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...Hmm, does anyone need a beta reader?! I'm kinda bored and no one has left a story that needs R&Ring recently... (yawn)
11/15/2006 #91
Royal Bliss
[q]no one has left a story that needs R&Ring recently[/q] :-|
11/16/2006 #92
Yeah, tell me about it. I guess everyone is taking a writer's vacation, too! :( Well, I currently have nothing that I want reviewed, so... -_-
11/16/2006 #93
Can somebody review Adrain? It's a work in progress, the story circulates around two things- a type of person called an Adrain, and a 16- year old boy named Luke.
11/16/2006 #94
Yay! A story to R&R! Hmm... it sounds pretty interesting!
11/16/2006 #95
hey guys, i've got a work in progress that's been going on for a little while. if you guys could give me some CC in your SPARE TIME (you're gonna need it... there are 11 chapters, even though they're not horrendously long...) that would be great. it's called "The Boyfriend." Here's the link: please take a look when you have the chance! thanks a lot. -Lefty
11/17/2006 #96
Yeah. I already R&Red like, two chapters I think? Oh, well... I'll read the rest later! BTW, I like it so far, Lefty! :)
11/18/2006 #97
Hey, everyone! I'd like a fic of mine to be R&Red! It's called "Tears of a Lost Girl", and it's my first song I wrote a while back. So, I'd like a little CC on that please! Just click on my pen name and it'll direct you to my profile. From there, you should be able to find it. If not, here's the link:
11/18/2006 #98
Royal Bliss
Yeahh... said about this but nothing happened sooo.. I'll go for it again but yeah.
11/18/2006 #99
thanks for reading, chuchu. i'm really glad you like it! just wondering, about your first review... what would you suggest i take out of the summary? also, i know the plan is dumb. it was supposed to be. XD as you can tell, this story really isn't that realistic at all. (but i do know some girls who MIGHT go to these lengths to get their bfs back. weird, right?) anyway, thanks for r&r ing. really appreciate it! -Lefty
11/18/2006 #100
I suggest that you take the part how her friend is a GIRL out of the summary because readers can figure that out for themselves, IMO... but you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm just saying... BTW, can someone R&R my two poems, "I Can" and "Only the Good Die Young" please? I'd appreciate it! Oh, and R.L. McCaid, I'm really sorry I didn't R&R your fic before... kinda busy and even though I read some of Lefty's story, I only read like, two chapters out of eleven, so....
11/19/2006 #101
iono, i thought it would be more hooking if i introduced the problem in the beginning. *shrug* your idea is an interesting one, though. agreed, i've been really busy and haven't gotten around to reading much. =\ i'll go check out your poems, Chuchu and your story, McCaid. (though i might not get to all the chapters...) -Lefty
11/19/2006 #102
Yeah, that's what kept contridicting my own opinion! I kept thinking that if, like you said, introduced the problem in the beginning, it would attract readers more... but after I read the first chapter, I thought that I could've just figured it out by myself! So, it was hard for me to decide which one...
11/19/2006 #103
Royal Bliss
I'm looking at your story lefty. I'll review as much as I can on it. I don't like the whole "lets review each chapter" thing so I'll just mention what I liked and didn't like in the review of the very last one.
11/19/2006 #104
thanks for reviewing. yeah, i've been trying not to rush it, but i don't want to make it too long. =\ i don't want to like... kill my readers or anything with a long story. as much as it sounds weird, i don't want to put a novel up here. reading a novel on the internet isn't exactly a great thing to do... my eyes would burn. XD haha, i don't like the reviewing each chapter either. it just takes up lots of space. (especially when the reviews have nothing to say... like... "good chapter.") anyway, thanks for reading and giving me feedback. i'm still working on yours (there's lots to do before thanksgiving break... i'll probably have more time to read it then.) -Lefty
11/19/2006 #105
Royal Bliss
Your story is really interesting, it seriously kept me reading on edge at each chapter. But yeah I wouldn't want to put a whole novel up either what would be the point? If you were going to have it published or anything then you already posted it online that's kind of stupid. I was planning on actually like kind of getting somewhat of a book up but I think I'll cut out somethings incase I actually end up getting it published... Whenever someone reviews each single chapter it kind of just makes it look like the author wanted a shitload of reviews. Even if they're not helpful. Like you said "good chapter" type things. I like reviews just as long as they're helpful, praise is okay too but that's not much of an issue that I want. I read fast...
11/19/2006 #106
Randy Miller
I would really appreciate it if someone would take a look at the story I've got up, any comments would be welcome, especially criticism. More than anything else, I'd like to know what I can do better.
11/20/2006 #107
ok, another request for feedback on my story. it's completed; it's called "happiness lived next door." If you guys could take a quick look (it's like 11 chapters... kinda long.) that would be really cool. thanks a lot! -Lefty
11/20/2006 #108
Sure! I'll R&R fics when I have time! :)
11/21/2006 #109
Oh, and I apologize for any fic that I didn't R&R when I said that would! :(
11/21/2006 #110
Royal Bliss
Hah hmm..
11/21/2006 #111
O.O?? ANYway, like I said before, I'll get around to R&Ring all you people's fics...
11/21/2006 #112
i checked out yours, randy. it was really quite good. =) anyone else in need of reviewing...? -Lefty
11/22/2006 #113
Can anybody help me on how to start writing my fic, "A Bedtime Story" again? I have had the idea in my head for months now, but I'm not sure if I should stick with it. If I should, can someone help me out on writing it please?
11/23/2006 #114
Catherine the Third
Hey, if anybody here has the time, I'd really appreciate it if you could read any of my stories? I haven't gotten much feedback. At all. XP
11/23/2006 #115
i don't think i can help you exactly... i can't tell you what to write. but i do have some questions. 1: who is the man? (obviously, that would be a question) 2: what is his connection to jenny's mother? 3: what are emma's dreams about? 4: is something supernatural going on? i probably have more (it's so suspenseful! XD) but i'll just leave these for now. as for your next chapter, i think i would switch back to the present... with emma. of course it's kind of hard to help you write the next chapter because... well... i don't know what you have in store. XD i think you should stick with it, though perhaps slow down a bit and throw in some description here and there. it seems to be moving a bit fast. if you need me to beta, let me know. ;) (and i would review, but i think that this takes care of what i would have said.) -Lefty
11/23/2006 #116
Sexy Vampirechick
I have a story that I've been writing on for awhile,do you guys mind to check it out for me.It's called The passing knight. I've been trying to add some more chapters to it,but it won't go on..does anyone know why?
11/25/2006 #117
Limited Edition
sexy vampirechick: Your nick makes me think of those chatsites where 45 yo's go after 13 yo's XD i'll review your story, but ye be warned; I don't sugarcoat.
11/26/2006 #118
dbz 77
Any comments on my story, Freedom Island?
11/26/2006 . Edited by carrot101, 11/26/2006 #119
Imalefty, here are my replies: 1. I can't tell you 'cause I'd give it away. :) 2. I can't tell you that either... yet... 3. Hmm. A lot of people seem to want to know that. Well, guess what. I'm going to add a couple things so all of you know! 'Kay? KAY! 4. Yes. :) I have already started writing the next chapter, except it's not to the present just yet, so... I will try to slow down and add some details and descriptions as well, too. I don't really need a beta at the moment, but feel free to R&R anything I have posted! :)
11/26/2006 #120
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