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Kaia (凱亜 (カイア) Kaia)

Titles: The Mother of the Land (Japanese: 大地の母 Daichi no Haha; Emu: 大地乃母 Daide ne Mu), the Earth Mother Spirit (地母精霊 Japanese: Chiboseirei; Emu: Demushourin), the Motherly Spirit (Japanese: 母なる精霊 Haha naru Seirei; Emu: 母的精霊 Mu taku Shourin)

Kaia is one of the oldest and most beloved Spirits in the World of Darkness. She is a caring, vibrant woman of life and creation. Once a wild creature, Kaia evolved with the times and is now a kind and motherly Spirit who loves the many life forms of the Multiverse. A helpful sort, Kaia has instructed people on agriculture and living in harmony with nature.

Kaia is known to resemble a beautiful woman with very full breasts, wide hips, skin the color of bark, and flowing leafy green hair with flowers growing from it. She wears either a skimpy dress made from plants and animal skins or nothing at all. Her emerald eyes are kind and wise, and her face pleasantly round.

Animists who make a living off the land tend to worship Kaia, although most Animists will pay respect to her. The Earth Mother Spirit’s kind nature makes her one of the most popular of the major Spirits. Some of the more vicious Spirits and their followers dislike Kaia though, saying she is too soft and weak. She is extremely powerful though and while slow to anger she can be incredibly dangerous if pressed. Those who thoughtlessly destroy life and spoil the environment have much to fear from her.

Kaia resides at a hidden island paradise known as Shigaizuku Island (世界軸島 Japanese: Shigaizuku-Tou; Emu: Shigaizuku-Do), home of the legendary World Tree (世界樹 Japanese: Sekaiju; Emu: Shigaishu). The location of the island is secret for it contains many rare animals and plants, some unique to Shigaizuku Island. Kaia fears that if people found her island then greedy people would try to exploit it and she would be forced to kill them.

Kaia’s clerics hold holidays on vernal equinox and autumnal equinox. They hold the beauty of nature sacred and give thanks to Kaia at sunset. Because of Kaia’s status as a sensual, fun-loving fertility Spirit, followers can be counted on to hold hedonistic celebrations that involve dancing, drinking, and sex. Followers tend to be well versed in nature, so they are usually respectful hunters, rangers, biologists, geologists, and farmers.

History/Relationships: Kaia is one of the oldest and most well known of Spirits. She is famously friendly and outgoing, and always approaches Spirits and Deities alike as a friend before making any judgments. Because of this Kaia is on good terms with many powerful beings. Usually only the cold-hearted and downright evil dislike her. It is known that Kaia has gone to war with some creatures, even killing some Spirits and Deities, although this is extremely rare. She currently opposes the nations of Rabakutou, Touna, and Remuran for their cruel ways. Rabakutou has warped Animism into an evil mockery of itself, Touna is a terrible and unrepentant polluter, and Remuran is in thrall to the abominable Rireishi. All three enemies are incredibly powerful though, and even a Spirit like Kaia won’t win easily.

Dogma: Love life and nature. Hate needless death and destruction. Give thanks for good harvests and the beauty around you. Try planting a tree and taking care of it, or start a garden. Keep the world clean by picking up litter. Love, wonder, and happiness are the best of emotions.

Clergy and temples: The clerics of Kaia are a free-spirited lot who often travel the world, helping others and protecting the environment whenever they can. The clerics are ready to lend a hand if you need help farming or you have a troublesome animal infestation. You can count on a cleric of Kaia to provide useful knowledge on plants and animals when you ask. They prefer to be outdoors, or at least places with a lot of windows.

The many-windowed temples usually double as greenhouses, granaries, or impressive open gardens in big cities. In rural areas a temple will usually double as a farm. Rituals are performed outside, usually in fields.

More to come...

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