel the world, prove herself to her mother, and strike back against the Exquisite Sovereigns.

She got her chance when her mother offered to help a down on his luck pirate captain…

Personality: Saenya is a fiery, courageous girl with strong pride in her Saioan warrior heritage. She believes in honor and valor, and detests tyranny. Her temper is short, especially in regards to her appearance as she is very proud of how she looks. She is clumsy and must concentrate to avoid making mistakes; her temper complicates this considerably.

Abilities: Saenya is a martial artist and practitioner of Sakuten Shinkyan. She favors powerful strikes, hard blocks, and heavy stomps. Saenya has very powerful hi and can execute long-distance attacks with simple but strong hizuto. She is physically very strong, and she has good knowledge of martial arts.

Behind the scenes: Saenya was inspired by GreatDragon A.D.'s character Geil-Ling (


Name: Hatsuron (花郎)

Age: 14.

Sex: Male.

Height: 155 cm.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Black.

An'uuto Race: Yaujintsu.

Appearance: Hatsuron is a beautiful boy with a slender body. He has a cute face, fairly pale skin, pointed ears, and long silky hair. His eyes are jet-black, a pair of small skinny antennae coming out of his forehead, and has a pair of dragonfly-like wings coming out of his back.

Attire: When working, he wears a small sea green-colored kimono. But his primary outfit consists of a gray robe with furry shoes.

Personality: Hatsuron is kind-hearted, cute, cuddly, and lovable. He always wants to make friends and loves giving and receiving hugs to and from others. Quite amorous, he takes a great liking to most girl and guys. Though he has self-control and can be mature, he does leave hints to others. He would never pass up the chance or opportunity to hug someone whether it be a friendly hug, a hug of love or great affection, or a hug of comfort. He’s very close to Saenya and Yuienya, and would help them in anyway possible.

History: Hatsuron was born from a Hiri father and a Yaujintsu mother. His parents claim that having Hatsuron was a mistake they made and so they never raised him like properly nor help him much. When he was 8, his parents were in an accident and were killed by a ravaging beast-like An’uuto, leaving him as an orphan until he was taken in by a famous Saioan family. To his current age, he has lived in the family’s temple as a servant for Saenya and her mother. At first he looked up to Yuienya as a mother-like figure, and Saenya as both a close friend and a older sister-like figure. As time went on, he begins to develop both affection and sexual feelings for Saenya and Yuienya, and begins to grow more of attraction to other people.

Hatsuron does his daily service for the Rui family, til one day he heard about his adoptive family were going to aid a washed up pirate captain which interested him.

Abilities: Hatsuron is very agile and flexible, making him quite difficult for enemies to capture him and he likes to use this to his advantage of being sneaky and clever. The Rui family has trained him in Sakuten Shinkyan, allowing him to use hizuto in combination with his speed for quick attacks. An effective ability he likes to use is target the pressure points of his enemies, therefore weakening them.

Hobbies: Serving Saenya and Yuienya, shopping, hugging.

Favorite Foods/Drinks: Zayu ujou, blood, rice, fruit.

Orientation: Bisexual.

Hatsuron's appearance was inspired by Haku from Naruto ( His abilities were inspired by Ty Lee's from Avatar: The Last Air Bender ( CastofCharacters/TyLee.jpg).

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