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OK. Hello. I'm ChuChu101, the creator of this forum, and I would like to start off the first topic off by saying that author, Lady-of-Aquitaine, would like some constructive criticism on her stories... that is, once FP gets the site running fully again!
10/17/2006 #1
woot 4 forums . I'm not the greatest at giving constructive critisim *SP* , but I am really good at helping people with making their plot and story flow nicely .
10/17/2006 #2
Oh, well, in that case, could you give me some advice one my story, "A Bedtime Story"? Please? Chapter 4 will be up in a couple days though, so...
10/17/2006 #3
sure ! ^ ^.
10/17/2006 #4
Bitter Irony
I'll go check out Lady-of-Aquitaine as soon as FP is going completely smoothly again. If there are any SF fans out there, I've had the opening chapter of a story called Decimal up for a while, and I'd like some fresh opinions on it. ~Bitter Irony
10/17/2006 #5
Great! I'll be sure to check it out later!
10/17/2006 #6
dbz 77
I would like reviews on some of my stories, like "The Crusader", "Sweet Box", and "Ivy League Killer". Michael
10/17/2006 #7
Absolut Hooliganism
While I may not be the greatest critic, I would like to exchange feedback and constructive crticism with anybody who's interested (also, I must add, "oh my god, guys, we have forums!). Personally I'd like to see some reviews for Drowning Up, Down Syndrome and anything else you guys see on my page that may spark your interest.
10/17/2006 . Edited 10/17/2006 #8
Hey, it's me, ChuChu. Anyway, I reviewed two of BRC's fics, just so you know... not that you need to. I plan on reading dbz 77's fics and Bitter Irony's fic too... if I ever get to it. I'd like for anyone to review my fic entitiled, "In Memorium." Please and thanks. :)
10/17/2006 #9
Absolut Hooliganism
Thank you ChuChu for the reviews, I shall begin reviewing stories tomorrow, when I'm a bit more awake.
10/17/2006 #10
aka Providence
Hi there, I'm not that good in giving a good CC, but I'll read and comment on the entire story. I follow a simple policy, review a chapter of my stories and I'll send a review back. Right now, my main stories are, "Angel's Halo 1: Devil's Rising", "Evolve or Die", and "Vampire Slayer". Much appreciated if you guys review, and I'll be sure to review back!
10/17/2006 #11
I'd also like to exchange criticism and comments - I could really do with some myself. A couple of regular reviewers of my work send praise, but no criticism and I'm sure I could improve my work somehow.
10/18/2006 #12
Heh, I'm not much of a critical reviewer, but I do do reviews. And I could use some reviews for a new story I'm doing...
10/19/2006 #13
Will do sir! ...or madam... I don't know.
10/19/2006 #14
Charming Dice
I can be a critical reviewer if you want me to. Just let me know what you want reviewed. Also, I'd appreciate it if you returned the favor. I have a lot to work on, so I need all of the help I can get. My main stories are Raining Blows: For Snowflake Sara, and Strike Me Down. Also, I'm trying my hand at poetry, so I'd love to get criticism on my Time Well Wasted series.
10/20/2006 #15
Every Thought
Hey guys. I just submitted a new story, but am looking for a beta reader to help me out. The title of the story is "Sunny"... and thanks. ;] Also, I'd love to beta for someone who is looking for one... Just let me know. Perhaps we could do an exchange?
10/21/2006 #16
I don't have much time to do beta reading, so I can't volunteer for that one. I write fantasy, and my present project is "Bane of Rendsberg" (The one that is broken down into parts). I would very much appreciate any kind of feedback I can get on it. I am having a bit of a problem with getting author updates from this site or any emails at all from this site. I have been checking the stories stats. If you read my story I will read yours. It may take me a couple of days, but I will get there.
10/24/2006 #17
Question here people! (Please don't shoot me...) What exactly IS beta reading?
10/24/2006 #18
Bitter Irony
Editing by people who aren't professional editors. :-) You have a friend/family member/trusted aquaintance read through your chapters before you post them to look for plot inconsistancies, areas that need more fleshing out, and of course typos. I don't have a beta-reader, mostly because I have a tight update schedual (okay, people, stop laughing!) and normally write the chapter about two hours before I have to post it. :-) Doesn't leave much time for a beta. I'll be a beta, if anyone needs me. I promise, I'm a far better editor than I am a writer (I'll respect your style, I promise!). Remember: Those who can, write. Those who can't, teach writing. And those who can't teach, do the editing. ~Bitter Irony Note: I'm not sure of this, but I think the term "beta-reader" is refering to you as the "alpha-reader" and your second person as backup. Not sure, though, so nobody quote me in a scholarly essay. :-)
10/24/2006 #19
Oh, THANK YOU for those who told me what a beta reader was! It sure would be nice if I had a beta reader! ...I probably COULD be one, but then I wouldn't have enough time to read a person's fics IMMEDIATELY after they submit... probably a couple days after, maybe even over a week! ANYway, I have a new "fic" I'd like someone to R&R! It's called, "Funny Quotes/Converstions from Life" and if you want, you can add some quotes you'd like me to post in the next chapter! It'd really help me, too! So, yeah... I'd appreciate it a lot.
10/25/2006 #20
Oh, sorry. Nevermind about the lil' "fic" I was talking about. It was stupid, so I deleted it.
10/25/2006 #21
Limited Edition
Heh I'd actually would like to get a new beta...but I'm very very picky about my betas _ I've had lots of betas who've done a chapter for me that was completely useless to me...HAHAHA I feel that this doesn't attract anybody XD But if you're interested anyway, please do email me or something (answer to this post?). Anyway, of course I'd like reviews too! Especially on my latest story "No Love's Story" uh...I feel that there is something wrong with it (except for the mechanical errors) but I can't say what...maybe it's the plot?
11/1/2006 #22
I would liek to get some reviews on my story "Bane of Rendsberg Part I' Constructive criticism is nice, especially since I am not sure if some of the scenes go over right, and I am so bloody proud of Chpater 11, too. I will see about checking some of you guys' stories. I am presently reading Confuzzle Me's latest bit. Sometimes my criticism is constructive. It depends upon the story.
11/1/2006 #23
I would really appreciate some reviews or a review on Sick Confesions. Sorry if it scars you poor minds though.
11/1/2006 #24
Oh, I didn't realize that I left a comment on here before. Just a question to you guys and out of curiosity, why is it that some stories get 100+ reviews. I am trying, but what am I doing wrong? Maybe I just need to be more patient, eh? And Celtsea, I will most likely go to your story next.
11/2/2006 #25
Limited Edition
I'd really like to know that too. But sometimes when I step back and look at my fics I realize a lot of things that I could've done better (I'm too lazy to rewrite them though) so I guess that's why I don't get that many reviews ^^;;; One thing I've noticed with those that get so many reviews is that they're written like a real book. Mostly...I hope. No, sometimes I see the shittiest EVER stories that are written like CRAP that get insanely many reviews and that just p*** me off. The worst thing is that the reviews are actually praise?! I can check out one of your stories and try to give some constructive critism, but beware, I'm very very harsh (honest kind of harsh, I try to not be mean). And I don't think I'll read much more than a chap because I don't like fantasy _ But who knows? Maybe you're good enough to hook me up real hard! ^_~
11/2/2006 #26
Yeah, that's not what I get either. The stories are often crap that have all these reviews. I thought that it was because I tended to write too long of chapters, but there is a fellow that I am reading, who is writing 35 paged chapters, and he has like 300 reviews. My eyes go haywire with that many pages! That's why print up most things.
11/2/2006 #27
dbz 77
[q]One thing I've noticed with those that get so many reviews is that they're written like a real book. Mostly...I hope. No, sometimes I see the shittiest EVER stories that are written like CRAP that get insanely many reviews and that just p*** me off. The worst thing is that the reviews are actually praise?![/q] Sometimes s*** stories can be interesting. Michael
11/2/2006 #28
Limited Edition
Depends on how you mean interesting.
11/2/2006 #29
Yeah. Depends on what you mean... but personally, some s*** stories are "interesting" because they're so stupid, they're funny; and you want continue reading to see what happens next in the oh-so-crappy fic! LOL. I do that sometimes, as in read a really bad story that's hilarious at the same time, but if it's a bad story all over. Then, I hate it and don't leave a review at all. ...I don't do flames, that's why. I just believe in constuctive criticism. If the story is just completely horrible, then I don't give feedback. That's just the way I am. :)
11/2/2006 #30
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